May 202015

Supporting other people the right way can be tricky. Use these tips to be there for someone--the way they REALLY need you to be. Friendship is a gift--cherish it the right way!Over the weekend, my sister and I made a bold move–WE LEFT THE HOUSE. I know, I know. And it gets even more unbelievable when I tell you what we did: we went to a movie theater to see a grown-up movie. Like, not something animated by Pixar. Again, I know.

And while I wouldn’t typically cite Pitch Perfect 2 as a top resource for valuable life lessons, one popped up in the first few minutes of the film and refuses to shake itself from my mind.  In the movie, a newscaster (spoofily) noted that “wearing underwear is a choice we make every day.” Hot dang! What a silly truth, but it is true. It so is. Perhaps not one of the bigger choices we make, but definitely one that matters.

The thing is, life is full of these choices, underwear-related or otherwise. Some more important, some less so. But choices–lots and lots of them–fill our days. We choose to get up in the morning, to clean our house, to take our kids to school, to lovingly heat-up leftovers from the night before for our dinner, to stay up and watch the end of Mad Men versus going to bed at a sane hour…but I think, of most value, we choose to be there for those around us.

You see, life hands us turns. Some bad, some good, most somewhere in between. Yet recently, there have been a many hurting paths I’ve crossed. Pretty awfully badly hurting, to be honest. And in turn, my heart aches for them. I’ll be straight, I can hate feeling the feels. My decidedly introverted self stubbornly longs to hole up with a book sans doing something as shocking interact with another person. Horror!

But this is how God made me. This is how he made us. This is who we are. We’re going to care about the people He put in our lives and we’re going to love them. Even when it hurts. Because they hurt.

While I may not always want to care, to rather hole up in an ivory tower of contented privacy, it’s not where I’m called. God calls us to the muck and the mire. He calls me to choose to be there.

And you know what? I like myself better when I am there. When I’m where others are. Yes, sometimes this means that my own schedule and days and household will be a little less tidy and pulled-together. That’s okay, I was never good at the tidy house thing anyway. I’d rather have dirty counters than miss the chance to support a friend.

We are called to care.

To love.

To throw open the door to people who need to walk into our homes and sob over their reality. To not judge them. At all.

To be there for them where they are.

To be so real our hearts break.

It is not an easy thing in this world of Pinterest-fab organized closets and gorgeously-designed age-appropriate playdates to feel comfortable hanging out in anything less than pretty perfection. To embrace people where they are at and support them regardless of our own yearning for order and non-yuck.

Yet this is exactly what we need to do.

Supporting other people the right way can be tricky. Use these tips to be there for someone--the way they REALLY need you to be. Friendship is a gift--cherish it the right way!

It’s been wonderful to find real friends through this world of online blogging. It’s been precious to embrace the few in-real-life friends who “get it”. Yet I mourn that in the very picture-perfect suburbia where I live, more realness isn’t easily found.

“Fine” as an answer to “How are you?” will never work for me. I wish it would, as it would be so much easier.

But you see, I don’t see the exterior, the shining athleisure and its ideally-cut yoga capri pants; I see the heart. I see the heart of who we are. The heart of who we could be, and the heart that yearns to connect and be carried.

I see it, and I choose to love it.

Because all of life is a choice; a choice to be the best of our most real selves in the moments that beckon us to selfishly ignore our surroundings.

How do you do it? 

Tell someone you care.

Allow them to see your own imperfection so they feel safe sharing their own. Yes, I’m telling you the sloppy pony and stained yoga pants at preschool pick-up are good things.

Listen and pray for them.

Ignore your own fear of reaching beyond yourself and choose to do it.

When a friend texts you, “Evening plans: taking a bath, drinking straight from the bottle and getting my ugly cry on”, laugh because it’s straight-up hilariously real. LOVE THEM FOR BEING BEAUTIFULLY THEM.

It is an everyday choice to be kind, to be real, and to be there. And it matters. So very much.

I can’t promise a lot on this earth, friends, I’ll be honest. Endless bedtime stories and remembering to fill water bottles before school drop-off suck a lot of energy. But I can promise to always be real.

Will you make the choice, every day, to join me? We might just go ahead and bless each other 😉


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Apr 272015

Accepting that as a mom, my kids' needs come first has been a hard thing to get used to. The daily struggle of managing schedules and organizing it all is a beast, but here is the one thing I remember when it all starts to feel too overwhelming. Read on to learn how to press through this season of parenting--it can be done!I write a lot about working hard to accept our age and stage in this life, probably because it’s one of the things I struggle with the very most on a day-to-day basis.

It never seems fair. Or right. Or like it makes sense.

It is that odd 12 minutes you have in between herding children through their morning routine (why is it always such a surprise that we have to put shoes on every morning??) and shoveling them into the minivan for school drop-off. The possibilities reach far.

Do you make a quick pass at a shower and brushing your teeth?

Screw the shower and fight through some vigorous sit-ups in a shout-out to the approaching summer months?

Pop out a few quick over-due emails?

Tackle the towering pile of dirty dishes? Maybe this will be the morning God gives me a shot of super-speedy energy and I could actually get them finished before we leave!

