Mar 302014

It was a nasty kind of evening.  It had been the I’m-pretty-sure-I-have-a-sinus-infection-but-don’t-have-time-to-go-to-the-doctor sort of day followed by an “invigorating” dinner with my kiddos while my husband worked late.  Let’s just say by the time Dr. J got home, I was very much wanting hole up ALONE and make nice with my INFJ personality.

Doubtful that anything could really help knock off my grouchy pants, but wanting to try, I picked up my copy of Suburban Haiku: Poetic Dispatches from Behind the Picket Fence by Peyton Price.  I read the first page.  I snorted.  I read a few more pages and started fumbing for the post-it pad I keep in nightstand.  I wanted to tag a couple of the haikus as my favorites. Twenty minutes later, I had blown through my entire stash of post-its.

The problem with marking my favorites?  They were so many gems, a post-it pretty much ended up on every page.  The moral of this story?  Buy the book and throw a stockpile of post-its in your Amazon cart before you check out.  You’ll need them.

With haikus such as these, you may also need to grab a box or two of Kleenex for all the laugh-tears you’ll shed:

When I’m in snit
I throw away recycling
Haha! Take that Earth!
That Whole Foods trail mix
is for this Friday’s playate
Just have a Pop-Tart
At Target for socks
but we do need a blender
and patio chairs


Peyton is a very cool chick with a wicked sharp sense of humor.  She is not only funny, she is multi-talented.  As she self-describes on her “About the Author” page, “Her special skills include getting the worst end of the deal in every single carpool and not realizing she just replied-all to a group text.” I know.  This girl really can do it all.

And since it comes in such a sweet perfect little pink hardcover square shape?  It’s screams, “Gift me!”.  Snatch it up for that someone in your life–anyone who is rocking out suburbia or who can appreciate all the fine intricacies of life in the preschool pick-up fastlane.

Since Peyton is so fantastic, she not only designed the tote above, she is giving away one of them with a copy of the book to one of my readers!  So hop in the Rafflecopter below, friends, and go show her some lovin’.  As long as you are 18 or older and live in the continental U.S., you are eligible to enter!

Go grab her book and spend a fantastic evening hanging out in the burbs with Suburban Haiku: Poetic Dispatches from Behind the Picket Fence!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*I was sent a copy of this book for review, but no other compensation was given in exchange for this review.  All opinions are 100% mine.  Though I do have a ginormous crush on Peyton, mostly because of her adorable first name, so my glowing adoration of her might be slightly blantant.


Mar 142014

My family is in a Relationship.  A serious one, with the fire company. This is A-Okay with me. You see, we live in suburbia, where all the firemen are volunteers.  Hardcore, solid guys and gals who work incredibly hard to serve us all solely out of the goodness of their hearts.  I will never forget the day I was out sweeping the porch and I saw my neighbor, a fireman, peel out of his house and bolt across his lawn in a desperate run to meet the truck and go help someone. I looked down at the broom in my hand and thought, “Huh. I’m cleaning the porch and he’s saving lives…”.

Not only could these fire dudes save my family from a really scary situation at any given moment, they have blessed us in numerous ways:

Does it get any sweeter?

Does it get any sweeter?

They open up the doors of the firehouse and let my son have his 4th birthday party there.  With a bangin’ cool cake.

They host a fire safety night every September.  With real fires the kids get to put out and everything.

They cart the gorgeous red truck into my son’s preschool every year and let the kids oogle and open-mouth gape. And put up with squealing excitable children for hours on end.

My neighbor gave my son a knit EBFC (East Brandywine Fire Company) hat and he feels incredibly boss in it.  He is incredibly boss.

Yo. He's too in the 'hood to smile...

Yo. He’s too in the ‘hood to smile…




Yeah, as institutions go, I’m in love.  Sparky, the firedog mascot of the NFPA (and all local American fire stations)? He is our hero.  So when word got out that the hot canine was busting in out in some new music videos? AND a new app?  My kids were all over it (read: I lost the iPad for the foreseeable future).



Check out the video recommended for grades PreK-1, Little Rosalie by SteveSongs:

And I love the video suggested for grades 2-3, What’s That Sound? by Recess Monkey:

The tunes are catchy, hip, and they throw our beloved Sparky front and center.  What red-blooded American kid doesn’t love on Sparky? We’ll cheer on that hip dog wherever he goes! My children were entranced and couldn’t get enough of checking out the videos and playing around with the new app.

