Feb 232014
Source Yes! I can hear you!
Yes! I can hear you!

Not hearing well is hard.  As an adult, I can mostly work around it; I fantasize about a groovy new set of hearing aids I hope to someday claim and annoy my husband by endlessly asking him to repeat himself in the meantime.  But as a kid?  It just plain stinks.  Aside from all the many social and physical challenges hearing loss presents for children, the educational hurdles they face can be very developmentally serious.

We all know how quickly our young ones soak up knowledge, but real and meaningful learning happens when kids are truly engaged.  If they can’t hear and understand their teacher, achieving this engagement is tough.  Educational deficits incurred now will have lasting impact for these children, and if there’s anything we can do to improve this situation, it must be done.

I have teamed up with Hear the World and The Motherhood to explore pediatric hearing loss before, and I’m honored they asked me to help out again.  Together, we’re hosting a Twitter party on Wednesday, February 26 at noon ET, and we would love for you to be involved.

Why does this matter? Information is power.  The Motherhood will be sharing insights about the potential impact of hearing loss on children’s education during the Twitter party with the Hear the World Foundation.  We’ll be joined by an expert on the topic of hearing loss and education: Christine Jones, Au.D., CCC-A, Director of Pediatric Clinical Research at Phonak.  The more we know about how to help these kids engage at school, the better we can work to make a difference.

I know our schedules are all so full, but if you’ve got a lunch hour, or simply can’t stand to argue with your toddler once more time about why she must eat four more bites of her grilled cheese sandwich and you NEED A BREAK, consider taking a minute to tune into the Twitter party.

And bonus? As a thank you for your participation, The Motherhood is giving away five $25 Amazon gift cards during the party as prizes from eligible correct response to trivia questions. (No purchase necessary. Entrants must be legal residents of the 50 United States + D.C. 18 years of age or older. Void where prohibited.)

Ready to hop in? Follow the #HearTheWorld hashtag to track the conversation. You can see more details and RSVP using the Twtvite: http://twtvite.com/heartheworld3

Thanks for your support, friends, and hoping to see you at the Twitter party!

Thanks for working so hard at this, Hear the World.

Thanks for working so hard at this, Hear the World.

Hosts: @theMotherhood, @theMotherhood25, @CooperMunroe, @EmilyMcKhann, @hear_the_world (handle tweeted by Christine Jones, Au.D., CCC-A, Director of Pediatric Clinical Research at Phonak), and blogger co-hosts (Annie, Mama Dweeb – @MamaDweeb, Ashley, Crunchy Frugalista – @crunchy_f, Jenna, MommyJenna – @MommyJenna,Jennifer, Mom Spotted – @MomSpotted, Linda, My 2 Crazy Curls – @4evamamii, Maureen, Wisconsin Mommy – @WisconsinMommy, Meredith, The Mom of the Year – @meredithspidel, Mimi, Woven by Words – @MimiBakerMN, Rachel, Yellow Tennessee – @YellowTennessee)

This is a post sponsored by Hear the World and The Motherhood, but all opinions are 100% my own.



Jan 292014
Source Hold onto that remote--there's a lot to be said for these commercials

Hold onto that remote–
there’s a lot to be said for these commercials

Who loves commercial breaks?  No one, unless you have to pee or they’re the fantastic ads aired during the Superbowl. But commericals are a bit of a sticky wicket because they are necessary.  If you want to see your nifty TV shows, you’ve gotta pay for them somehow (and unfortunately, the right arm you donated to Comcast last month somehow still doesn’t cover the bill?).  So we pony up, and suffer through yet another ex-Jenna Maroney Tropicana orange juice commercial because Revenge never gets old.

The thing is, this blogging world isn’t so different than TV. While we bloggers are always instantaneously full of effortless wit and deep life-changing insight, we are still human.  I know, I’ll let you take a minute to digest this mind-blowing (and perhaps totally sarcastic) revelation.  We still have families who house goldfish crackers in bulk, wrecked minivans to repair on a frighteningly regular bases, and there is, of course, the water bill for the showers we try to squeeze in at least every few days.

