Lies and Weddings Book Club Discussion

Kevin Kwan! One of my favorite authors has done it again. In trying to explain his writing to a friend, I found myself zeroing in on how SMART his work is. Hysterical, absolutely. A sweet dose of heart? For sure. Sparkly lavish settings, a window into a world so unlike my own and well-developed characters? Check, check, and check. But I think what gets me every book is his supreme wit (those footnotes!!) and the incredible detail he lends to every scene. While Kwan may have a natural genius for knowing the history and current offerings of every luxury ...

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How to Choose the Perfect Florals for Your Wedding

You want to make your wedding day as perfect as possible! It’s a magical day that you willremember for the rest of your life. Part of your wedding preparation includes choosing your floral arrangements. They are a key aspect of your wedding venue’s aesthetics and will stand out in your wedding photos and videos, too.The right flowers can make your special day even more special. Your floral arrangements will reflectyour personality and provide a splash of color and character to your chosen wedding venue.Below, we have covered some important factors to consider when choosing your wedding courses toensure you find ...

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5 Ways to Add This Healthy Kids' Protein Shake to Their Diets

Thank you to Naked Nutrition for sponsoring this post so I could share this healthy kids' protein shake with you. All opinions are 100% my own.Anyone else's kids sold out on the smoothie and shake craze? From stocking our fridge, freezer, and pantry with ingredients to hunting down take-away places for a special treat when we're out and about, blended beverages have taken a front-and-center spot in our day-to-day. As a mom, I love that my kids are enjoying something healthier than ice cream or other sweets, but have learned making sure these drinks are actually healthy often requires some ...

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3 Must-Dos to Take Care Of Your Braces

Braces are important for straightening teeth and improving dental health. Although we always think of wearing braces as a teen, they can be worn at any point in your life. No matter what age you choose to wear braces, you have to make sure to take care of them.If you don't take care of them properly, you could end up with tooth decay, gum disease, and damaged braces, which could make your treatment longer and more uncomfortable. On the other hand, good care of your braces helps your treatment go well, keeps your teeth clean, and might even reduce the ...

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The Husbands Book Club Discussion

Thank you Carrie for bringing this month's The Husbands book club discussion!Well hello, fellow book nerds!! Does everyone have their summer reading list ready to go? So many fun books are coming out this summer. We’d love to hear which ones you’re most excited about!This month’s book club pick (and a Read with Jenna pick) is the fun and quirky The Husbands by Holly Gramazio. I happened to have a chance to read this one at the beach!! The husband and I had a little vacation to celebrate our anniversary and this was my read … lucky for me! There ...

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The time has come, friends.  My 9-year-old is asking for a pet that can be his and his alone.  Not just any pet though, a gecko.  I should have seen this coming as he has been so responsible with his beta fish, feeds and cleans up after the dogs, and always does his chores.  My […]

Fluent in Blonde Speaks My Language!

I’m excited to introduce a new friend to you today, readers. You may have noticed Fluent in Blonde bringing a dash of beauty to my sidebar recently. Ashton is the blogger behind the Blonde, and it’s been too fun getting to know her and her new blog.  The thing about Ashton is that she is as witty as […]