Book or Treat with your Little Free Library

We have recently fallen head over heels for our Little Free Library and are so enjoying finding ways to keep it updated and part of our community! When my daughter was inspired to include our library in Halloween celebrations, we added a treat cup to the library, and then the idea of Book or Treat quickly took shape!Book or Treat with your Little Free LibraryBook or Treat is such a neat idea for your Little Free Library! In short, on Halloween (or whenever your community does Trick or Treat), hand out candy by your library and encourage visitors to grab ...

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5 Reasons You'll Love Yumble Kids Meal Delivery Service

Thank you to Yumble for sponsoring this post so I can tell you about their genius kids' meal delivery service! My family is genuinely, truly taken with it, and all glowing opinions are 100% ours!Any parents out there struggle with mealtime smooth-sailing with their kiddos? Ooh me! I will be the first to raise my hand. And take your pick of reasons why it's such a battle: time crunch, kids don't like what's being served, not enough energy to whip up kid-friendly dishes, etc.--it's all a struggle in these parts. So when Yumble rolled in with their promise of a ...

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The Gifted School Book Club Discussion

With school back in session, Meredith and I thought The Gifted School by Bruce Holsinger would be the perfect early fall read. Not knowing much going in, I had a lot of preconceived notions about this book. A "gifted school" seemed both pretentious and elitist, to name a few adjectives I conjured up before cracking this one open.The Gifted School Book Club DiscussionI'm curious ... did your opinions about a separate school for gifted children change? Before you opened it to the end? Or even mid-way through?Grab your copy HERE!I had a lot of different feelings throughout the book and am not sure ...

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3 Super-Smart Tips for Teaching Kids to Manage Money

Teaching kids to manage their money is important! Learning to create a budget, keep track of expenses, and save for emergencies are skills that are essential to life as an adult and it’s never too early to start good money habits with our children.I thought I was doing a good job with my kiddos until a recent shopping trip, which spurred me to put some new money management systems in place. My kids had some money put aside from their birthdays so I told them I would take them shopping. I asked them to quickly grab their money so we ...

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Google #DigitalWellbeing Tools for YOUR Family Wellbeing

This post was sponsored by Google in partnership with the Forward Influence Network so I could fill you in on these Google #DigitalWellbeing Tools for YOUR family wellbeing. All thoughts and opinions are my own.The internet is an awesome thing, friends! Think about all the things we can do with a computer or phone we'd never have dreamed about a generation ago! The other side of all this coolness is a bit tricky--managing screen time, being able to shut off at night, prioritize emails, etc. It is hard! With all this in mind, Google's #DigitalWellBeing tools are genius for protecting ...

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Natural DIY Lice Prevention Spray

This year my son officially started preschool and with that comes my biggest nemesis…germs. Every week he comes home with a new cold and kindly shares it with the rest of our family. When it comes to sicknesses, I am a large proponent of treating and pre-treating them with natural remedies. I have read up on many different […]

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