8 Reasons The Settler's Inn is the Quiet Escape You Need

***Thank you to The Settler's Inn for sponsoring this post and hosting us so we could enjoy a quiet escape to their property and tell you all about it!*** We've done a fair bit of family traveling this summer, and I've enjoyed filling you in on our kid-filled adventures, but let's take a break from the roller coasters and pool parties for a minute and switch gears. Amidst all the "more lively fun" (read: fewer battles over how many bites of chicken fingers must be eaten at dinner and little to no begging for gift shop souvenirs), my husband and I managed ...

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Chew Your Way to Savings this August:

***This post was sponsored by Trident Gum as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in this post about how to chew your way to savings this August are my own.*** August can be such a tricky time for us mamas! With the frenzy of summer still running, while working hard to get ourselves and the kiddos ready for back to school, our budget and our sanity can take a major hit. That's why finding a stress-free money-saving win at Walmart in the midst of all the crazy is a definite win, and I'm here to ...

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Most Genius Consignment Sale Hack You'll Ever Find

***Thank you to JBF Reading for sponsoring this post so I could fill you in on the most genius consignment sale hack you'll ever find!*** Hey, hey! Consignment sale season is just around the corner! While I'm sad to see summer make its exit, I'm giddy about the deals and steals coming our way. We've shared lots and lots of tips, tricks and hacks for smart consignment sale shopping AND selling here before, and I'm tickled to kick off this new season, just in time for my favorite sale, the JBF Reading Sale, with this super-genius consignment sale hack. It's seriously a ...

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10 Reasons to Love the Family-Friendly King and Prince Resort

***Thank you to the King and Prince Resort for sponsoring this post so I could fill you in on why the incredibly family-friendly King and Prince Resort is a must-visit!*** You know those magical unicorn times with kids, the rare ones when you think, "Sweet! We've got this family gig down and it's working out--it's even fun!"?! Rare for sure, but if we look under all the heavy chaos and fatigue of life with kids, those gorgeous moments are there...and they are so shiny, shiny bright. This summer my family captured such a lovely bit, and it was all because of the ...

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All We Ever Wanted Book Club Discussion

Happy August, friends! Before we get to our book club's All We Ever Wanted Book Club Discussion, let's pause a moment to take stock. How's your summer season going? If your neck of the woods looks anything like ours, things are hopping! I saw this someecard the other day and could completely relate! Despite all the chaos, the one thing I have aced is reading. I've been devouring books (my handy-dandy insomnia helps a teensy with this ;) ), and I've found some true gems! The Couple Next Door, How to Walk Away and How to Find Love in a Book Shop have been ...

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Let the Little Cuties Run Wild

We have a problem here, folks.  My 2 yr. old daughter is not yet potty-trained (I know, I’ll wait while you gasp in the horror over this grave parental short-coming).  She also never stops moving. Ever. Even in her sleep, the adorable young thing thrashes about with a vigor known to wildcats the world over […]

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