Also, we work incredibly hard at it.  Pouring your heart and soul out publicly a few times a week?  Not so easy.  Doing it with minimal spelling errors and a general respect for proper English language?  It can get tricky.  Throw in endless hours doing the necessary networking so you don’t get buried in the blogosphere and trying to beat the latest Facebook algorithims so you can get at least 10 eyes on your status updates, and well…it’s a lot.

Source Oh yeah, we're making bank around here

Oh yeah, we’re making bank around here

On Monday I already went on about why this gig is important to me. And it is, so, so important to me. Dr. J and I have prayed about it until God’s ears hurt, and the upshot: this is what we’re doing right now.  But it is hard, very hard, and getting compensated for the hard work would be swell.  Not so I can make a ton of money and be famous (show me a blogger who has done that and I’ll say, “Yeah, I know, The Bloggess is awesome”), but so this job could have the normal result of any other job: I get paid for it so I can help pay our bills.  Maybe even do something crazy like hire a sitter once in a while so my kids can get attention while I work?

So this brings us to the commercials–this is how bloggers get paid and they are going to happen.  How do the commercials look on a blog?

  • ad space in the sidebars (maybe banner ads on the top and bottom too).
  • Sponsored posts. This is when I dedicate an entire post telling you about a specific product or service. I can promise you this will always be something I genuinely think is cool and as a bonus, many of these will have neat giveaway for you, my readers, so it’s not a bad thing to tune into these posts.
  • Social media touts, or posts/pins/etc. put up on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google +.

What can you do?  Just like a real commercial, if they really irritate you or you have to quick change up a load of laundry, tune out.  It’s okay. I won’t know, and I understand.  I am so thankful to have readers who do this and don’t complain, tolerating the paid stuff because they know it needs to be done.

However, if you’ve got a spare second, like I said, tune in.  You might find some really cool stuff through these posts and winning something is always the best.  I remember the first time I scored a treat through a blog giveaway and burning my new lux candle was so sweet!  (Thanks, Caffienated Chronicles of a Super Mom!)

Also?  You could help me.  Any likes, comments, or shares dramatically helps me boost my reach, especially on Facebook.  YES, IT MAKES THAT MUCH OF DIFFERENCE IF YOU JUST CLICK “Like” ON ONE OF MY FACEBOOK STATUSES.  This is a good thing for me, because it helps increase my stats overall, which can in turn help me get better and more compensated opportunities for me (companies regularly check bloggers’ numbers).

And as I mentioned before, Facebook is really making it challenging by limiting who they show our posts to.  If you don’t already like Mom of the Year, or could ask some friends to follow me, this would truly mean the world.  It’s a small thing, but makes a big difference.  It is always super-helpful if you sign-up to subscribe by e-mail to get posts (upper right-hand corner on this blog).

In short, thanks for your patience.  And now back to your regularly-scheduled programming. xo, readers.

When More than Mommies nailed this explanation of compensated blogging.  You rock, ladies!

More than Mommies nailed this explanation of compensated blogging.
THANK YOU, ladies!

Jan 272014
Yes, my home office actually is this perfect.

Yes, my home office actually is this perfect.

Sometimes I get asked how I write.  (Not that often, really, because let’s be honest–who actually cares?). But wait–what?? What do you mean, “how do I write?” Like, there’s supposed to be a method?  Shoot, I knew I was getting this whole thing wrong…

Basically, when I realize I have a post or an assignment due, I maturely work to ignore it as long as possible.  And then when I can no longer ignore it, I panic. And then I check my online yardsaling account, praying that someone has bought something not only because I want the cash, but because it will give me an excuse to put off working for at least another 2 minutes.

Also surely, I need to check in on my e-mail at least 7 times quickly?

See, everything you’ve ever learned about procrastination?  I’ve got it in spades.  Spades.

