Paleo Crock Pot Chicken Cacciatore: a Low-Carb Meal!

When many people think cacciatore, they think of a dutch oven or chicken simmering on the stove. A true chicken cacciatore recipe requires hours and multiple pots but let’s be realistic--I've yet to meet a mom who has time for that!Italian runs through my blood and with that comes a passion for Italian food. Unfortunately, many of my family recipes are laden in carbs and don’t usually fit into my daily diet. I have been slowly converting some recipes that I've always known and loved into lower-carb, paleo versions and I'll tell you, crock pot chicken cacciatore has been my ...

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Kid Birthday Gifts for Every Age that Win!

My kids love being invited to birthday parties, but as a mom, I feel the stress of trying to find the perfect gift. When we go to a close friend or family member's birthday party, we usually know the child well enough to pick out something they will really like. But with school friends, we often don’t know the kid well enough to pick out something tailored to their likes.And with four kids, we get invited to lots of parties! So, in order not to go broke buying gifts, I’m always on the lookout for a great gift that’s also ...

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When Grief Rages

Every year around this time, I share what's most on my mind about my mom. While I'd always love to think my experience might grasp someone else hurting, the therapeutic catharsis has been a gift to myself. It's been seven years since she died, and it still wows me how grief continues to reveal itself, its truths. Pausing to recognize it and take stock has a very real healing power. So to this end, let me tell you the story of last week, when my quiet grief became something else altogether...a time, a moment, a day when grief rages.When Grief ...

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99 Percent Mine Book Club Discussion

Thank you to Carrie of Normal Level of Crazy for bringing this month's 99 Percent Mine book club discussion! I always love hearing her smart take on books, and make sure to follow along with her new bookstagram, @carriedawayreading on Instagram!Well, I couldn't be happier that February is behind us! That being said, reading a fun rom com last month did help save it! I've been really trying to alternate my mystery/thrillers and my lighter, fun reads, but DARN those mysteries have been good lately! Have you read any good ones?? (DO NOT feed into my addiction!) So I'm curious ...

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ZooAmerica Family-Friendly Events

Thank you to ZooAmerica for sponsoring this post so I can fill you in on upcoming ZooAmerica family-friendly events All opinions are 100% my own. I have shared before about what a neat place ZooAmerica in Hershey, PA is, and what special memories it holds for my family. It's such a great place to visit with kids! For the month of March, the zoo is amping up the fun for families with a whole bunch of cool ZooAmerica family-friendly events. Read on to check them out and learn how you can get in on the fun yourself!ZooAmerica Family-Friendly EventsMommy & ...

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One Day In December Book Club Discussion Questions

Thank you, Carrie of Normal Level of Crazy for bringing this month’s One Day in December Book Club discussion! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! We made it! … looks like we maaaade iiiiiiit …! (Barry Manilow is an American treasure and not recognized enough for his gifts to humanity. Prove me wrong.) Yes, that is 100% how I’m starting […]

4 Genius Tips to Becoming a Batch Cooking Pro!

The weeks I meal plan, I feel on top of the world. When I batch cook, that feeling is multiplied a thousand times. It feels like nothing can touch my domestic prowess, and I might even brag a little! Knowing that I can pull a quick and healthy meal together in no time because I have batches […]

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