Snag Cash for Christmas HERE!

It's time for a Christmas giveaway! Are you getting geared up for the season of shopping and fab matching family Christmas pajamas? Do you need extra cash for Christmas?? Don't we all! The Cash for Christmas giveawayWe are so excited to be giving away $430 in cash prizes for you to use starting this Thanksgiving weekend.Here are the prizes:1 - $150 Amazon Gift Card1 - $100 Target Gift Card2 - $50 Walmart Gift Card1 - $50 Kohls Gift Card2 - $15 Starbucks Gift CardsThere will be 7 winners in this giveaway. Each winner will receive a gift card code ...

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Homemade Immunity Syrup

The season has come, friends! It is finally the occasion for family, friends, delicious food, cheer…and germs.  That’s right folks, it’s only November and yet two major illnesses have already hit my house.  Yuck.  Since I have long given up on avoiding germs, my focus this year has been to instead strengthen our immune systems.  As a lover of holistic living, I created an all-natural, homemade immunity syrup my entire family can take to combat those germs and keep us healthy for the holidays.  Since I want you all to stay well this season, I am going to share this ...

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The Whisper Man Book Club Discussion

When Carrie first suggested we read a thriller for the month of October, I was a teensy bit wary. Not that horror movies and books terrify me or anything, version of a spooky story is It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown ;). That said, when Carrie has an idea for a book, it's always a win, so it was time to give The Whisper Man a go. And it turns out? It was the perfect crime drama/psychological thriller for the Halloween season. Read on for the scoop, and thanks for joining us here for The Whisper Man book club ...

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Book or Treat with your Little Free Library

Thank you to Wayfair for sponsoring this post so I could share this cool Book or Treat idea with you!We have recently fallen head over heels for our Little Free Library and are so enjoying finding ways to keep it updated and part of our community! When my daughter was inspired to include our library in Halloween celebrations, we added a treat cup to the library, and then, with the help of Wayfair's spooky season decor, the idea of Book or Treat quickly took shape!Book or Treat with your Little Free LibraryBook or Treat is such a neat idea for ...

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5 Reasons You'll Love Yumble Kids Meal Delivery Service

Thank you to Yumble for sponsoring this post so I can tell you about their genius kids' meal delivery service! My family is genuinely, truly taken with it, and all glowing opinions are 100% ours!Any parents out there struggle with mealtime smooth-sailing with their kiddos? Ooh me! I will be the first to raise my hand. And take your pick of reasons why it's such a battle: time crunch, kids don't like what's being served, not enough energy to whip up kid-friendly dishes, etc.--it's all a struggle in these parts. So when Yumble rolled in with their promise of a ...

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