Sit and play “birthday party” with your kids as they’ve been begging?

Speaking of birthday parties, if you don’t get those invites addressed and sent out, your son won’t even have a birthday party.

The problem is that these are all good things. Valuable, important things to you, your house, and your kids. The fullness of this life means that each activity is a calculated trade. Every thing done means that there is something else that is not going to get done.

I want to be the super-mom who gets up before the sun, exercises, dresses in a chic outfit, checks in with work stuff and has time to fill the juice cups before my kids come down the stairs wailing for breakfast. But I want to sleep too, because that matters, right?

I’d love to catch up with paperwork, but there are friends who need me. A nice walk after my husband gets home to watch the kids would be sweet, but when was the last time we actually had a real conversation? Dinner together might be smart. Scheduling a needed haircut, but I have a meeting. Writing a post, but kids’ homework. This but that, thisbutthat, thisbutthatthisbutthatthisbutthat….

One morning when breathing through all of this was especially challenging, talked with my friend. “It feels like I am always robbing Peter to pay Paul,” I whined, “I never get it all done.” “Honey,” she lovingly “got” me, “You can’t.”

She is right. So right. While I desperately long for less jiggly bits around my thighs and passionately organized closets, for this season, I can’t. It’s a season of selflessness. As much as our own wants and needs flare up and jealously vie for a prioritized seat, things like kids needing Mommy to draw intricate sidewalk chalk roads on the driveway and endlessly sit in school pick-up lines power through with their pressing realness.

Accepting that as a mom, my kids' needs come first has been a hard thing to get used to. The daily struggle of managing schedules and organizing it all is a beast, but here is the one thing I remember when it all starts to feel too overwhelming. Read on to learn how to press through this season of parenting--it can be done!


When you break into the territory of need vs. need, it can get desperate. Really desperate, friends, I know. Someone’s something is taking a backseat. It’s a very hard line to draw but one that has no choice but to be drawn.

Since we have that darn stickey wicket of not being able to do ALL THE THINGS and since we parents are the grown-ups, it might be time to latch onto some acceptance.

Acceptance in the form that smudgy handprints on the refrigerator are the norm, right along with my dusty baseboards, and if you don’t like that, please leave my home. Acceptance in that if I only squeeze in a few squats, I can choose to focus on my pretty earrings vs. the enormity of my thighs. Acceptance in that I may be dozing off during bedtime stories with my kids, but at least I’m trying to read to them.

Acceptance in that I’m not superhuman and I’m going to have to bag up a lot of the things I’m yearning for and toss them in the backseat. Feel free to throw yours in there too as you drive these kiddos and their world around.

Maybe some day we can unpack our own stuff and pay Peter back, but for now, settle in, it’s going to be a long ride.


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Mar 232015

This life is so crazy and so very full. Paring it down to the basics, the things that TRULY matter is the key to making your day-to-day not only manageable, but full and blessed. Check the pure truth I found through our crisis and get real--it's actually kind of fun, I promise!Recently, things got rather basic around here. And by basic, I mean that remembering to brush teeth was a solid victory.

Chaos left us scrambling to make sense of necessities while sleep was relegated to a fanciful indulgence.

One sweet result of the fun was some precious family time. Another gift was a brilliant revelation that came to me while shoving underwear in the washing machine and praying that I could find something edible to serve for dinner: this is enough.

You see, for days, dishes went unwashed, toppling against each other in a threat to crash to the floor. Kids were permitted excess hours with the iPad and Mommy decidedly set up shop in a pair of unflattering leggings. It was not Martha Stewart-esque, Pinterest would have cringed, and the Mom of the Year award was never more honestly earned.

I looked at my neglected to-do list and sobbed a little in my heart. It cursed me by only getting longer and infinitely more demanding.

And then I looked at my family. I looked at the kids laughing and happy. And at the fact that somehow we managed to get everyone fed and safely in bed for the night.

And I knew that, despite all, God was still good, and we would get up in the morning and it would happen again.

In the midst of the frenzy, I went dark on my blog and social media. In my foolhearty arrogance regarding the importance of my craft thus far, I’ve never done this before. But days without posting simply was the only option that made sense because we were too busy living life.

Stats were suddenly of the least importance, as things like miraculously getting everyone in the bath at night became of the utmost importance.

And so we went on. And so I realized that the things in this life that continue us, that make this life real, aren’t the things like pretty countertops, checkmarks on lists, or even coolly managing the events raging around us. No, it’s the things like wiping potty-training bums and filling juice cups.

This life is so crazy and so very full. Paring it down to the basics, the things that TRULY matter is the key to making your day-to-day not only manageable, but full and blessed. Check the pure truth I found through our crisis and get real--it's actually kind of fun, I promise!

I did not live in the era of the pioneers; I just read all of the Little House on the Prairie books and watched Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman ad nauseam. So I don’t really know what I’m talking about. But I imagine that in those days, the day’s goal was more about survival and provision than having the cutest Facebook status update.

Than having a perfectly formulated daily calendar. Than making sure your child read the optimal number of popcorn words each day. Than DIY-ing the most gorgeously rustic bathroom storage shelves.