But, a job is a job, and I declared myself a writer months ago, so I settle in, cozying up under my blanket and pretend I can’t hear my dog pawing at the door. I ignore my buzzing phone and try to channel in a focused attention. The result is UTTER SUCCESS.  Usually, I can get an entire sentence written before my son begs for juice.  And while I can tune out the many things, I can’t not hear my kids. And I don’t want to.  So the juice is procured, and then blanket cozying is restored…

But wait where was I?  I think was in the middle of messaging my friend, right? If it’s a good day, I may have even been being selfless enough to ask her about how she was doing, vs. just whining about the injustice of having to work.  I’m just super-magnanimous like that. I suck.

Back to working.

Mmmhhh….I heard a rumor Sephora was having a sale today. There is nothing so soothing to me as online trolling for bargain make-up, even though I don’t buy anything.  I wish I was joking. So does my husband.

I can’t believe I ever actually manage to hit “publish” with this refined method, yet miracles do happen. And yes, I do totally annoy myself.

To prolong the publishing process, I have this nifty policy of getting my husband to read every single post before it goes live. Every single one. Usually, this means I remember to ask him about 2 seconds before he drifts off at night and then beg him to give it a once over. He loves me, really.  I just don’t know why.

You see, friends, I wish I was organized.  And coordinated. And always had my crap together and pre-wrote all assignments weeks in advance.  I do not.  While we’re being real, I probably never will.  For some silly reason, I feel called to do what I’m doing, so I’m going to keep doing it.  I’m going to keep squeezing it in the corners, shopping for my Urban Decay products as futile distraction, and pleading with my husband to check my grammar.

It will likely never be pretty. It will always be a fight to get it done and make it the best that I can.

So “how do I write?” I write under the belief that I need to do what I’m doing and a very stubborn refusal to give up on myself–not just yet, anyway.  Maybe someday it will all make sense, but for today?  It’s sheer mess and that’s okay.

The how? Hope and dreams and chaos. The only formula that works, really.

Jan 012014

Happy 2014!  Wild night of partying last night left you slightly foggy?  No sweat.  Take a minute to hook up that coffee IV and throw your kids in front of an enthralling Doc McStuffins DVD.   Then get yourself plopped in front of the computer by 9am EST TODAY when tickets to the much anticipated Blog U Conference go on sale!  Spaces are limited, so hop on this one fast, ladies.

BlogU Get schooled @meredithspidel #GetSchooled @TheBlogU

In case you’ve somehow missed all the buzz and are wondering what the heck I’m talking about, here’s the skinny:

The amazing Stephanie Giese of Binkies and Briefcases had a vision and is so on-her-game that she followed through on it, and created this entire conference.

It’s going down June 6 -8, 2014 in Baltimore, MD.

BlogU is designed to be a small-ish type of conference, an intimate event where you will have loads of opportunity to socialize and connect with the very savvy faculty members.  We’re doing cool things like office hours, when you can one-on-one chat it up with some ladies who really know their stuff.

The conference is open to all women bloggers (humor, mom, DIY, lifestyle), authors, and social mediaists.  The goal is for you to learn things that will be genuinely helpful to growing your writing craft.  How-tos of earning money, building your reach, getting published, networking and more.

Your ticket price for a resident ticket INCLUDES all food, lodging at the University of Notre Dame of MD, and attendance at all conference events.  Commuter tickets are available too.

math BlogU Conference @meredithspidel #getschooled @theblogu


You can get all the info you need and register for tickets HERE.  

Check it out and get ready to get schooled!  Here’s to June, ladies!

BlogU Conference @meredithspidel @theblogu #getschooled

Oct 302013

Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Project @meredithspidelWhen my buddy Jill Smokler of Scary Mommy (I can call her that, right?  I mean, we did hang out over cheese and chocolate, so the basis of a lifelong friendship has clearly been laid…) filled me in on her Thanksgiving Project, I thought, “Dang. This lady is boss.”  Anyone who uses her fame to bless others is aces in my book.

