A front porch refresh doesn't have to be complicated or expensive--check out the few simple switches we made!

Front Porch Refresh: Summer 2021 Style

Thank you to Wayfair for sponsoring this post so I can share our summer Front Porch Refresh. All opinions are 100% our own.Anyone else feel like this summer is a bit of a gift? Nothing like a year of shutting down life to boost appreciation for the chance to celebrate the outdoors, family, friends and playtime. Such a sweet, precious thing! Like so many, my husband and I have been taking hard stock of our hearth and home to check what changes and adds we can make to our homefront to create a more welcoming and inviting atmosphere. If there ...

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Hour of the Witch Book Club Discussion

Thank you to Carrie for bringing this month's Hour of the Witch Book Club discussion! She has an awesome #bibliophile Instragram account, by the way--definitely check it out and follow along with her reads!Chris Bohjalian has received a lot of press this year with his novel The Flight Attendant becoming a hit HBO Max series. I had not read that particular book, but can attest that the series was fantastic! My first Chris Bohjalian book was The Double Bind, a book I still think about today. Most of you probably started off with Bohjalian's book Midwives, an Oprah Book Club ...

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A Guide to Dealing with Your Emotions when Your Child is Starting Daycare

We often think that our children starting daycare is a big emotional event for them. While this can be true, most children adjust to their new routine and environment quite quickly. In fact, a child starting daycare may have a more severe impact on their parents’ emotional health than on them. You may feel a lot of emotions when your child starts daycare – fear, anxiety, sadness . . . and it’s important to deal with them so that you can move forward. We’ll be guiding you through how you can do this.Dealing with Your Emotions when Your Child is ...

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9 Reasons You'll Love Country Spirit USA 2021

Thank you to Country Spirit USA for sponsoring this post so I can fill you on the nine reasons you'll love Country Spirit USA 2021. All opinions remain 100% my own.It is ON, friends!! Country Spirit USA is again touching down in our neck of the woods this summer. After a year off with this nasty COVID business, we are now back on track to enjoy another fantastic weekend celebrating and kicking it out to country music...wa-hoo!!I have shared before how much we love this country music festival--truly an annual highlight, but let me break down the top reasons why ...

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Hersheypark Trivia 2021 FTW!

Thank you to Hersheypark for sponsoring this post so I can share this fun Hersheypark trivia quiz as we kick off the Summer 2021 season! All opinions are 100% my own.Friends! We now have a slice of returning to "normal life" and there's no more fitting place to do it than Hersheypark. I have shared my love of all things Hershey many times before, and I am so thrilled to see summer enjoyed at The Sweetest Place on Earth. Hop in here for some fab Hersheypark trivia to whet your Hersheypark-tastic whistle to kick off the Summer 2021 season!Hersheypark Trivia ...

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Snag Extra Cash for Christmas Shopping!

Gah! Friends, the holiday season is officially upon us! I LOVE Christmas, but its definitely the time of year my budget takes a hit while tackling all the Christmas shopping. Can anyone else relate?? You know that here at Mom of the Year, I’m a HUGE fan of scooping up the savings! My online bargain-shopping […]