Natural DIY Bath Bombs

Lately, my son has decided that bath time is no longer acceptable.  At the simple mention of bath, he suddenly hides and begins a dramatic agony that only Broadway can recreate.  Well, this mama had enough and decided that if coaxing wasn’t working, making it fun will!  It’s no secret that millions of children and adults alike love bath bombs, but at over $6 each for natural brands, my budget balks.  I decided to try my hand at DIY bath bombs to see if they would help our bath time dilemma and sure enough, my son loved them!  Instead of ...

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5 Things to Know About Choosing a Lawyer

The latest statistics show there are over 1.3 million lawyers practicing in the U.S. today. In one given city and one given specialty, such as a medical malpractice attorney in Pittsburgh, there are likely to be dozens to choose from, which can make it somewhat overwhelming trying to decide the right one to handle your case. Whether you’re buying or selling real estate, getting a divorce, drafting a will or hiring an attorney to take on a malpractice case, you’ll want to have the right lawyer on your side. 5 Things to Know About Choosing a Lawyer Does the Lawyer Have Expertise in ...

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Score Cash for Christmas & Go Budget-Friendly!

It's time for a Christmas giveaway! Are you getting geared up for the shopping season? Do you need extra cash for Christmas?? Don't we all! Go budget-friendly and score for your family with this nifty giveaway--PLUS, make sure to grab this genius online shopping secret to save HUGE on all of your holiday gifting purchases! The smart savings is yours, friends!   We are so excited to be giving away $370 in cash prizes for you to use starting this Thanksgiving weekend. Here are the prizes: 1 - $150 Amazon Gift Card 1 - $100 Target Gift Card 1 - $50 Walmart Gift Card 1 - $50 Kohls ...

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Give the Gift of Reading with Books For Kids!

***Thanks to zulily for sponsoring this post so I could tell you all about how you can give the gift of reading through their cool Books for Kids campaign!*** Hey hey! Anyone else like to read?? You know how obsessed I am, and it thrills me to see what dedicated readers my kiddos are turning into as--more so every day! And I am too happy to keep them stocked with good reads. The school book fair, runs to the library, or supporting super-cool purchasing opportunities, like zulily's boss Books for Kids campaign! To kick off the season of giving while also celebrating ...

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Bitter Orange Book Club Discussion

***Thanks so much to Carrie of Normal Level of Crazy for bringing us this Bitter Orange Orange Book Club Discussion!*** Hey, Book Clubbers!!  Hope your fall is going well and you're not buried under kids activities like I am!  I'm guessing you might be though...  (*groan*) More and more lately, I've been finding myself torn between reading a great book or bingeing Netflix.  With very little free time, it definitely feels like an either/or.  I just binged Making a Murderer, Season 2 and completely forgot that I have a life to live and I should probably feed my kids.  I'm noticing that my ...

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Falling into Autumn Fun at Tuckerton Seaport

***Thank you to Tuckerton Seaport for sponsoring this post so I could fill you in on all the autumn fun at Tuckerton.*** Happy almost-fall, friends! I know, part of you is still yearning for the sweetness of summer. The rest of you? Beyond gleeful that the kids are hopping on that school bus and taking […]

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