5 Reasons You'll Love a Visit the Hershey Gardens with Kids

Thank you to the Hershey Gardens for sponsoring this post so I could share these five neat reasons to visit the Hershey Gardens with kids!My husband and I have been to the Hershey Gardens twice for weddings, but we'd never taken our children, and I'm so very glad we got the chance to do so earlier this month. Both of our kids genuinely loved exploring the gardens, and were already asking to return as soon as we got in the car to leave!5 Reasons to Visit the Hershey Gardens with KidsThe Butterfly Atrium is incredible! I can't say enough about ...

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5 Smart, Easy Ideas to Live Your Best Life Everyday

I recently heard someone talking about how we are constantly, every day, trying to be better versions of ourselves. This is so true. Every day, I work to improve on the things in my life and make myself and the things around me just a little bit better--not always successfully, but I try! Making improvements can be HARD, but I have found a few smart, easy ideas to live your best life that will work for so many of us. Read on, friends! 5 Smart, Easy Ideas to Live Your Best Life EverydayEating well and healthy truly makes all the ...

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Life Hacks to Keep Your Days Running Smoothly

This life can be tricky business, friends. Most days I find it a struggle to remember where I stashed my glasses, forget trying to keep track of my kids and insane dogs! Over the years, I have sorted a few life hacks to allow everything to flow as smoothly as possible--no easy feat, I know! Check in below for a few smart tips to keep control over the chaos.Life Hacks to Keep Your Days Running SmoothlyGet the right tools! There are so many gadgets and devices that make my day-to-day so much easier (as in, I couldn't even imagine my ...

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4 Smart Hacks to Earn Money From Home

Listen friends, making a go of the monthly budget battle is no joke! My husband and I pride ourselves on being very responsible with our money and finances, but it still is a struggle to make ends meet on the regular. With this in mind, we so appreciate these smart hacks to earn money from home we've picked up along the way. Grab these tips and get going on your way to financial smarts!4 Smart Hacks to Earn Money From HomeFirst and foremost, make sure your payments are authenticated and real. Paay.com is one sit that can help assure this--learn ...

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Tips to Make Moving with Kids Go Smoothly

Dude, this parenting business is no joke, much less trying to keep house and keep some semblance of order. Having to move house is tricky business, and throw kids into the mix? You've got a full-on mess, parents! BUT...fear not. We've got some smart tips to make this whole moving with kids business flow as smoothly as possible. Listen up, parents-on-the-move-- check in with this scoop, and take a breath...your next move might be easier than you think.Tips to Make Moving with Kids Go SmoothlyCase out potential neighborhoods before you buy. Better Homes and Gardens Signature Service offers such a ...

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One Day In December Book Club Discussion Questions

Thank you, Carrie of Normal Level of Crazy for bringing this month’s One Day in December Book Club discussion! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! We made it! … looks like we maaaade iiiiiiit …! (Barry Manilow is an American treasure and not recognized enough for his gifts to humanity. Prove me wrong.) Yes, that is 100% how I’m starting […]

myCharge It Up this Mother’s Day!

****Thanks to myCharge for sponsoring today’s post with compensation and the HubMax 9000mAh portable charger so I could share this fab new product with you!**** So here’s the thing, friends, I’ve become “terribly important” in my own life. As in, when the SignUp Genius link for the school’s Teacher Appreciation luncheon goes around, a gal’s gotta […]

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