These videos and the app make learning about fire safety fun and kid-friendly, something that I so appreciate.  When my father was growing up, his home was destroyed by fire, so he was always adamant that my sister and I be knowledgeable about fire prevention and work delicatedly to protect against accidents in our house.  Some modern-day resources that help me pass these important lessons to my own kids? Fantastic in my book.

It’s an honor to work with FEMA and the NFPA to promote this new tech-savvy Sparky to our kiddos.  As a thank-you to you for giving feedback on these new videos, just leave a comment below by 12am on 3/18/14 telling us what your favorite part of these videos is or one thing your kid(s) learned from these videos, and you’ll be entered to win a $10 giftcard to Starbucks!*

I’m thankful for all the work the NFPA and firefighters every where do to protect us all.  Know that here, in our little corner of Downingtown, PA, we are cheering you on with the vigor inherent to only those who have met a ROCKSTAR and fallen in love.

We love Sparky!

We love Sparky!

***Thank you to FEMA and NFPA for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are 100% genuine.***

*Only one entry per person, must be 18 yrs. or older and live in the continental U.S. Thanks for participating!

Mar 122014

What is that?! That furry green stuff all over the ground, peeking out from under the snow?  I have vague memories of the stuff from a time long ago, a time before a frozen tundra sentenced us to countless hours staring at our kitchen floor covered with playdoh shards. A time before we begged our children to “Please, just watch another movie!” because we simply couldn’t think of one more occupying indoor activity.  A time of glorious sunshine.

While I struggle to remember the name for this green lawn covering, let me fill you on a few things I am definitely remembering this spring because they have my crush-ometer needle flying wildly high:



1. Oil pulling.  I know. My husband had the same reaction.  Yet while I can’t verify all the healing properties of this ancient Eygptian practice, I know for certain it has helped reduce my gum sensitivity and whiten my teeth. Also, I just like to pretend I’m crunchy once in a while, firing up my light therapy lamp and pouring away with the neti pot, so it works.  Pop in a spoonful, swish for 20 min. and enjoy the excuse to not answer your kids’ repetitive whining pleas for “Mooooooomy!”

2. The groovy list of books-turned-movies in 2014. Sure, I’m cuing up for Divergent, and doing a lot of preemptive squeeing over This is Where I Leave You, but I think I am most excited for The Hundred-Foot Journey because it is such a uniquely rich tale. Can’t wait to see it come to life on the big screen.

3. Blog U. Of course I’m tickled to be planning it with some of the savviest women in the blogosphere, but just the idea of hanging out with other ladies and learning more about the craft that has rocked my world is pretty fantastic.

4. My husband’s prolonged business trip. Wait, whaa?? I won’t deny I’m dreading the time he’s gone and that poor anyone within a five-hundred radius won’t hear my extensive wails of pain and fear, but…when he finally gets home from the darn thing? Yeah, I think Mommy will sufficiently qualify for an Alone Day. Score!

Source Hold my ticket; I'm on my way!

Hold my ticket; I’m on my way!

5. The Fiber One Protein cereal. Is it actually as good as they say? Will it really hold me over past 9:30am with the fulfilling power of protein? I don’t know, but I’ve got my coupon in hand and I’m giving it a whirl.

6. Modcloth. Here’s another one I have yet to actually try.  But my online cart, full of the promise of free returns for anything that doesn’t fit, is ready to go.  I like pretty dresses and may or may not be panicking about what to wear to the aformentioned conference. I’m hitting the order button.

7. All the new co-author friends I’m meeting through my new book, I Just Want to Be Alone. These ladies are too much fun, they are real, and I can’t wait to sign some books with these funny women.  Meeting them? Total blessing.

8. Aaron Paul. Specifically in Breaking Bad episodes.  Oh wait, this isn’t a new thing. It’s an old thing….mmmhh….ask me if I care. Jessie Pinkman rocks my world. Deal.


Source I know, oh, I know...

I know, oh, I know…

Source Elixir in a Bottle

Elixir in a Bottle

9. DHC Olive Virgin Oil. I doubt I will ever fully reconicile my teenage acne-fearing self to the idea of slathering oil over my face, but as much as I want it to be warm, sunny springtime, it’s not.  The air is still sucky dry and this stuff works miracles.

10. Mad Men Season 7 Premiere. Of course I’m ticked at AMC that they are splitting the season across two years in a desperate attempt to make even more money off of the empire.  But welcoming Don Draper back into my world, even if only for a few weeks?  Any day.  Any day.