No, I think it was about the basics. About keeping people safe and feeding them. About making sure they were clothed and generally cared for.

I think what was real, was very real. So real that focus was clear and true.

And you know what? I think they nailed it. Nailed it beyond all shadow of a doubt. I think those pioneers had their crap together.

With this awareness, I surrender my piles of unwashed laundry and stale leftovers. I surrender my sad abandoned blog posts and I surrender them in the interest of what is most real: that which is necessary to carry us from day to day.

Life just went and got real. And in the interest of our fab pioneer ancestors, I’m totally cool with that.

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Mar 162015

Bad case of the grumpies? You are not alone with grouchy moods! When I found this perspective to help boost my mood and make me feel better, it was a Godsend--AND a reason to smile!A couple weeks ago, I shared about a rather low spot I found myself in, one which included vehemently slamming my minivan into the garage door. I won’t lie, it was a neat time. And delightfully, for my husband and kids the fun hasn’t quit.  It’s been two straight weeks of “Mommy’s in a mood” around these parts.

Somehow that timely crunch of metal while I was actively mourning my mom broke something in me. It’s as if all the tempered grouchiness within suddenly gave way. It gave way to a torrent of snappy frustration with my daughter’s endless very-three, three year-oldness, irritation with parents in the drop-off line who take too long for my impatient bent, curses on too-tight budgets, and disproportionate tears over broken trash cans. Like I said, it’s been fun around here.

As I sit, wondering if March of 2015 is simply beyond repair for my hopelessness, I am reminded of a flipside that I am carefully ignoring. You see, if I acknowledge it, it might just do wonders for re-setting my mood, and I have so cozily settled into being a grumpy defeatist…

The flipside was last Tuesday morning. One week and one day after I attacked our garage.

On this Tuesday, I was up, out of bed, and at work on my computer by 5:30am. As I breezed through e-mails, I thought, “Awesome! I’ll be done by 7, so I can exercise and grab a shower before the school run!”. Tired, fussy and very needy kids woke up early and had other plans.

I modified my brilliant game plan, “No worries! I’ll drop my son at school and we’ll run to the grocery store quickly before it gets crowded. Then I can get home and exercise.”

Good news! The nearby retirement home decided to shift their weekly visit to the grocery store to Tuesday morning…at the same time my daughter and I arrived.  I’ll just let you imagine what a wonderful match this was for that impatient bent I mentioned above.

Also, my daughter needed to pee–right in the middle of the soup aisle. As I tore across the store to the lone bathroom and got this sorted, I still clung to hope of an ordered morning. We somehow found our way to the check out, where I unloaded a very full cart. While I was bagging and preparing to pay, my daughter had another bathroom emergency that could not wait. The clerk was thrilled. I love potty-training. 

Take #2 on the mad dash to the bathroom; I regrouped further. “Well, no time to exercise this morning, but I’ll still have time for a nice shower after unloading the groceries.”

Now very completely toileted, we got ourselves and the groceries home. Just as I put one foot on the stairs to run up for my shower, the phone rang. It was the school nurse. My son was ill and would need picked up.

“Okay, I will grab him, settle them on the couch with a show and shower before the garage guy shows up.” We had another garage repair estimate scheduled, praying against hope to beat the original $1500 quote we were given.

Right as I returned from getting my son, the service truck pulled in the driveway behind me. The repairman showed up–45 minutes early.

Friends, it was time to call it–there would be no shower.

Bad case of the grumpies? You are not alone with grouchy moods! When I found this perspective to help boost my mood and make me feel better, it was a Godsend!

As he tinkered around outside, I managed to sneak in for a quick change into some fresh jeans and an overdue date with my toothbrush. It wasn’t brilliant, but allowed me to feel slightly more human, slightly less like a sweatpanted poster ad for halitosis awareness.

It also allowed me to be slightly more centered when a few minutes later the garage guy knocked on the door, and simply said, “I fixed it.”

What?! We were told it couldn’t be fixed!”

“No, it wasn’t that bad; I just had to use the lag…(words that I don’t understand but made me further think this man was both an angel and a genius)…and it is only $106.”

$106. $106! For those of you still following this long, detailed tale, you get that this is quite a bit cheaper than $1500. Quite a bit cheaper.

The kind of cheaper that challenges your commitment to doom and gloom. The kind of cheaper shakes you awake to hope even when things have been feeling very grim. Even when you’ve had the most frustrating morning in the world and will never again shower in your life.

The kind of cheaper that reminds you that after every Monday there is a Tuesday.

The Tuesday may not come right after Monday, but it is there. It is coming. There is always another side to the Monday.


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Mar 022015

Angels really are all around us. Hearing my mother's voice as I go about my day has been such an incredible blessing. Grief over a loss or death is very difficult. Read about how I make sure my mom is still such a big part of our lives--and why it's so important. This idea might work for you too!It was three years ago today that my mom died. It’s been a pretty full time. Throw in all the missing, sweet remembering, anger, acceptance and a bunch of impossibly unfair questions like, “Why did you leave me?”, and there’s been a sizable emotional roller coaster looping around.

