Cutting Teeth Book Club Discussion

Ah, friends, I'm sorry to have missed our meeting last month. I'm going to blame it on all things summer. As we've said many times here, summer mom-ing is not for the faint of heart! But kids are now back in school, and it's time for back to YOU, moms! For Carrie and me, that means lots and lots of reading, and we're here to check in with you with our first book club of the fall--welcome to our Cutting Teeth book club!Cutting Teeth Book Club DiscussionFirst things first, let me say this was perhaps the most challenging book I've ...

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What to Do After a Dog Bite

You know how much I LOVE DOGS, but I often get asked what should be done after a dog bite. Most people who own dogs will, at some point, be bitten by a dog. Most of the time, these bites aren’t serious, but playful – in many cases, the skin won’t even be broken. That being said, there’s no denying that some dog bites can be very serious. You could be bitten by your own dog if they get a fright, or you may be out walking and be attacked by someone else’s dog. Either way, you need to know ...

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Love, Theoretically Book Club Discussion

Thanks to Carrie for bringing this month's Love, Theoretically book club discussion! I love doing this virtual book club with her, and after reading her review, I am completely convinced this needs to be made into a movie ASAP!Ali Hazelwood has truly become THE romance queen of the last few years! Starting with her first book, The Love Hypothesis, she has entranced the world with her main characters, all of whom are women in STEM. I am, for sure, at a point where I pre-order all of Hazelwood’s books! I even enjoyed her novellas, Under One Roof, Stuck with You, and Below Zero. Her new ...

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Get the Kids Outside With These Fun Outdoor Activity Ideas

Are you tired of your children being locked up inside all day?You've come to the right place if you're seeking new activity ideas to get children outside! We understand how difficult it is to motivate children in this digital age. That's why we've rounded up some fun outdoor activities that can bring joy and laughter – plus, everyone could use a little sunshine in their lives.From setting up a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood to creating an obstacle course in your backyard, these exciting activities will keep the kids entertained and active during those long summer days (or anytime!). So ...

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6 Things You Need to Do Before Relocating to A Schengen Country

Ever thought of relocating to a Schengen country in Europe? It could be is one of the best decisions you will ever make! Europe is rich in history, culture, and opportunities, making it a fantastic place to start a new chapter of your life.Before you make your big move, there are several aspects that you need to research and consider. As with most things, the better prepared you are, the better the outcome will be.Below are six things you must do before you relocate to your chosen new Schengen country to make the move less stressful and more enjoyable:Work EligibilityMost ...

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Caring for a Leopard Gecko – All you Need to Know!

The time has come, friends.  My 9-year-old is asking for a pet that can be his and his alone.  Not just any pet though, a gecko.  I should have seen this coming as he has been so responsible with his beta fish, feeds and cleans up after the dogs, and always does his chores.  My […]

The Back to School Prayer

I’ve done it all, friends. I have fretted, I have fussed, I have planned, replanned, regrouped, panicked, doubly panicked, taken lessons in zen-ing it out and even considered a vigorously punishing juice diet to set myself straight…but here I am. On the eve of back to school sans a clue to the veritable best course of […]