To all my crushes and flings of the spring season, I and the green fuzzy stuff cheer you on. WELCOME.




Mar 032014

February has adios-ed itself, praise God. Ice storms, deaths, power outages, rough school decisions, sickness…a whole bag of not-fun.  There was good stuff too, for sure–most notably the announcement that I made it in a book, but out of all these events, I am pulling out one experience and slapping the label “LIFE ALTERING” on it.

What went down that was so superbly significant? A personality test. What about the personality test? I took it.

I know, this is huge.  You may want to sit down for this one.

You see, my friend Nicole of Nicole Leigh Shaw, Tyop Aretist shared the test with me. Since she always has her finger on the pulse of good things, I took it. And then my mind was blown.

Being classified in the same category of this hero? Definitely gives me hope!

Being classified in the same category of this hero? Definitely gives me hope!

I have always been weird, and have always suspected I was incredibly weird. You can read my results here so you can fret about my likely personality disorder with me, but the truth is: the likes of me are shared by less than 1% of the population. I AM OFFICIALLY VERY WEIRD.

But instead of being freaked out by this realization, I am ecstatic.  Ecstatic because someone has defined me.  All those nights when I desperately longed for the holing up in privacy with my latest library lend suddenly seem legit.  Next time my husband sighs because he wants to do something at night, I can helplessly throw up my hands and say, “But I’m an INFJ, I can’t”. I have an excuse.

Or maybe not really, but it feels kind of very cool to have a classification on this earth and I am astounded by the accuracy of my results.  Astounded to the point that I won’t shut up about them.

Of course I made my husband take the test.  And then my sister.  And then her husband. And I then called for group assessments and comparisons via e-mail and chose to ignore all the behind-my-back “She is being crazy” texts that I am sure were flying around. I was fascinated and didn’t care.

I told my husband I would like to set aside an evening to discuss my results.  He gave me The Look.  Nothing further was discussed.

I then psychotically plagued a couple friends to complete the test. One friend told me she was getting tired, it seemed a bit long and she wanted to quit. I told her this was not an option. I ranted and raved about the spooky accuracy of the tests.

Then she asked, “But Mere, what are you going to do with these results?” Huh. That was so not the point.

You see the lovely personality test website has all sorts of suggestions for productive things you can do with you results, like personal growth, connecting with others, and self-awareness.  Great ideas, but truth told, I am loving on this test for the sheer wow factor.

I feel “got”. I feel validated. I also feel like everyone else is shouting, “Just put down the stupid personality test, Meredith!”.  But I don’t really care.  We INFJs have our causes you know…

***This is NOT a sponsored post, but I so wish it was.  Getting paid to share the word about this gem of self-discovery would rock my world ;) ***


Feb 212014
She's the kind of gorgeous that hurts to look at, I know.

She’s the kind of gorgeous that hurts to look at, I know.

On Wednesday, I shared with you why appreciating beautiful things is important to me (aka how I justify buying the “good” mascara to my husband).  The HUGE PART I left out is my gratitude to Rebecca of Frugalista Blog for being part of this process.

You see, Frugie has become a mentor to me.  Moreover, she has become a patient mentor.  As in, I can randomly message her “I don’t understand brow wax” and she a) doesn’t laugh at me b) actually tries to explain brow wax.  I know. I also know it’s weird to care about brow wax. 

Her endless graciousness with all my bizarre questions is kind, but it’s her gorgeous heart behind her glowing skin that has made me totally fall for her.  Through blogging, I have gotten to know Rebecca pretty well, and I begged her to let me share her sweet spirit with all of you.  She will tug on your heart strings as she reminds us all that celebrating beauty is a pretty boss thing.  And bonus?  Frugie really knows her stuff.  So pay attention–you will learn something.

Also? She is hysterical and does stuff like this with captions like "Here, Ashley is cheering on teammates at Sochi. I’m just dreaming of a self-folding dryer of the future." And I die laughing.

Also? She is hysterical and does stuff like this with captions like
“Here, Ashley is cheering on teammates at Sochi. I’m just dreaming of a self-folding dryer of the future.”
And I die laughing…


Questions I threw at Frugie:

Why is taking care of yourself important to you?