Mostly, though, these years have been full of things like diapers and preschool pick-ups and remembering to let the dog out. Because, you see, life doesn’t stop. While it would be gorgeous to hole up in grief and and allow it to swallow you at the times you need swallowing, it’s hasn’t been in the cards.

This continuance of daily life has taught me two truths: I am still here and so is she.

She is still here, not in a creepy Walking Dead way, but in the way that while she lived, her personality was so large it still prevails in her absence.  Growing up, I hated that my mother had an opinion about everything I did. Now, I couldn’t be more grateful for the vigor of thought and sentiment she poured into every corner of her life–and mine. Her energy for living was God’s prep work for allowing me to still carry her along after she’s gone.

There isn’t a day that goes by I can’t hear my mother chiming in on something. Going about my day-to-day, I find her voice; I know exactly what she would say and how she would say it. I can hear her laugh, echoing full and happy; my mom loved to laugh, to find humor in things, to smile.

It astounds me so very much that while she’s no longer on this earth, she’s still so present in all that we do. My mother always believed firmly in angels, and now she has become one–one who weighs in on a lot and laughs often.

Moving on after the death of someone you love is incredibly difficult. If you've lost a family member or friend, here are two very true things that haved helped me process my grief better than anything else. Simple and true, tune in and take steps to start healing.

She’s still here.

And so am I. My here is mostly filled up with the stuff of my own children. And while I wish she was here in a more in-person way to walk through it with me, it would be a loss to miss the present for the mourning. It’s a pretty beautiful present too. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love all the parts; I won’t be writing love poems about fighting through my son’s Kindergarten homework any time soon. But the best way I can honor my mom’s life is to throw myself into my own–all of it, the good, the bad, and the moments my daughter tells me my butt is “humongous” included.

It’s a sweet life, and I need to live it. Live it big enough and large enough that someday when I’m gone, I can still be so clearly present in my own kids’ lives.

In the meantime, my mom is dead, but she’s still very much here. And she’s probably scanning this post with loads of opinionated feedback to share, so I’d better go listen up.

****This post is dedicated to my beautiful new baby niece. While your grandmother never got to meet you, Peyton, she will always very much be part of your life and we’re all going to do our best to make sure you know her really, really well. She’d have it no other way. xoxoxo*****

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Feb 262015

This post is sponsored by the band Simple Tenants.

This new band is an amazing way to connect with your faith while enjoying some sweet tunes and getting your groove on them! I love them, and with this sweet iTunes giveaway, you will be a fan too!

On so many of these desperate days of motherhood, when the backpacks are mysteriously lost and the toast is utterly burnt, the tether to my faith is the worship music blaring through my iPod. While my mind is scattered and our days crazed, the grounding beat of a tune can work wonders to remind me of who God is and the power He holds over All the Things–burnt toast included.

So when I find a new band that helps me connect with my God, even on the most chaotic of days? I fall hard and quickly.

This new band is an amazing way to connect with your faith while enjoying some sweet tunes and getting your groove on them! I love them, and with this sweet iTunes giveaway, you will be a fan too!

Enter Simple Tenants. Give them a listen and you will be fan-delighting in them right along with me!

In honor of their first single, Here to Worship, being released on iTunes this week, the brand new indie Christian rock band Simple Tenants is sponsoring a giveaway on several blogs.

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But Simple Tenants would love to have you check out their first single, so they are offering it to all of you for FREE.

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This giveaway is sponsored by Simple Tenants, all opinions are my own.

Feb 202015

1000 voices are gathering together to promote goodness, kindness, compassion and support for others through this campaign. I'm honored to be part of it and read on to learn the single most pure way to support your friends in this life!I’m writing this post as part of the #1000Speak campaign, in which 1000 voices will be joining together today, February 20, 2015, to speak about compassion, kindness, and support for others in this world. Learn more about the campaign here and check in on some of the amazing words that are being shared to promote goodness.

I’m honored to have this chance to share my thoughts on how we can most purely offer loving compassion to those God has put in our lives!


Sometimes (pretty often, to be honest), I look at my life and feel stymied by the weight of things. Of the busyness, the endless tasks, the remembering to send my son’s library book back on the proper day and review the new spelling words the optimal number of times each week.

It can be heavy. It can be groan-inducing. And while all the responsibilities come from a place of blessing, they don’t leave a whole lot leftover. Limited resources and the demands of young kids always get right of first refusal.

Being a true and real support to our friends is such a beautiful gift. Here's how do it with compassion and true grace. Friendship matters--do it the right way!

So you offer help in the corners–watching a friend’s kids when she has a doctor’s appointment, taking a meal to a neighbor, make sixteen notes to yourself to send a text to someone who needs some encouragement on an important day. It’s not ever pretty or smooth; the casserole you drop off will be slightly burned, your house will be a circus show with the extra kids vs. a calm, nurturing haven, and you will really, really wish you could be there to hug your friend in person instead of just sending a text.

But you will try because you care.