You can go read all about the details of this project here, but in short, she is asking kids to collect money to help provide moms and their children with a nice Thanksgiving dinner.  Collections start NOW, with the idea that as your family is trick-or-treating, they can request some cash donations in addition to their sugar stashing.

So what can you do?

Give money online or print out the sign and send your kids off with it tomorrow night.  And if you are local, and see my own kiddos toddling toward you with their own little bucket, mumbling something about food and kids, just nod nicely and throw a couple dollars in.

Scary Mommy Nation Thanksgiving Project Halloween collection

You see, my daughter is only 2.  On a good day, her most extensive conversation centers around how she named yet another stuffed animal after our beloved Mother’s Helper (aka the love of her young life).  So I figured she was out on leading the collection efforts.

I then turned to my son, who is 4, and who has the sweetest, most gentle heart of any soul I know.  I started to explain what he was going to ask people to give money for, but I saw his face start to twist with sadness and confusion, “They don’t have enough to eat, Mommy?” Ouch.  I wanted him to “get it”, but I didn’t want to terrify him or break his little heart–the world will leave plenty of room for this later on in his life.  We talked more about how, no, some people don’t have enough food, but we were going to try to help them get it.

He then moved on to his playdough creations and fighting with his sister over who got to use the groovy ice cream cone maker, so I figured he wasn’t too traumatized by our chat.

But when his grandparents came over later, I nudged the bucket in his direction and reminded him to ask for a donation.  He went up to Grandma, held it out and said, “They don’t have food”.  No “please”, no “I am collecting money”…just “they don’t have food”.

And I guess really, this is the only explanation that’s really needed, huh?

On a side note, I am scaring myself a little with my crafting prowess in so adorably attaching the little sign to this pretty pink glitter bucket.  Be wowed.  And then throw in a dollar or two...

On a side note, I am scaring myself a little with my crafting prowess in so adorably attaching the little sign to this pretty pink glitter bucket. Be wowed. And then throw in a dollar or two…

Oct 212013
Source I have no idea where to go from here

Not sure where we’re going next around here

It’s not looking good around here.  Laundry is piled up beyond days, and I have a vague notion of a place called “the grocery store”, but I can’t quite remember what it is.  When I have called my husband at work, sobbing for the 2nd time in a week that “I just can’t keep up”, he gently suggests it may be time to “quit the blog”.

The thing is, he’s right.  I’m in no place in my life to take on an “added responsibility”, albeit one that is paid poorly to nill.  I am tired.  I run hard after my 2 and 4 yr. old all day, and generally count any day sans the smoke alarm going off 16 times as a definite victory.  I am one hot, freakin’ mess.

And it’s not just The Blog that causes stress (and my husband knows this)–it’s keeping up with two active kiddos, and their playdates, and the snacks needed for preschool, and the Bible Study homework, and remembering the dog’s vet appointment.  Everybody’s landscape of stress looks different, and some manage it so much better than others, but I think it’s a pretty rare thing to find a mama who doesn’t teeter in to stress-case territory once in a while.

As for this “added responsibility” that’s clouding up my own stress-scape?  (don’t so many of us have an “added responsibility” of some sort?) The darn thing is I feel firmly called to use this (very weird, for sure) voice I’ve been given.  I claim that it’s not about me, and while this isn’t 100% true, it is 95% not-a-lie and the thought of abandoning this unique platform that God has granted me makes me feel more than a little sick.  I have worked so hard to build this and when even one person says something like, “You make me laugh so much” or “Thanks for helping me feel normal”, my heart kind of swoons and it all feels…worth it??

And if I’m honest, it’s not the time writing that is the problem.  This part is healing, therapeutic, fun.  It’s touching base with a love for writing that I let lay dormant far to long.  The problem is the CONSTANT PUTTING MYSELF OUT THERE.