There are so many reasons why it’s important. I have lost friends to breast cancer. So health and disease prevention are paramount for me. The things I do to improve my appearance start with my health inside. Vitamins, greens, avoiding sugars and alcohol (not easy!) If vanity is a contributing factor- then I admit- I want to look nice! Motherhood can sap it away. So giving myself extra time to put on sunscreen (an absolute must) or hiding in the bathroom to apply a mask is something I let myself do.

Why do you share this with others through your blog?

Sharing beauty tips and product discoveries is something I’ve been doing for years. Early on in high school, my friends noticed that I’m the one who always went to the Clinique counter for their gift with purchase, or that I got as many beauty magazine subscriptions as my mom would allow, they would ask me what could work for them. So I thought it would be fun to blog about it.

Where do you go for your inspiration?

I am constantly reading magazines and checking online. I love award shows. I love old movies. The makeup always intrigues me. YouTube is an amazing source of tutorials and knowledge. Several makeup artists- Lisa Elderidge and Wayne Goss have their own channels, and provide some great tips.

Tell us all your secrets–what is your favorite accessory?

My favorite accessory is probably a scarf. I wear them all the time- summer or winter. I just love how cozy they make me feel. They add a pop of color and frame your face.

Her latest tutorial. Get your glam on!

Her latest tutorial. Get your glam on!

Skin care product?

I love my glam glow mask right now! I’m addicted to the eye one and the mud one for my pores around my nose!

Make-up item?

I love the Hour Glass Ambient Light Powders. They really give you an airbrushed look without drying out your skin or settling in your lines. Next would be any YSL lipstick. So buttery and beautiful, I could wear them all the time.

You write a lot about dupes–which is the best one you’ve found so far?

Wet n Wild has really surprised me. I think their shadows and lipsticks compare easily to MAC. And I know other beauty bloggers have dupe boards on Pinterest that list so many WW products. My favorite dupe that is my most popular on Pinterest is the L’oreal liquid powder foundation that is exactly like the Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation. Exact match!

Goals for another year of loving yourself? (beauty-wise, blog-wise, etc)

I will try to work out more!! I really think I will be happier with myself as a whole if I tone up a bit. I’ve noticed my double chin is looking extra droopy lately. Too many donuts!

Also, I will not obsess over every little flaw. Lines and pores are what make us human. We aren’t plastic. And most people will agree that you are your harshest critic, so try to see yourself through other people’s eyes, especially the ones that love you. They see your beauty and spark when you’re not even trying.


I love her.  Thank you for pushing me to be a better me, Frugie. xoxoxo.

P.S. I just pinched myself with an eyelash curler and want to cry.  Can you do a house call??

P.P.S. Very likely, there may be a rooming assignment situation at Blog U, in which you find your nifty new neighbor Meredith, make-up brush in hand, expectantly awaiting you to work your magic EVERY MORNING at an ungodly hour.  Apologies in advance?

Feb 172014
Source My kind of gal

The superfan CAN be you!

One of my happiest memories of our early marriage is holing up in the bedroom of our first apartment watching the Olympics.  We channeled in The Games by carefully positioning the rabbit ears “just so”.  As long as we didn’t move or breathe too emphatically, NBC came streaming in with only a teensy bit of black and white static, and we were in our biennial viewing glory.

Ah…the good old days… While we’ve now gotten ourselves all cabled up with far clearer reception, we’ve hit another glitch: CHILDREN.  While the little loves are adorable, they have absolutely no interest in The Olympics. I know, ghastly incomprehensible.

For several days upon realizing this, I panicked that they weren’t actually my children, that the hospital had sent me home with the wrong set.  It didn’t feel like this vein of thought was an over-reaction.

I’ve semi-calmed myself with the very likely possibility that it is their young age, that they may indeed still be my offspring and that more blissful co-viewing may be in our future.  But I won’t lie; this serious stuff, people.  I’ve never lived with a non-fellow Olympic psycho, and it’s a jarring shock to my aged 34 yr. old self.  Colossal blow.

What’s a super fan to do?  Hold my paper bag and pat my hand while I hyperventilate in the background, and I’ll fill you in on our game plan. Obviously, there are the usual bribes, retreating to individual electronic devices, and the old school move of trying to teach your kids something classy, like sharing the TV.  But, this is The Olympics, so it’s time to get creative, people.

Source Look at the pretty princess!

Look at the pretty princess!

Play the athletic attire to your favor. Shamelessly. The figure skaters? Clearly princesses dancing on ice in those pretty dresses.  And who says the skiers can’t be superheroes racing to someone’s rescue in their tight suits and fancy helmets?  Use the cards you have.