Yet more important than any of this tangible help, the one thing you can offer is a safe landing spot. You see, what we all really need in a friend is someone who gets it, who loves us as we are. Who takes our panicked random calls when we discover a weird rash on our ankle, who lets us cry when our son can’t learn to hold his pencil the right way in school, who will tell you that “no, you do not look like a ginormous cow”–for the sixth time in the same week (not that I speak from experience).

All we really want is a welcome place to fall, a haven in the midst of our floundering and full days.

Being a true and real support to our friends is such a beautiful gift. Here's how do it with compassion and true grace. Friendship matters--do it the right way!

For this reason, difficulties aren’t to be cursed. Nothing can better school us in genuine compassion than challenges, struggles, moments when we are pretty sure we are going to have to lock ourselves in a padded room vs. spending another minute with our very-three three year old…

It’s this living of such an imperfect life full of stuff that so perfectly equips us to be there for others. Our own tricky spots teach us firsthand how to best offer support and how to be real.  We can be a welcome hand for friends to grasp when things get tough because we get it, we’ve been there.

It may be ages before we can present gorgeous casseroles or have supportive phone conversations sans children screaming interruptions, but in the meantime, we can be a safe spot for others to land–one entirely filled with empathetic compassion.

And that is the true blessing.


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Jan 232015

Sick of being sick? Me too! Need help staying healthy and staving off illness during these winter months? I've created an ENTIRE MONTH'S WORTH of ideas for keeping your family well.  Try one simple suggestion each day and give the yucky germs the boot. Don't need 'em, don't want 'em!I’d chance it to say that winter and I are developing a non-compatible relationship. While the freezing temps, icy roads, and endless cabin fever are adorable in and of themselves, it’s their accompanying plague of sickness that thrills me less. The past two years, we’ve been hit, and hit hard. There was last Christmas in all its near-death in-law-visiting fun, and then this year my daughter celebrated her baby cousin’s birth with some emphatic grabs for the puke bag as we barrelled down the highway. It’s been great!

Our most recent bout with illness left me setting up week-long shop on our couch and begging my Facebook fans for suggestions with how to pacify a feverish 3 yr. old. Which they gave in gracious abundance as my readers are rockstars. Thank you and xo.

I’m also thankful for OTCSafety’s careful reminders to read the drug facts label and to never give oral cough/cold meds to kids under the age of 4. When you are in the thick of dealing with a sick kid, it can be easy to forget things like this.

Got the flu? You CAN survive! Use these tips and tricks to take care of yourself and your family, and healthy days will be here before you know it!

I know we’re not alone in all this illness. There is a lot of concern about the spread of the flu this year, and I’m sick of sickness. Encouraged by OTCSafety to help smartly tackle the flu during these cold months, so it’s time to try a different approach. A WAY different approach. The Let’s Not Get Sick in the First Place Approach. I know, it’s brilliant.

So how are we going to do that? I decided to ask some of the smartest ladies I know–fellow mom bloggers who have been there and who have some great ideas for staying healthy and staving off illness during these winter months. With their help, I’ve created an ENTIRE MONTH’S WORTH of ideas for keeping your family well.

Sick of being sick? Me too! Need help staying healthy and staving off illness during these winter months? I've created an ENTIRE MONTH'S WORTH of ideas for keeping your family well.  Try one simple suggestion each day and give the yucky germs the boot. Don't need 'em, don't want 'em!

A month of health with these tips and tricks is YOURS:

Day 1–Make sleep happen. It’s that important.

“I hibernate. Seriously, extra sleep helps me from getting the blahs.”–Funny is Family

“I highly recommend training the children to fetch their own frosted Pop-Tarts and leaving the Yoohoo on a low refrigerator shelf for weekend mornings when mommy and daddy need to catch up on their sleep!”–Dose of Reality

Day 2–Get your Vitamin D in, even if you can’t be out in the sunshine.

“At 10am every morning I take a Vitamin D to prevent S.A.D. from kicking in.”–Let Me Start By Saying

Day 3–You still need sunscreen!

Sunscreen. I might be the only person on earth who still gets sunburns in February.”–Binkies and Briefcases

Day 4–Laugh about it. It helps, really.

“I curse the gods for sub-zero temps and count the angry screaming as a calorie burn.”–Nicole Leigh Shaw: Ninja Mom

Day 5–Dress for the season

“I wear wool head to toe (that way I can park far from the door)”–Our Small Moments

Day 6–Staying active and exercising matters more than ever.

“Workout like a maniac during the winter”–It’s Fitting

Day 7–Get that Vitamin C in!

“I take extra C if I feel a funk coming on (also lots of gargling).”–Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva

I try to eat more oranges and citrus food/drinks for Vitamin C.”–Confessions of a Mommyaholic

Day 8–A healthy smoothie is a tasty way to sneak in a bunch of the good stuff.

“Every morning I make a small healthy smoothie.”–Let Me Start By Saying

Day 9–Even if it’s cold, going outside can do wonders.

“Breathe in and out fresh air after mingling with dirty people.”–Our Small Moments

Day 10–Avoid the junk foods (get creative if you have to!)