See, the thing is, every single post, be it blog, Facebook, or Twitter is a “laying on the line” of self.  This might work awesomely well, except I am a decided introvert.  I heal, repair, and restore through Alone Time. (as you might imagine, this aloneness isn’t readily forthcoming in the life of two young kids) Throwing myself out into the social media-sphere every few hours is not my comfort zone.  It will never be my comfort zone.

Yet I remain convicted that our time on this earth is not about us.  If this is something I am Supposed To Be Doing to encourage or give foot to faltering others…pass the laptop, this blog is on. Maybe I can just find a way to do it in a deep, social-less hole??

So where does this leave me?  In the deep depths of my stress-scape, loving and respecting my husband and our family, striving for balance.  Praying and working to minimalize all the non-necessary corners I can (no, my ceiling fans haven’t been dusted since we moved in, and yes, that’s really gross) and to prioritize the important stuff, like trips to the park with the kids and Duck Dynasty nights with my husband, and the rare moment I snag alone to rejuvenate myself.

But there is always pressure over how to manage it all, and there is always confusion over what the heck to do with the pressure…

What I do know?  I appreciate each and every single one of you who pop by and humor me with the posts I write, and who support me as I navigate this nasty beast of Facebook and social media.  I am learning, growing, and I know not where this venture will take me or where it is meant to go, but I so appreciate you being here with me.

And I’ll take ANY stress-scape management input you have…or just company as I hang out here, trying to figure it all out. xo.

Oct 162013

Wendy Nielsen - About Me @wendynielsen @meredithspidelEvery once in a while, you come across a blogger who absolutely rips your heart out with her own amazing heart.  Right now, I’m in awe of Wendy Nielsen.  This gal is The Whole Package.  See, Wendy survived breast cancer.  And then she decided not only to share her story with others, but to purposefully use her experience to inform and bless women.  Yeah, I know.  She’s amazing.

Check out her story on her blog page, “Cancer and Me“.  The title of this page is perfect  because so many of us have our own unique journey with this disease–it’s such an individualized thing–yet we are part of a common battle.  While my mom didn’t die of breast cancer (her own personal monster was liver cancer), she too was a victim of the horrid cancer beast.

For Breast Cancer Awareness month (October), Wendy is taking her mission to the next level by running a whole series in which women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer share their own stories.  I love the openness and hope that Wendy is imparting through this series.  I love that she cares enough to do this.  I love her.  Thanks, Wendy.

Below, she humored me by answering a few questions about what she’s doing this October, and please take the opportunity to check in and cheer her on with this effort.  Go Wendy!


1. Tell us a little bit about your series this month and what your goal is with sharing this.

As we all know, October is breast cancer awareness month. Personally, it’s a hard time of year for me because this October marks the fifth anniversary of my own breast cancer diagnosis. Instead of promoting awareness (because aren’t we pretty much aware that breast cancer exists at this point?) or re-telling what feels like my own sob story, I wanted to share someone else’s story. The angle though – which aligns with my blog’s theme – is how are these women writing their new stories. Yes, we’ve all be diagnosed with breast cancer (or some with just the breast cancer gene mutation, as you’ll read) but it is what we’re doing now with our lives to move forward and move beyond that unexpected chapter in our lives. The overall goal of the series is to show women who have been newly diagnosed that life gets better.

final-cancer-collage (1) @wendynielsen @meredithspidel2. I love how you are open with your experience with breast cancer, and think this transparency is such a huge blessing to your readers. What lead you to sharing your personal story?

Initially, the blog was a place for me to work through what I was feeling. I didn’t start writing about my experience until well after I was finished with treatment. I learned quickly that there was the community of women out there very much like myself, looking for others to connect with and in the end my goal is to simply broaden the conversation and talk about how we’ve been affected by breast cancer.

3. For people out there battling with breast cancer, what is the best thing we can do or say to help them? Dumb comments are the worst, so please save me from being That Person!