Fall in love with the short events. The biathlon and the long program in pairs figure skating?  They’ll be there in 20 yrs. Trust me. Does the biathlon ever go anywhere??  For now, get your short track on and time the diaper changes around the sprints. You’ve got this.

Bed time? Entirely negotiable. Let’s be real. You’ve now been snowed in with your cherubs for weeks on end anyway. What can they possible need to do with another hour to their evening?  Bathe ‘em up, read those night-night stories, and stash them in those beds.

Sure, as they get older, you can try to explain the sports and have them try to actually follow, but we’re working with a 2 yr. old and 4 yr. old.  I have better luck with, “See who can guess the winner!”.  Lollipop prizes are never a bad thing?

If you’re a die-hard, true story: the 3am broadcasting? NBC might actually not be that crazy. Maybe, just maybe, the programming execs are parents themselves?

Bottom line: the world is on the line here. Step aside, kiddos, Mommy and Daddy are needed to contribute to the global spirit of camaraderie.  We all have to make sacrifices. It’s The Olympics.

Source Super-hero on the loose!

Super-hero on the loose!


Feb 032014
The Before Gah! Ghastly, I know...

The Before
Gah! Ghastly, I know…

When SmileBrilliant wanted to send me a teeth-whitening system, I was all “twist my arm”.  Not that I’m paranoid about my yellowish teeth at all…

You see, Mike from SmileBrilliant was patient with me.  He was kind.  He encouraged me to participate and followed up when my whole consumed-with-the-holidays situation left me a bit sluggish with sending in my teeth impressions on a timely basis.

Whaaa???  Teeth impressions?  Yes, you’ve got it.  Smile Brilliant is the real deal–they go all out and send you a package to take impressions of your teeth and send them back to the company.  The company processes the impressions and sends them back to you as perfectly formulated molds.  In the comfort of your own home, you then fill the molds with the whitening gel Smile Brilliant provides and experience a custom teeth-whitening experience.

Since I generally find comfort in numbers, I begged my sister to give this a swing with me.  As it turns out, she surpassed me in teeth-whitening savvy.  She is just “that good”. Not jealous AT ALL. Whereas my initial impressions were insufficient (apparently I inadvertently wiggled the molds too much), she got it right on the first try.  No loss; SmileBrilliant gave me a free “second chance” to get them right, and after Attempt#2, we were off and running.

Teeth whitening trays in place. Result? I only look marginally psychotic, so success declared

Teeth whitening trays in place. Result? I only look marginally psychotic, so Success declared

HOLY COW.  In just one usage, I saw a DIFFERENCE.  Since my sister is more competent than me and got her molds right on the first attempt, she has had opportunity to use her whitening system more and reports significant results.  Maybe someday I can catch up to her; for now, I will just be thrilled with the MAJOR IMPROVEMENT I HAVE SEEN AFTER A FEW USES.

Listen, you can throw your cash out on all the drug store whitening systems you want, but if you actually want to change up the color of your teeth, you need to go pro.  Go pro with a system like SmileBrilliant.  They are the real deal.  They provide customized trays for your mouth to get you the results that you want.

Use them. Trust me. And if you’re on the fence? Enter below to win a complete customized teeth whitening system (valued at $150!).  As long as you are a resident of the continental United States, you are eligible to enter.  I’m kind of super-excited to offer this giveaway because SmileBrilliant has been such a terrific thing for me–I would love for you to have the same experience.

Not that scary, really,  and SUPER-IMPRESSIVE

Not that scary, really, and SUPER-IMPRESSIVE

So enter, love on in to SmileBrilliant and next time you see me?  PLEASE make a remark as to how shiny white my teeth are–I will love you forever.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


****This is a compensated post from SmileBrilliant, yet all opinions remain entirely my own****

Feb 022014

I’m so proud of all the amazing things my sister-in-law, The Modern Ballet Pianist does.  It is truly a breathtaking experience to witness her perform in front of a piano.  Beyond her sheer genius as a musician, seeing her apply all of her business savvy and creativity to her new venture just makes me puff up with pride a bit more.

While I myself am not even close to being a dancer (my children run in fear when they see me start to bust a move), I think her concept of “classically arranging popular (modern) songs” for use in ballet classes is really smart.  Studying to the groovy tunes of Lady Gaga?  Yeah, I know–AWESOME. The Modern Ballet Pianist is going places and I can’t wait to watch.

