5 Home Maintenance Hacks to Keep Your Space Safe

***Thanks to One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® for sponsoring this post so I could share these smart home maintenance hacks with you! All thoughts and opinion s are my own.*** Oh hey! Raise your hand if you feel super on-top of and organized about all of the things you need to do tocare for your home...what's that? No one does? Or maybe a few of you rock stars out there do, and I sincerely give you all the props. I fall more in the category of "Necessary stuff mostly gets done...eventually". Like, we've had the chimney swept a few times since moving in, I know we had the driveway resurfaced once, ...

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How to Walk Away Book Club Meeting

Whew! We're a month in and summer is going fast and furious. But you know that Carrie and I are still making time to read! She's here to scoop you on our latest (hint hint--it's a SUPER beach read!), and thank YOU for joining us for this How to Walk Away Book Club meeting! *********************************************************** Hello, Book Clubbers!! Hope your summer is treating you well and you're not sweating through all of your clothing as I am. As I've been saying repeatedly (I'm sure to the annoyance of others), we might as well be housebound with 12 inches of snow on the ...

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8 Smart Tips for Visiting an Amusement Park with Your ASD/SPD kid

***Thank you to Dutch Wonderland for sponsoring this post so I could fill you in on Visiting an Amusement Park with Your ASD/SPD kid!*** Growing up visiting Dutch Wonderland (one of my earliest memories is sliding down the birthday cake slide into a mud puddle--my grandparents were thrilled ;)), and now sharing this special place with my own kiddos, I know well what a sweet spot this park is. It is truly a magical place for young ones. For our family, Dutch Wonderland is made even more special to us with the care and attention paid towards addressing the needs of visiting ...

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10 Smart Tips to Visiting Iceland with Children

This month I had the opportunity to travel to one of America’s current top tourist destinations: Iceland. To say it was beautiful was an extreme understatement. The island scenery is vast and eever-changing so much so that you almost feel like you are in a different world. There is so much to do that you can’t possibly fit it into one visit but can easily be tailored to what you can handle. Traveling with children, especially in a foreign country, can seem daunting but I found Iceland to be the perfect kid-friendly travel destination! Thinking about a trip with your family? Here are my 10 ...

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The Female Persuasion Book Club Discussion

Friends, we made it!! June is officially here! Oof, I know...I never thought I'd make it. While you're still fighting through the last week or so of school if you're in our neck of the country's woods, it's none too early to start digging into your summer reading list while avoiding the end-of-the-year chaos ;) Hey, reading when life is insane is straight up therapy, friends! We've shared some boss Summer Reading Lists in the past, and we have no plans to disappoint this summer--thanks for joining us for this The Female Persuasion Book Club Discussion, and make sure to leave a ...

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Antics and Answers Delivered!

Alisa, AKA the coolest blog-columnist EVER is back, and she’s VLOGGING. I’ll say no more… ************************************************************************* Hello Mom of the Year peeps! It’s Alisa and I’m back with an exciting new post! I SO enjoy blogging with all of you and I really appreciate the warm welcome you have given me here. I’d like to […]

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