Easy Homemade Soft Pretzels

How is everyone holding up these days?  Currently, with most of us on lockdown, we are all trying to find creative ways to pass the days.  With being home so often now, my kids and I have been taking to baking something new every other day.  We’ve made our way through cookies, pies, and delicious bread, but when my son asked if we could make soft pretzels, I was excited to put together a super easy homemade soft pretzels recipe.  There is no need to wait for the dough to rise which makes it a perfect baking activity for young ...

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The Glass Hotel Book Club Discussion

Thanks to Carrie of Normal Level of Crazy for being a rockstar and bringing us this The Glass Hotel book club discussion in the midst of all this COVID-19 mess!I figured I'd start this review by covering a few current events so that we can get the elephant out of the room.There's no toilet paperNetflix's the Tiger King is a phenomenonHomeschooling is hellNo more jeans!Everything is canceled. Introverts rejoice!You can't sneeze or cough in public anymore.Also, there's also a global pandemic. No biggie.But seriously, I hope all of you are home, safe and healthy. The is a crazy time and ...

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Which Fireplace Doors Are Best for Gas Logs?

Gas fireplace logs are intended to offer you an added ambience to your wood-burning hearth. They are made in a wide range of styles to imitate real planks of timber from the forest. In each of these fireplace elements, contemporary art and exquisite details can be admired as they significantly boost your fireside experiences. However, are they suitable for your fireplace and doors, though? Let's find it out.Types of Gas Logs There are primarily two types of gas logs used widely. Vented gas logsVent less gas logsVented gas logs Vented gas logs are originally constructed to be used in a hearth that can burn wood and ...

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11 Elementary E-Learning Tips for Parents New to the Game

Hey, hey, parents! How's it going? Anyone ready to lose their mind yet? Oof. I know. To add to the fun mix of coronavirus survival, many of us have been or will be starting e-learning with our children. Our district in Pennsylvania is a bit unique in that we started e-learning immediately upon school closing. So, while I am definitely not a teacher and entirely new to online learning, I have now dipped my toe in the elementary e-learning pool for two weeks, and have a few tips to pass on in hopes they make your journey on this scene ...

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7 Reasons to Play It Safe with At-Home Medical Care

Thank you to Vitable for sponsoring this post so I can fill you in on their smart at-home medical care services, a very smart measure we can take to help protect our health in these tricky times.This is such a dicey, concerning time in our world right now, friends! I know we are all going above and beyond to protect our family's health and minimize our exposure to COVID-19. While you are busy managing all of the e-learning assignments and trying to keep you and your family's sanity afloat, I'm dropping in to tell you about one very smart move ...

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Mystery Odor

Please tell me I’m not the only one who plagued by mysterious rank odors permeating their house.  Sure, when you’re pregnant, your sense of smell is supposed to heightened.  Somehow, my keen nose never waned post-birth and in fact, seems to be getting stronger all the time (perhaps evolutionary adaption of modern-day suburban moms to […]

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