Kid-friendly St. Patrick's Day Charcuterie Board

This year is booking along, friends and St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner. We have shared some fun St. Patrick's Day ideas to do with the kids in other years--try making End of the Rainbow St. Patrick's Day pancakes or crafting a DIY leprechaun trap for some lucky magic! This year, after our kid-friendly Valentine's Day charcuterie board was such a hit, we decided to try our hand at another holiday-themed board--welcome the St. Patrick's Day charcuterie board. Making a Kid-Friendly St. Patrick's Day Charcuterie BoardJust as with our Valentine's Day board, I had goals in mind for ...

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4 Things to Look for in a Family Home

Buying a home is never easy. However, it’s even harder once you have a family’s needs to consider, instead of just your own. For example, there may be many great homes for sale in Arizona, but they may not all meet your requirements or make an ideal home to raise a family. As you know, everyperson and family is different, so what they look for may differ from family to family, but there are a few key elements that will tell you whether a home is family-friendly or not. We’re here to guide you on some of those important factors.SafetyOf ...

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The Twelve Dates of Christmas Book Club Discussion

Thank you to Carrie for bringing this month's The Twelve Dates of Christmas book club discussion!Yes, yes, I know it's February! And, yes, this book technically has the word "Christmas" in the title. But this year has already been crazy (all 35 days of it), so what's one more crazy? And, anyway, this is the good kind of crazy! Plus, Valentine's Day! Who doesn't want a sweet romance set in an adorable town to get you in the spirit (since you've been stuck inside forever and are ready to lose it on your family)? And if you live anywhere that got snow ...

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Girl Scout Cookie Hot Chocolate Bombs

You may have heard how tricky finding Girl Scout cookies is this year--there are no booths! But no worries, you can grab from a local Girl Scout or place your order online. If you're at loose ends for a Girl Scout to order from, my little gal would be thrilled to help you out--order HERE :) Then go enjoy some yummy cookies and try your hand at these Girl Scout cookie hot chocolate bombs!Girl Scout cookie season has come! If you are sweet-obsessed like me, you have already been ordering these delectable cookies... in bulk. Quarantine has brought me ...

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Growing With Love: Helpful Tips To Raise Young Ones With Special Needs

If you have recently learned that your child has developmental delays or a disability, it is important to assure yourself that you are not alone, says author Patricia McGill Smith. The journey to raise a child with special needs can be tough, but with the right knowledge, it can be done. So what sort of helpful tips can help you raise young ones with special needs?Helpful Tips To Raise Young Ones With Special NeedsLearn Their Condition FullyFirst and foremost, it’s crucial to fully learn your child’s condition — if there really is a condition to begin with. There are signs and symptoms of developmental ...

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