8 Ways to Get Ahead on Christmas Shopping

​​The holidays are filled with a flurry of activities and events, all of them incredibly important because they only happen once a year. Since shopping is often a big chunk of a person’s worries during the holidays, it’s best to take care of it before the season even begins. This can help you stay on budget and eliminate the time spent fighting crowds or worrying about whether packages will arrive in time. 8 Ways to Get Ahead on Christmas ShoppingMaking Gift Giving Part of DecoratingInstead of waiting to give gifts on Christmas, make gifts part of the decorating experience. Order glass Christmas ...

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Blue Pumpkins for Autism Awareness

My go-to stress reliever has become scrolling through Google news alerts via my very curated feed (read: lots of Gilmore Girls, local school updates and CICO diet trends--on a good day, toss in a few tiny house designs and I'm a goner!). On one recent escape with Google, I crossed upon some articles about blue pumpkins for Autism awareness, and my curiosity was peaked. As I read more about these pumpkins, it quickly became clear that they weren't only about awareness, but rather representative of an entire movement to support those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Count me in.Why is ...

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Make Learning Fun: 6 Ways to Mix Play and Education

Stimulating and developing your child’s mind and body is best done through play, especially when they’re at a younger age. Playing and learning can teach your child so much about the world and about themselves, build their confidence, help their social development and build the foundation of their relationship with education.Allowing your child to learn through play, especially in their early years at home, will help them develop a love of learning and get them curious about the world around them. Here are some fun ways to mix play and education.6 Ways to Make Learning FunStorytellingA love for reading can ...

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9 Reasons to Visit Hersheypark in the Dark This Year

Thank you to Hersheypark for partnering with me and my family so we can share all the #HersheyparkHappy fun with you and scoop you on the 10 reasons to visit Hersheypark in the Dark this year!We have been having a blast at Hersheypark this year! It feels fantastic to be back in the action and enjoying all of the classic park fun along with new additions for 2021 (hello, The Chocolatier restaurant!). My sister, a long-time season pass holder, always says that fall is her favorite time to visit, and I have to agree. Read on for the scoop about ...

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The Husbands Book Club Discussion

Friends, let me introduce you to my newest crush, The Husbands by Chandler Baker. I really, really liked this book, and I'm so glad Carrie and I selected it for this month's pick. It's a gem and a treasure, and I can't wait to give you the whole scoop. Did you know it's being made into a movie starring one of my favorite actresses, Kristen Wiig? Guess who's snagging a seat on opening night? ;) By the time you read this book, I'm sure you'll be eagerly meeting me at the theater, but for now, let's dig into The Husbands ...

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Helping Moms to Cope After After a Difficult Birth

Giving birth can be a difficult experience and, while fewer than 2 in 1000 babies will experience trauma at birth, many moms are left feeling emotionally and physically drained after delivery, with some sustaining injuries and lasting psychological damage. It is so important to help moms cope after a difficult birth. Most injuries caused to the baby […]