5 Easy Family Health Hacks You Can Do TODAY

Thank you to Nakturnal for sponsoring this post so I can share these smart and easy family health hacks with you!Battling through this winter season of sickness is not for the faint of heart! This year seems to be especially bad in my neck of the woods as the temperature has been so wildly fluctuating. So many have been down and out with some lingering nasty bugs, and I know more than one mama ready to pull her hair out with trying to keep her family functioning! That's why I've come up with this list of EASY family healthy hacks ...

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Dear Edward Book Club Discussion

Thanks to Carrie for bringing our Dear Edward book club discussion this month. This book was such a great choice!There's nothing more fun for me than picking out what our book will be for the month. I end up putting about five books a month on hold at the library because of all the research I do to help find the book that we think you guys will love. There are SO many good books out there!I was hesitant this time, though. I tend to shy away from books with too much hype. I like exploring new authors who maybe ...

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January Weekend Fun at ZooAmerica

Thank you to Hershey, PA for sponsoring this post so I can give you the scoop on weekend fun at ZooAmerica!Looking for something to do these January weekends? Grab the kids and head out to ZooAmerica at Hersheypark. During the next two weekends, kids ages 8 and under get FREE on Saturdays and Sundays as part of Discovery Weekends! Read on for the scoop about these special weekends and the activities planned.January Weekend Fun at ZooAmericaI've shared before how much we enjoy visiting ZooAmerica, and while I do love cozying in during this chilly weather, it does wonders for the ...

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Solve Modern-Day Child Safety Issues with this App

Smartphones and the internet now dominate our daily lives. We use different kinds of internet-enabled electronics every day who have become our main source of learning, entertainment, and interaction with others.With all these digital devices, we can reach out to our loved ones very quickly, regardless of distance. The advantages of internet access for children are also immense. They use the internet to seek answers to questions, explore the world, gain general knowledge, seek entertainment, and improve their education. However, smartphones and social media, collect a vast array of personal information such as identity, location, life history, and financial ...

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We Met in December Book Club Discussion

Oof! Raise your hand if you are feeling super-pumped and well-rested after the frenzy of the holiday season. What's that? No one? I'm so with you. With the lateness of Thanksgiving, packing everything into the shortened season just about did me in. But Carrie and I still here and still kicking...sort of. One of my favorite bits of the hectic season was cozying in with our December book. It was such a delicious find! Read on for the whole scoop in our We Met in December book club discussion, and make sure to leave a comment below for a chance ...

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For the Love of Drive-Throughs

I love drive-throughs. Source: Microsoft Office ClipArtAll from the safety of my driver’s seat?  Let me fall in love… They make me feel phenomenal, because they allow me to ace out errands without getting out of the van.  I’m sure this might make me sound like the laziest woman ever, and this may be true. […]

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