Homework Help for Kids with ADHD

As a mom, I have a difficult time keeping my kids on task during homework, plus trying to cook dinner, along with getting my children to and from activities. I have one child diagnosed with ADHD primarily inattentive plus another child with suspected ADHD. I also have 2 other children. Homework time in our house isn’t a favorite activity for any of my children, but it is clearly more of a struggle for the ones with ADHD. Over the years I’ve tried out different strategies to lessen the stress of homework time. After a lot of trial and error, I’m happy to share ...

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5 Ways To Identify Somebody From NEPA

Northeastern PA is unlike any area in the country, and we are proud of that fact. NEPA exists in its own little bubble apart from the rest of the world, protected by hilariously clever police officers and sassy Italian grandmothers. You rarely have to wonder if someone is from NEPA, because we will remind you every chance we get (and probably reference The Office in the same breath), but here are some dead giveaways. 5 ways to identify someone from NEPA Speaking Heynabonics Heyna, or no? If you don’t understand this phrase, you are definitely not from NEPA. Up here, we have our own dialect that ...

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How to Stain and Seal Wood to Last for Generations

The intense summer heat is finally gone, and this cooling off allows for time spent enjoying outdoor hobbies. This is when I can dig into my DIY projects--so relaxing for me, especially when it comes to staining wood! I love to stain and seal wood so it will hold up well to the rigors of young children, pets and time. Of all of my fun DIY furniture projects, I find staining and sealing to be one of the easiest ways to repurpose an old item, and the forgiving nature of wood stain makes for minimal mistakes. My family has a ...

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Throw Your Own Spooky Sleepover Party

***Thank you to Hotel Transylvania 3 for sponsoring this post so I could share these ideas for a Spooky Sleepover Party!*** We love our movie nights! It's such a special time to cozy in as a family and kick back together. We also love making a bit of a celebration (remember when we threw a bash for the birth of Daniel Tiger's sister? ;) ), so when we heard that one of our favorite movies from the summer, Hotel Transylvania 3, was being released on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital October 9, it was time for a party, a spooky sleepover party! Throw Your Own ...

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An Unwanted Guest Book Club Discussion

A few months ago, my neighbor texted, "Hey! I've got a book you will like--popping it in your mailbox." I hadn't heard of The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena, but quickly devoured this scrumptious delight in a night. When Goodreads posted my review on Facebook, low and behold, this book had a bit of cult following! Seemingly everyone had read and loved this book, and through this chat, I learned that Lapena had published another book (A Stranger in the House, which I then also flew through) and a new release from her was due out shortly! I eagerly told Carrie ...

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2012 London Summer Olympics

124 days until our beloved Games roll out…but who is counting?  For someone who is hopelessly non-athletic, my obsession with the Olympics is fanatical and endless…Not sure exactly where/when it started, but I recall that one of the #1 things that attracted me to my husband 14+ yrs. ago was when I discovered he was […]

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