Channel Your Inner Flower Child with this Quiz!

***Thank you to for sponsoring this post so I could introduce this fun quiz to help you find your own inner flower child!*** I inherited my love of flowers from my mother and there's no better time of the year to enjoy all of nature's glory than right now! Blossoms are blooming around every corner. While delighting in the season, I came across this sweet "What Type of Flower are You Quiz?", and thought it a fun treat for all of us to take a minute out of all of the end-of-the-school-year crazy to focus on our inner flower child ...

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DIY Patriotic Hair Bows

I love fun hair bows, barrettes, headbands, and other accessories for my three little girls, but I’m also on the cheap side so I don’t like paying for them! I especially don’t like paying for holiday hair accessories that my girls will only wear once a year. So I decided to make my own! Since 4th of July is coming up I headed to the craft store and stocked up on patriotic ribbon and got to work. Here’s a step by step guide for making your own DIY Patriotic Hair Bows! DIY Patriotic Hair Bows Gather Your Supplies: For this DIY Patriotic Hair ...

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Steps for a Healthier Pet-Friendly Home

Pets are wonderful members of the family. They cheer us up when we're sad, add a sense of fun and adventure to our lives, and are so cute we can't even stand it sometimes. But we can't always communicate with pets the way we need to, especially when it comes to teaching pets about dangers in the home. Because you can't tell your cat or dog not to play with something, you have to step up and keep your home safe for your pet. Steps for a Healthier Pet-Friendly Home Your home should be pet-proofed before you bring a pet to live ...

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5 Genius Summer Skincare Hacks to Beat the Heat

***Thank you to Beautycounter Consultant Jackie McGeehan for sponsoring this post so I could fill you in on these genius summer skincare hacks!*** Summer is coming!! Hey, hey! Not that I wasn't super-into that prolonged, horrible winter we had, but...sunshine sounds really sweet right now. And while I'm madly tackling the special "fun" of May and details for our upcoming vacay, there is one other teensy bit I must sort as warm weather approaches--my family's skincare. What's that? Yup, skincare. While typically, winter gets top billing for skincare concerns with its harsh, drying effect, the hot months bring their own unique concerns. ...

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Milton Hershey School: A Living Legacy of a Future

***Thank you to Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company for sponsoring this post so I could fill you in on Milton Hershey School and it's living legacy*** It was so fun to fill you in on some very cool parts of Hershey's history last week! Hershey, PA is one of my favorite places and I love how remarkable this town and its story is. One of the most special things about Hershey is the Milton Hershey School. I only briefly touched on this school in my last post, and I'm tickled to now delve in deeper with a close look at this ...

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The Two Cards

We’re simple people around here.  Before kids, Valentine’s wasn’t that huge of a deal.  Now? Like any parent knows, step aside major holidays, because there is an exorbitant display of  glitter-glued heart-shaped cards that need to squeeze their way onto the fridge before it gets ugly. Put down the red construction paper before Mommy gets cranky. […]

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