For more information about her new CDs and to enter to win 3 of your own, head on over to Mom’s New Stage, where my friend Keesha is featuring and interviewing The Modern Ballet Pianist HERE.

Check it out, friends, and thank you, Keesha!

You can also find The Modern Ballet Pianist on Facebook and Twitter.

Jan 312014

Alright, you may have heard me rave about Penny Jules once or twice before. That’s because you’re obsessed with her, Meredith.

Okay, I am obsessed with her, but for excellent reason.  Heather, the gal behind Penny Jules, is rocking the socks off the jewelry world.  You see, she makes all of her own stuff.  And it’s gorgeous. And creative.  Really creative. Her items never fail to wow and impress me.


Check out some of these pics from her line:

Mother Bird & Nest Earrings These kind of break my heart with their sweetness

Mother Bird & Nest Earrings
These kind of break my heart with their sweetness


A bracelet similar to this is what started my whole love affair with Penny Jules

A bracelet similar to this is what started my whole love affair with Penny Jules

I can't tell you how much I love my Tree of Life Pendant and Turquoise Ring (and how many compilments I have gotten on both--exucse the poor attempt at a selfie

I can’t tell you how much I love my Tree of Life Pendant and Turquoise Ring (and how many compliments I have gotten on both)–excuse the poor attempt at a selfie

I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t mention that a huge part of my adoration of Penny Jules is because she is NICE.  As in, super-nice.  She is friendly, kind, very on-her-game and easy to work with.  I love that she treats each customer as an individual and is willing to work on creating custom orders.

Recently, I had a jewelry crisis.  How does one have a jewelry crisis, I know?  But I did somehow manage to have one, and Heather was able to fix it–with savvy, speed and sweetness.  She even let me call her up and whine about the whole scenario, listening patiently, and doing her darnedest to keep me from flipping out.  Ask my husband; this isn’t an easy thing to do.

Bottom line, Penny Jules is fantastic and I feel very blessed that our paths have crossed on this earth. I can’t believe all that she has managed to accomplish in one short year and I’m so excited to see where all of her future years take her!

So get to it, readers!  Enter below for a chance to win a $50 credit to her store, and then go ahead and SHOP for some Valentine’s gifts (or just a few special winter treats for yourself!) at a 20% off discount (promo code ANNIVERSARY1).  Isn’t Heather so kind to celebrate her 1 year by letting US be the ones to save money??  Love her!

Thank you, Heather–for being so great and for sharing all of your awesomeness with us!

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Jan 172014

Does anyone even read this blog on a Friday?  Please speak up if you do.*  Makes me feel less like I’m senselessly pouring my heart out into dead silence, which can never be a bad thing, right?

In any case, it is Friday. Since I don’t ever leave my house, the day of the week shouldn’t make much difference, should it?  But it does.  Oh, it does.

Fridays are a funny thing. You see there is a certain element of promise. Of hope. Maybe this will be the weekend I get my Christmas decorations schooled. Maybe I can finally blast that nasty ambiguous fish smell from my fridge!

Or maybe it will be something far less ambitious. Maybe I will get that dishwasher run and emptied. Maybe I can actually get that friend called back after 3 weeks? (Yes, worst friend EVER alert)

And then there are always the glamorous hopes. A bath?  It could happen. Naps? I have heard rumors of such things.

While about zero to none of these things ever come to pass, I will never get tired of my Friday dreams.  There is a lightness in the air, as I grumble a little less about having to do the 180,000th preschool run, fly through stashing laundry away a little quicker, and top off the wine glass a little higher.  It’s just a good day.

My husband and I usually do something crazy to celebrate, like watching a full episode of Parenthood or something fantastic.  It gets wild up in here, people.

Whatever you do blast off the kickstart of the weekend, know that I’m right here, raising my glass with you.  May your weekend be full of good things.  Wait, you have kids?  Okay, may somehow you find one magical moment of something good somewhere in your weekend and know that this Mom of the Year is happy dancing right along with you whenever it comes your way.

Cheers to the weekend, cheers to you, dear readers, and Happy Friday! GO GET ‘EM!

*As a note to this, Facebook is doing a bit of a nasty beast of a thing and not showing posts to fan pages’ readers anymore.  The whole thing is explained well here, but in short, you would do me a huge solid by subscribing to my post feed by entering your e-mail in the top right corner of this page and making sure to follow and regularly check in on The Mom of the Year on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest. THANK YOU!!


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