Bright Young Women Book Club Discussion

Holy cow, friends, holy cow! Listen, when Carrie suggested we read a Ted Bundy-inspired story surrounding the real-life murders at Florida State University, I did that side head-tipping action, like "Whaat? Are you sure about this?". But as always, Carrie with her impeccable finger on the pulse of what great reads are truly on the scene, hit the nail on the head. I learned so much, pondered so much, and spent much time scooping my husband on the story as it unraveled--all signs of a great read to me. So read on for the scoop as we chat it out ...

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6 Exciting Outdoor Activities for Kids

As technology advances, children become more separated from nature. Kids need to leave their comfort zones and explore the outdoors. Read on for some are some fun starter outdoor activities for kids!1. Obstacle CourseBuilding a backyard obstacle course is a fascinating and hard outdoor activity for youngsters. This activity is great since you can adjust it to your kids' ages and abilities.  For instance, you can create a fun and safe jungle adventure with a Vuly jungle gym. This sturdy, high-quality play equipment simulates jungle exploration, combining physical exertion and imaginative play. Swinging, climbing, and sliding improve agility, strength, and coordination ...

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The Importance of Self-Care During Pregnancy

As an expecting mother, you are probably aware that pregnancy can be both beautiful and tiring. Yes, you may be excited to welcome your new addition to the family, but the mental and physical changes your body goes through can be overwhelming.While you may be focused on your baby, it’s crucial that you don’t neglect your own health. The more you take care of yourself, the happier your little one will be. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of self-care so that your journey is easier and more enjoyable.Sound interesting? Then let’s get started.Why Self-Care During ...

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Night Will Find You Book Club Discussion

Thank you, Carrie, for bringing our virtual book club's Night Will Find You book club discussion! I love that this book was such a hit, and a thriller is a perfect read for this time of year. Let's dive in...It’s OCTOBER!! I think if I had to pick this would be my favorite month of the year. Cooler weather, sweaters and jeans, Halloween, and pumpkin spice everything! (although, have we officially gone over the edge with pumpkin spice stuff? Do I need pumpkin spice oil for my car??)I’m going to be honest, it’s been a while since I’ve read a ...

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What To Do When Your Child Gets Hurt at a Friend’s Place

We never think anything will go wrong when we send our children to play at a friend’s house. However,accidents can happen. They could slip while playing in the yard, get bit by a dog, or suffer any number ofaccidents. It is also common for some kids to engage in dangerous behaviors when adults are notaround.Whatever the cause, you want to know how to respond when your child has an injury at a friend’shouse. Unfortunately, it isn’t always a simple matter. Beyond the complexities of dealing with theimmediate situation, there could be legal issues.This post will cover some of what parents ...

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Caring for a Leopard Gecko – All you Need to Know!

The time has come, friends.  My 9-year-old is asking for a pet that can be his and his alone.  Not just any pet though, a gecko.  I should have seen this coming as he has been so responsible with his beta fish, feeds and cleans up after the dogs, and always does his chores.  My […]

A REAL Mom’s Coronavirus Survival Guide

Friends! The unthinkable has happened, and we’ve all found ourselves with upturned worlds. These days are dicey, and they are hard–in more than one way. So many of us are now crash-coursing into homeschooling kids while still managing our jobs and other daily tasks. Toss in a hefty dose of uncertainty and fear factor on […]