Forget the Ugly Sweaters: The Christmas Party Outfit that Will Truly Win!

Thank you to Shinesty for sponsoring this post so I could fill you in on their cool ideas for a Christmas party outfit that make such a huge splash!Christmas Party season is here! We ourselves throw a rather huge one (darn my extroverted husband!) and spend an inordinate amount of time plotting and planning our silly gear for the event. After checking out Shinesty's line of fabulous Christmas Party outfits, I was completely sold!Have a Christmas or holiday party of your own on the books this season, friends? Look no further! Snag the PERFECT duds from Shinesty and get ready ...

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The Starless Sea Book Club Discussion

Thanks to Carrie of Normal Level of Crazy for bringing this The Starless Sea Book Club discussion! We love sharing our online book club with you!Let me start off by saying that I don't read fantasy. I don't purposely avoid it, I just tend to look at other genres. That being said, I've (obviously) read the entire Harry Potter series. I'm not a monster.So when starting The Starless Sea, I didn't have a lot to compare it to. I've noticed in a lot of reviews of the book, fantasy lovers have adored this book. Raved about it is more accurate. So ...

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5 Smart Tips to Visit the Hershey Story

Thank you to Hershey, PA for welcoming my family to visit The Hershey Story and sponsoring this post so I could fill you in on these smart tips for visiting!I've shared before how much Hershey, PA has been part of my childhood, early adulthood and family life. I can still remember my grandparents telling me stories of their friends working in the factory, I grew up on a steady diet of Hersheypark, had my first jobs with Hershey, then lived there in the starting years of our marriage. My family still lives right beside Hershey!Hershey, PA feels a huge part ...

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LetsGet Checked: At-Home Health Testing

Thank you to Let'sGetChecked for sponsoring this post so I can share their too-convenient at-home health testing kits with you--we are genuinely taken with this cool way to take charge of your own health!It happened, friends. I crossed over; I hit 40. Ackk!!! As I work on scheduling all the fun appointments that go with this new sage age (first mammogram for the win!), I heard about LetsGetChecked, at-home health testing for so many of the concerns we adults grapple with--from liver tests to cortisol to cholesterol and more. And with no need to leave my house to take any ...

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Handmade Goods you Need to Shop for on Small Business Saturday!

Small Business Saturday is here!  For me, the month of November is all about thankfulness and appreciation.  Following this trend, the Saturday after Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days to shop because it focuses all on small businesses that rely on even the simplest purchase to keep them going.  There are so many small businesses that I know and love but today I am featuring 4 of my favorite handmade goods you need to shop for on Small Business Saturday!  I am consistently wowed by talented people, and these 4 businesses are not only parents (which we all know ...

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