That’s really a hard question because there are never the “right” words. I think the very best thing to say is “I’m sorry” and leave it at that. No anecdotes, no Livestrong references, no stories about someone who died from breast cancer (that might be the absolute worst thing to share and it happens, a lot). Simply, “I am sorry” and “What can I do to help?”

4. What is something we can all do right now, today, in our own lives to help the fight against breast cancer?

A healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise and a good diet is important, obviously. I also think it’s imperative that even if women don’t have a history of breast cancer in their families, they need to educate themselves on knowing their risks for developing breast cancer. I don’t have a family history of the disease and knowing ones risks might help avoid being blindsided by a diagnosis. I wrote about risks here.

5. What else am I missing? I am so aware that cancer is such a individual journey for each person, and you have such unique platform with being a blogger–I want to make sure to give you space to share your story and what is important to you!

I’m certainly no expert. I just want to share my experience but beyond that I think it’s a fantastic opportunity to keep the conversation going. There are so many young women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and unfortunately not a lot of long term studies indicating cure rates or data telling us what we should do or what to expect. If sharing my experience leads me to meeting someone else with a similar experience, then the result is building a community of knowledge and hope and getting through it together.


Thank you so much for sharing, Wendy!  We love you!  Readers, please show your support of this sweet mama!

Aug 212013
Yes, I wore this same shirt in another pic I recently posted.  Thank you for noticing.

Yes, I wore this same shirt in another pic I recently posted.
Thank you for noticing.

What’s that?  You want to know all the crap that happens here behind the scenes at The Mom of the Year?  I could sum it up for you in one sentence: It involves a lot of self-induced stress and late-night begging my husband to edit my posts (yes, the dear man proofs every single one), but some have been asking about the nitty-gritty.  

Let me be clear: I think I know NOTHING, but I know it always helps me when I read about how other bloggers actually make this crazy gig work, so I’ve decided it’s time to give up my secrets–all of them.

What don’t you know about the way I blog but wish you did?  Hold onto those hip mobile devices, my friends, we’re getting down and we’re getting dirty.

1. I used to work during naptime.  Now my son doesn’t nap anymore.  This translates into a boatload ton of Curious George and juice box bribes.  Yes, I suck as a parent.  Please feel free to hop in and beat me up.  I already do it to myself everyday.  But the sticky-wicket about having a job but no childcare to go with it?  It sucks.

In a dream world, I would get up with my husband at 5am every day and work my tail off until the kids get up at 7 and then revisit during naptime, but…6am seems so much friendlier, and like I said, naptime is a nonentity nowadays.  So blogging gets squeezed in the corners.  One thing I’m hard and fast about?  I don’t blog at night except on rare occasions.  Not because I’m cool and have time management aced, but because I am lame and totally wiped after I get the kids in bed.

2.  Hold the phone–computer graphics?  Tech-support?  I was a social worker in my pre-kid life.  Enter the wonderful husband–again.  I know how to add pics and stuff.  And by “stuff” I mean nothing else.  He does it all for me.  There are loads of people out there who know what they’re doing, so if you’re not in-the-know yourself, a blogging career is not lost.  Find help (albeit possibly paid help)–and use it.  Also, if you didn’t pick up on this by now, I don’t do graphics, except for posts I get REALLY excited for, like yoga pants.  You can still make this thing work without being a computer genius.

3. A schedule? HaHA! Can you hear me laughing all the way to an overwhelmed panic of having no control over my life??  Listen, I used to write at least 2 weeks out.  It was awesome.  And then… it ended.  Now, it’s all hand-to-mouth around here.  Many nights I look at the laundry pile and then at the laptop and then back again–at least 7 times.  It becomes very unclear as to whether clean underwear or a blog post is more paramount.  If there is a definite scheduled date, like a guest post, that gets noted on the calendar–but not necessarily written until the last minute (caution: only ask me to guest post if you have nerves of steel. xo)

4. I hate social media.  Plain and simple.  I have learned it only because I need to know it.  Facebook algorithms for shares will always baffle me, but now, after about 1.5 years of engagement, I know enough to pimp myself out as a “social media manager”.  I can make enough of a go at Twitter, Pinterest, and G+.  But rest assured, to be abundantly clear, I hate all these platforms.  I am the wrong generation.  I’m of the crew that still uses the phone (gasp!) and who likes e-mail.  A lot, actually.  I know, I know…I’ll just go rock out with some M.C.Hammer and wear my side pony in a neon pink hair tie.

