New Year’s Eve Hats to Make with the Kids

Looking for an easy, fun New Year’s Eve craft to do with the kids this year? Look no further! Kids of all ages will have fun putting together their very own New Year’s Eve hats to wear as they ring in the new year! There are so many things to love about this craft. I love that it doubles as a craft and a party accessory. I also love this craft because it works for kids of all ages. Little kids can color their hats and use a glue stick to attach decorations. Older kids can trace and cut out the template, get a little more ...

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How to Get Your Husband to Wear Matching Family Christmas Jammies in 10 Easy Steps

My husband has this silly schtick of being a voice of reason about...everything. Normally, I try not to fault him for this too much. It can be fantastic in matters of budgeting or packing the car for family vacation, and we all have our fallacies. Yet this rationality does become inconvenient when important things need to be repotting a ginormous 20-year-old plant for the 16,000th time. Or when it's time to whip out the matching family Christmas jammies. I don't want to say that it's right or wrong to aspire to the idyllic matching family Christmas jammies photo that EVERYONE ...

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10 Need-to-Ask Nine Perfect Strangers Discussion Questions

***Thank you to Flatiron Books for providing us with book copies for review and giveaway so we could share our 10 Need-to-Ask Nine Perfect Strangers Discussion Questions with you!*** Happy December, fellow parenting warriors! Let's take a minute to cheer you on, to say "You've got this!"--because you do, I promise. Listen, I get it. This holiday business can be a tricky beast as parents. There is the whole messy business of the Christmas tree and keeping it upright, presents, and the five million class holiday parties, not to mention the silly everyday business of lunchbox packing, showering and trying to keep your ...

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12 Genius Christmas Gifts for the Overwhelmed Mom

***Thank you to all the participating brands for providing product and services for review purposes so I can share this list of genius gifts for the overwhelmed mom with you! All opinions are 100% my own.*** Here at The Mom of the Year, our specialty has always been (and will always be--no chance of us becoming those terrifying have-it-all together gals, we promise!) raising the roof for our fellow in-the-trenches, real mamas. So this year we decided to give these warrior moms a special shout-out by dedicating our annual gift guide solely to these ladies. Each item here has been personally ...

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Natural DIY Bath Bombs

Lately, my son has decided that bath time is no longer acceptable.  At the simple mention of bath, he suddenly hides and begins a dramatic agony that only Broadway can recreate.  Well, this mama had enough and decided that if coaxing wasn’t working, making it fun will!  It’s no secret that millions of children and adults alike love bath bombs, but at over $6 each for natural brands, my budget balks.  I decided to try my hand at DIY bath bombs to see if they would help our bath time dilemma and sure enough, my son loved them!  Instead of ...

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Grab a Spot!

I have long wondered about doing more formal advertising here at The Mom of the Year.  Would it work?  Was it really my kind of thing? Would anyone think it was worth it to stick their name on my blog to get some lovin’? Was I insane? I’m still not totally sure.  But friends, it’s […]

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