“Get your six and a half foot tall husband to move your secret stash of Cadbury Creme Eggs to the top shelf where you can’t reach them.”–Becoming SuperMommy

Day 11–Wash your hands. Endlessly.

“We wash our hands as soon as we get home”–Cloudy, With a Chance of Wine

Day 12–Probiotics are a really good thing!

“I take a probiotic and a powdered elderberry pill every single day. I’ve seen a big difference.”–Toulouse and Tonic

Day 13–Hot tea can do wonders.

“I drink lots of tea and take my vitamins.”–Frugalista Blog

Day 14–Happy Valentines! Love on yourself by doing something fun!

“Keep exercising, keep having FUN, and if you need it, take a sun-bed.”–Considerings: Life in Silver Linings

Sick of being sick? Me too! Need help staying healthy and staving off illness during these winter months? I've created an ENTIRE MONTH'S WORTH of ideas for keeping your family well.  Try one simple suggestion each day and give the yucky germs the boot. Don't need 'em, don't want 'em!

Day 15–You need to come in the house. Your shoes don’t.

“We take all shoes off at the door and backpacks never leave the entryway.”–The Not So Super Mom

Day 16–Keep your hands away from your face and mouth–it does make a difference.

“We avoid touching our faces as much as possible.”–Cloudy, With a Chance of Wine

Day 17–Turn the thermostat down when you go to bed.

“Turning down the heat after 9:00 so I don’t want to leave my snuggly bed for the kitchen. Also, the cold is good for the metabolism!”–My Dishwasher’s Possessed

Day 18–Veggies = a really good thing.

“Less in, more out. Hot, fresh, steamed vegetables to help you warm up.”–Considerings: Life in Silver Linings

Day 19–This brilliant concocotion from Meredith to Mommy knocks out colds with a punch!

“Knock out viruses quickly with apple cider vinegar, cinnamon and honey.”–Meredith to Mommy

Day 20–I love my sunlamp. I love, love, love my sunlamp.

“I take Vitamin D and use my “happy” light (broad spectrum lamp).”–Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

Day 21–A glass of wine and a some unwinding? Super idea. And give yourself a little grace if things aren’t perfect.

“I drink at least one glass of wine before bed”–Cloudy, With a Chance of Wine

“I figure its healthy to put on 5-10 pounds in winter to stay warm. Just like the squirrels!”–Eubanks Eutopia

Day 22–You can’t avoid all the germs, but you can stay away from some of the epicenters.

“Stay away from the mall playgrounds. The end.”–When Crazy Meets Exhaustion

Day 23–Keeping that skin healthy is important!

“I moisture my hands constantly.”–Mommy Shorts

Day 24–Take time to grow yourself in unexpected ways.

“Chase after your dreams. I  know it only burns imaginary calories, but it’s exhausting, so it must be working.”–Elleroy Was Here

Day 25–I have been wanting to try acupuncture for forever.

I get regular acupuncture to keep my immunity strong.”–Frugalista Blog

Day 26–Your go-to best friend? Hand sanitizer

“We use antibacterial wipes on our hands before we eat anything when we’re out of the house, after leaving grocery stores and toy stores, etc.”–Cloudy, With a Chance of Wine

Day 27–Figure out sneaky ways to cut sugar.

“We cut the amount of cocoa we use per mug in half then add milk to keep it satisfying. It’s easier (and cheaper) to say yes to the daily requests for cocoa that way!”–Domestic Pirate

Day 28–Ginger. Get it in, however you can!

“Ginger. In tea. In food. Candy. Anywhere possible.”–Mom’s New Stage

Day 29–Supplements can be a wonderful solution.

“When we were all sick, my husband felt it coming on too, so he took this herbal supplement I got a free sample of. He never got sick.”–Kissing the Frog

Day 30–Relax with a bath.

Sure, getting clean is a good thing. The older I get, the more I understand the value of intentional relaxation. DO IT.

Day 31–Pick up a good book.

I make no secret of my love of reading, but the thing is, cozying up with a book isn’t only sweet down-time, but it stretches your mind and allows you to explore new worlds = a very good thing.

Sick of being sick? Me too! Need help staying healthy and staving off illness during these winter months? I've created an ENTIRE MONTH'S WORTH of ideas for keeping your family well.  Try one simple suggestion each day and give the yucky germs the boot. Don't need 'em, don't want 'em!

Try one simple suggestion each day and give those yucky winter germs the boot. Don’t need ’em, don’t want ’em!

****I am compensated as an OTCsafety blogging ambassador for this post, but my opinion are my own.****

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Jan 212015

Need to make a change in your life? Not sure where to start? Discovering life coaching was the friendliest way I found to make a healthy difference in my own life--check out these tips and get started!Having this blog allows me to do some really, really neat things. Things I would never otherwise do. Like sweat it out in hot yoga, get the most awesome family pics we’ve ever had taken, and plan fabulous blogging conferences. It’s fun, it stretches me, and challenges me to be my best person. I love it.

So when a friend, Julie Bel Connor, made the totally boss move of building her own Life Coaching business and was looking to promote her work, my mental thought train immediately started rolling, “Could I have a Life Coach? Should I have a Life Coach? WHAT IS A LIFE COACH?”.