5. My #1 advice to any blogger: Know your priorities in life.  I do not. I try.  I try hard.  I look at my kids and know they will never again be this young.  And then I put up a post, have people tell me they love it and feel a deep stuffed-down love of writing bubble up and feel really neat.  And then I hear a loud crash from the kitchen as the dishes topple over.  And then bags form under my eyes after several sleepless nights and I feel more confused than ever…

Point?  Don’t take your cues from me.  Obviously, I’m a hot mess.  But I like blogging.  Moreover, I feel called to blogging, so think I’ll keep pouring my heart into it until God tells me otherwise.

In the meantime, if you want to hang out in the dirty, messy side of the blogosphere, know that I’m there too–3 days out from my most recent shower and panicked over how to best promote my last post right there with you.

Aug 082013

Friends, there is so much going on in this party of a blog post!  I may need to go grab a chair before I faint from all the excitement.  Firstly, let me sincerely thank More than Mommies for providing yet a another great chance to link up some vlogs (read: I still hate Janene a bit for forcing me out of my comfort zone and making me do this). Secondly, tune in here for a bit of an announcement:

So, as reported by my I-sound-like-a-3 yr.-old-little-girl-mumbly voice, did you catch that?  Yes!  This Mom of the Year is in another book. (Time to definitely grab that chair and fan myself…).  This book is cool, fresh, and so professionally put together.  The ladies I’m hanging out with in it are funny, so, so funny.

The scoop: The book is You Have Lipstick on Your Teeth.  The brilliant Leslie Marinelli, Editor-in-Chief at In The Powder Room, got a boatload of funny ladies together, edited her heart out of it, and pulled everything together in a gorgeous book.

You Have Lipstick On Your Teeth @inthepowderroom @meredithspidel

As described on the back cover:

Thank God for girlfriends and shared visits to powder rooms!

That’s always been the concept behind our website InThePowderRoom.com where we’ve been entertaining women with our humor and bold, brave honesty since 2009. Now we’re taking it to the next level with an anthology of original short stories from some of the wittiest women writers we know—stories they would only tell their closest friends, most likely from within the haven of a ladies’ room. Inside you’ll find 39 (mostly) true tales by women, for women, about being women—bodily changes, relationships, careers, motherhood, aging, illness, and more…

I am HONORED to be part of this book, and after a short while, you are going to hate me for refusing to shut up about it.  Sorry :(.  But there is lots of cool stuff going on, including a local book signing (first public announcement of this, so now I’m committed!), and a giveaway of 5 signed copies of the book here today!

Here’s the deal; my love Stephanie Giese of Binkies and Briefcases lives close-ish to me, so I make her be my friend.  I call her in the middle of frenzied grocery store trips when I think of some minute book-related detail I force her to evaluate with me.  She is a sport, and whether she accepts it or not, she is now my bestie.  She is signing these books and giving them away with me, so please show us some love and enter in this giveaway!

And I promise to throw up that Rafflecopter widget so you can enter soon, but first humor me and check out these pics of lipstick on my teeth I took to try to promo the book.  In one, I am full-on geek, in the next my nose looks to be the size of Mt. Rushmore.  Your favorite?

Lipstick on Teeth @meredithspidel

You have lipstick on your teeth @meredithspidel

And then, I tried to get my daughter in on the lipstick-on-teeth fun, but she is just way too cute for such nonsense…

Whatever, just humor me and enter the giveaway so you can win a copy of the book.  Love you all!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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