Apr 172012

Recently I had Not My Best Day Ever.  I was crabby, cranky, grouchy, irritable, (throw in your own favorite adjective in to describe Mommy At Her Worst)…the thing was, it was all my fault.  WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING?!?  I totally set myself up for failure, brilliantly deciding it would be a good idea to weed out my pantry, re-organize the closet, and clean my fridge (the nasty kind of cleaning fridge, in which you actually pull out the shelves and scrub stuff down) all in one day.  Obviously, this was the same day that I was cooking a major Easter dinner for my family.  (It is okay to roll your eyes here–seriously, how stupid could I be?)  To add to the mess, I decided to make my mother’s recipe for Strawberry Pretzel Salad (she died a month ago) and my grandmother’s recipe for baked corn (she died almost 7 mo. ago).  Let’s just say, a glass of wine and a disaster zone of a kitchen later, my husband walked in from playing outside working in the garden, to find me with tears streaming down my face and declaring my entire life to be a failure.  It was a precious scene.  Possibly also PMSing (how is it that this is getting worse as I get older?).  At least when this Mom of the Year decides to dramatically throw a fit, she goes all out.  Truly a banner day.  Oh, and the house was really neat and organized 😉


Original idea–
thanks Jessica, of USA Silly Yaks blog!

A final capstone to this amazing day: I logically decided to start trying to make a flipflop wreath at 8:30pm.  In case it has not been clear through previous posts, I. AM. NOT. CRAFTY.  My motivation for this was solely money-saving.  I wanted to try to put something pretty on our front door, but was horrified to discover that the ballpark of what I was looking for started at $65 on Etsy!  Not happening.  Enter Pinterest pin, promo codes from Kohls for girls’ flipflops (often cheaper and more colorful than women’s), a little can-do spirit and…Told my husband to start leaving early for work b/c neighbors will probably be piling up in front of our front door to stare at this amazing creation!!

LOVE it!
Does not negate horrendous scratch marks (carefully excluded from picture)
from dog pawing at the door however…
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  16 Responses to “What the Heck Was I Thinking??”


    LOVE the wreath!! What a great idea! (Great story too… I tend to get myself into those sorts of predicaments too!) :-p


    So proud :) beautiful and fun front door decoration, wonderful Easter dinner, and a clean fridge…all worth it in the end :)


    that's too funny.. I was having a dinner party once and decided to clean my upstairs closets…what? i look back at that now and laugh.


    Thanks, Susan and A. Momto8–of course, obviously you need to have clean upstairs closets for any dinner party 😉


    I love the wreath! That's a super idea for the start of sandle season! I can relate. Often i don't think logically when it comes to prioritizing clean up. My least favorite thing to happen is when my husband comes home and says “what have you done all day?”


    Kudos to you for making that wreath…and you say you're not crafty! 😉


    Oh, I do that to myself all the time. I plan the day thinking about how great it will feel to be so productive, and then realize there's a reason I'm not able to be as productive anymore. I'm slowly learning to accept it but I've had several break downs, too. :)
    Sandal wreath is really cute! I need some new flip flops…may be checking out Kohl's!


    Great job on the wreath! And I hear you on the disaster stuff. I do the same. We have people coming over and the night before I'm digging into all kinds of projects that have nothing to do with the next day. I always warn my husband, “it gets worse before it gets better.”


    Love the wreath – I think you did a fantastic job!
    By the way, are you my twin lol??!! I often undertake the most ridiculous tasks under horrendous time constraints. Why do we do this to ourselves? I end up stressed, sweating like a farm animal – ugh!!!!
    Cleaning out a pantry should only be undertaken when no one is around and you have days to finish lol!!!



    Ladies, so glad to know I'm not the only crazy mommy out there. Logical thinking and productivity apparently somehow magically vanished from my body during the birth of my first child…and of course the stress sweating is a definitely factor to contend with when trying to get anything done…good perspective though that it “gets worse before if gets better”! :)


    Love it, and what a great summer wreath. I often leave my ugly door unadorned in the summer, but I just might have to try this project out. As for Easter, I hear you all too well. . . .hope all is well with you and the family. Any chance we'll see you at library class? We're doing Fridays at 9:30 once again. :-)


    Jennifer, was just thinking about you! Hope YOU are doing well and hope to make library class soon :)


    Love the wreath! What a cute idea!


    Not my idea, but thanks–I think it's pretty awesome too! :)


    Well, the wreath turned out cute! Ellen

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