Turns out, all my questioning set aside, life coaching with Julie Bel Connor is one of the smartest moves I’ve ever made. I’m going to let Julie describe her work in her own words below, but to me, after a couple months of first-hand experience, life coaching is best described as a tangible, hands-on approach to making active steps towards life improvement. As a licensed social worker myself, I definitely believe there is a time and a place for more in-depth therapy.  After working with Julie, I am now convinced there is also a time and place for life coaching.

I consider myself to be a relatively organized person aware of areas that require growth in her life.  I still need someone to help me identify and actually follow through with the things I must do to get to a better place. As much as I loathe accountability for it’s accountability-ness, I need it.

I need someone to ask me if I am actually making time each day to quiet my mind in the morning. If I am actually practicing the healthy sleep habits I need to embrace to tackle my chronic insomnia. If I am truly following through with the promises I make to myself to care for me.

With Julie, I never once felt judged or scared. I have a lot of issues, so this was very cool. The thing is, the relatively-recent death of my mother remains a very real looming cloud on my day-to-day. Given Julie’s personal experience with loss, it felt incredibly and unfamiliarly safe to acknowledge my grief and it’s ongoing impact. This was a tremendous blessing. Together, we worked through some healthy tangible steps I could take to help cope in a productive way.

Need to make a change in your life? Not sure where to start? Discovering life coaching was the friendliest way I found to make a healthy difference in my own life--check out these tips and get started!

As she wisely told me after one of my initial sessions, “I believe once you really start to heal some past things you will rest more easily and have more energy for your life in the moment.” Gah! So well said.

I have met with therapists in the past, and I will again, but I have never before felt the genuine acceptance of where I was in life that I felt with Julie. I have never before been given such a clear outline of what I am supposed to do to help make my life feel better. She sent me a recap and homework every week after our session and I LOVED it. My personality responds well to lists and checklists, and this is exactly what she gave me.

Julie gets you.

She cares.

And she wants to help.



Life coaching with Julie Bel Connor is one of the smartest moves I've made in ages! Check her out and go make a difference in your own life--ASAP!

Julie Bel Conner is an intuitive life coach focusing on parents. She is also a yoga and meditation teacher who stresses stress relief. She believes fully in our ability to live the lives we dream of by being true to who we are deep down in our souls. She loves helping people to find peace in their lives & finding balance between being a parent & being a regular human being. She believes that living in this way will transform the next generation of children, improving our world as a whole. She has completed author, Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass and Amanda Frances McKinney’s Life Coaching Course.

Julie describes her experience:

I have spent a good part of my years on this planet in a fog of depression, anxiety and lack of self worth. It was sucky. At some point I was feeling ok about myself and crossed paths with my soulmate of a husband. It was awesome, beautiful and wonderful with all the trials and tribulations of having a relationship. Then – married, kids (now 3) BOOM – super fast. I quickly lost that feeling of happiness that temporarily had a hold on me. This slow downturn paired with the untimely death of my little brother, and living with many people addicted to substances in my life made me spiral deeper into depression. With therapy, some meds, and some books I slowly came out of this dark place.

But it wasn’t until I discovered a book called Spirit Junkie and a group of life coaches that I found my way into the light to live a life I actually liked. I realized through this time that no external “things” could make me happy, including but not limited to my husband, beautiful boys and a pretty home. That just plain sucked for awhile but having a life coach changed this. I learned that to make changes to make my life awesome I actually had to take action.

What? Ugh. It was challenging, but so rewarding. When I would change something small like, making time for 15 minutes of me time, even if it was in the bathroom hiding and breathing (yup – I had a “belly” ache a lot!) I became happier and had more energy. When I was able to pair this with my yoga and meditation training to improve my energy and the love for myself I knew that I wanted to coach people to have the same experience.

So here I am now, I coach people virtually and in person to work on what isn’t working in their lives and encourage big change to happen in small steps. I always wanted a quick fix, which of course never happens. But I found that when you take action and truly want to kick butt and make your life happier and healthier it will look exactly how you want it to look.

We all deserve a beautiful life and so do our children. And all us parents know that when you are happier your kids are happier. Often we lose our identities when we raise children, we forget the dreams we once had or that someday our kids will grow up and we will have time for us. But we don’t have to wait for that. My absolute favorite thing about coaching moms is that when they feel better and love their lives you can see it in their children. And this, simply put is truly making an impact on the next generation of happy, healthy, loving, energized individuals (and to-be parents someday too!). It really is all beautiful.

I’m not saying it’s easy but I am saying when you are ready and you feel it is your time – you will feel what happy feels like more often than not. I still get depressed and anxious but am blessed with the tools to get me back to me after a few hours or days and not weeks or months. It’s progress not perfection :)


Need to make a change in your life? Not sure where to start? Discovering life coaching was the friendliest way I found to make a healthy difference in my own life--check out these tips and get started!

The best news for you, readers? Now you can use Julie’s savvy in your own life! Begin life coaching services with her; REALLY, you will thank me.  And also take advantage of the 4-week webinar, The Energized, Self Loved Parent she offers–what a sweet way to tackle the issues in your life from the convenience of your own home!

