4 Citadel Country Spirit USA Highlights

Thank you to Citadel Country Spirit USA for sponsoring this post so I can scoop you on the top Citadel Country Spirit USA highlights. All opinions are 100% my own!Last year, round about this time, my husband and I did a very, very cool thing: we left the building sans kids (thanks, Dad!) and stepped out to Country Spirit USA. Here we found incredible country music buoyed by endless country spirit! A year later, my husband and I are still talking about our day at the festival, and eagerly awaiting a return this year!What is Country Spirit USA?Citadel Country Spirit ...

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10 Smart Tips for Visiting Dorney Park with Elementary-Aged Kids

Thank you to Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom for hosting my family so I could share these smart tips for visiting Dorney Park with elementary-aged kids. All opinions are 100% my own.I have before shared the special connection my family has with Dorney Park (read the story about my dad HERE!), and this was such a sweet, sweet spot to visit when my kids were little (Planet Snoopy is the best!). The cool thing about Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom? Not only is a timeless treasure and perfect for young families, it is also a genius spot for thrill-seekers of ...

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Mrs. Everything Book Club Discussion

Happy summer livin', friends! I love it--every little thing about these warm weather, kick-back days. And you know Carrie and I think one of the best ways to spend these summer days is with a delicious book. Last month we read Mrs. Everything, Jennifer Weiner's powerful new release, and there is A LOT to unpack in this novel. So settle in, grab a nice tall glass of something cool, and get ready to chat with us in this Mrs. Everything Book Club Discussion.And pssst...remember, as always, we are giving away a copy of next month's pick for FREE! Read on ...

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10 Child's Surgery Tips for a Smooth Experience

Surgery for anyone is daunting but when it is your child, it is a whole new level of dread! After a year of breathing and strep issues, we finally came to the decision to remove my son’s tonsils and adenoids. I had many mixed feelings as even though my son needed them out, my first-born child was having surgery, and I was terrified! In the end, with the help of a world-renowned children’s hospital, we made it through the surgery and recovery with no issues, and we're so happy we went through with it! If you're feeling the dread too, ...

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Easy Grilled Gyros and Vegetables

One of my favorite things to do when I have spare time is to cook and create recipes, and I'm eager to share this recipe of grilled gyros and vegetables with you!While, I could easily spend hours in the kitchen making meals but the reality is, with children at home, time is a hot commodity. For this reason, most of my recipes must be simple yet delicious, and take the least amount of clean up time possible. In the winter months, this means I resort to my trusted crockpot, but in the summer, it’s grilling time! I plan entire meals ...

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Book Club Escapes with Take Me With You

This month’s book club pick was one of my favorites! Delighted to have my gal Carrie of Normal Level of Crazy share our thoughts with you and introduce our pick for May–take it away, Carrie! *********************************************** I love the title of our latest book club pick mainly because I’ve said it so many times.  To […]

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