The webinar facts:

Starts Monday 2/9/15 @ 8:30pm EST and runs for 4 Weeks – if you miss a session the recording will be sent to you!

Price: $144 ((going up to $188 on 2/1/15) but if you e-mail Julie ( and let her know you are one of my readers, you can purchase it for 44% off!

The Energizing Self-Loving Topics:
*Perfection & Control: Letting Go
*Overwhelm & Anxiety: Focus on Gratitude
*Release the Mom Guilt: Communication Key
*Finding Space: Following Your Dreams

This course is for you if:
You are fed up with feeling like #2 or #5 in your own life.
You are ready to be present in the moment & awaken to the joys of parenthood.
You need to find you & be the you that you used to know.
You want to take that weight off your shoulders, wrinkles off your face & tension out of your head that make you feel way older than you are!

What you Get:
You will have this course forever – recorded and sent to your inbox
Open  Q&A
Weekly Actionable Homework & Tools Review

***The First 10 sign ups will get a FREE 1 hour coaching session with Julie!***

And, as another bonus for my readers, Julie is giving away a nifty package! Up for grabs is a free session via phone, Skype or in-person, a journal and a personalized recorded mediation (ie. for sleep or stress or getting in tune with your intuition). Enter below for your chance to win! As long as you are a resident of the continental U.S. and 18 year or older, you are eligible.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Despite any initial skepticism over what life coaching is all about, I’m now sold. I love the way Julie has helped me sort and make sense of some things in my life, and I’m thrilled with the work she’s done. Use the gift she has to offer, friends!

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Jan 072015

We all have THOSE moments in life when we feel snowed and overwhelmed. But keep this perspective and you'll get through!  True story of how the blessing really is right around the corner if you keep this in mind!I feel dishonest claiming these holidays were more harried than most. Let’s be real; I will always manage to work my panicky personality into a sizable tizzy come every end of December. But there were a few extras that added to the excitement this go around.

While we avoided the plague that touched down last Christmas, my husband caught a nasty cold on the eve of our ginormous holiday party…and didn’t get better for another 2 weeks. Oh what fun.

The Christmas tree spent some time hanging out on the floor, which, while a fun new take on the traditional upright stance, wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.

My daughter celebrated Christmas Day itself with a sudden nasty stomach bug that left her puking…while we were riding in the minivan for 4 hrs. Over the river and through the woods…

Oh, and my sister had her baby. And I’m still beaming.

And I’m still tired, a little weary and surrounded by mountains of Christmas decorations. But you know what? Add all this stuff together and what do you have? The perfect Christmas.

What?? I know, but really…

You see, I can spend hours and days fretting over how we will conceivably get everything done, how impossible schedules will sort. But a while ago I learned the best way to know that you can walk through a fiery, challenging moment is to walk through it. Any burns you pick up along the way are boss reminders that you were strong–and that the love and blessings remain constant.

Our moment of trickiness began at 3am the day before my niece was born, the same day that my husband took ill and the day before our party. We got the call that my sister was in labor. Too hyped to go back to sleep, I got up. Determined to start tackling my day on the right foot, I took my vitamins. It was then I realized that in my blurry state I had mistakenly taken my sleep medication instead.


I now had a party to prep for, a sick husband, sleeping children, a sister in labor, and had just taken a sedative that would wear off in approximately 7 hours. I was DELIGHTED with myself.

And this is when my husband shone. This is where I saw strength shine in our moment.

Knowing I needed to be with my sister, we all packed up and went to the hospital. As it turns out, the poor dear found herself in a 30 hour labor, so we did have to make a few trips back and forth to home, but in the end, my niece was born, I was there, and my husband readied the entire house for the party himself. My hero.

In the midst of this, in the middle of the the second night, I heard him answer a call from my brother-in-law announcing that my sister’s labor was progressing. As I listened to my husband offer cheerful encouragement and support, artfully masking the tiredness in his voice, I felt so grateful to have this close family and for the love covering this moment.

People had fun at the party, shockingly despite my decision to abandon my fancy crab rolls (yes, I failed Pinterest that night). And when a very dear friend bailed me out by making amazing soft pretzels and others offered help and sweet congratulations on my new aunt status, I was surrounded by warmth in our moment.

As I cuddled the new baby on Christmas morning, my heart leapt with awe. When we finally landed at my father’s girlfriend’s house and all kindly welcomed my sick daughter cuddled up on the couch (nope, not awkward at all), I could have focused on the puke bucket sitting by the Christmas tree, but instead, I was simply blessed in our moment.

Feeling a bit stressed by life? Hang in there, the flipside is right around the corner. Keep the perspective outlined here and you're good to go!

I can often fuss over what my life is not or what we’re missing, but the truth is, through this Christmas, in all it’s chaotic mess, with the people I cherish most in this world, I felt strong. I felt loved. I felt warmth. I felt blessed.

Fiery moments aren’t really a bad thing at all; after the smoke clears, your vision is a whole lot clearer.


First image credit: image ID:28788529, copyright:Maridav

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