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My 90s fashion throw-back post seemed to resonate, so I thought we’d take another step-back in time.  Per my (supremely shotty post-childbirth) memory, these are the top ten 80s shows that rocked my world.  Full disclosure: I know I am forgetting some of the good ones, likely some of the really good ones–so please chime on in and tell me what your bad 80s-self is still digging…;)

Infamous train set and object of every child in America’s desire…

1.  Silver Spoons:  What kid didn’t jealously hate on Ricky Schroder for that amazing in-house ride-on train??

2. The Cosby Show.  Duh. Obvious.  My husband still says, on an at-least-weekly basis, “they just don’t make good family shows like the Cosbys any more…”

3. Different Strokes.  This one actually originated in 1978, but extended into 1986.  The orginal shows and syndicated repeats were definitely a ginormous part of my formative years.  I know “Whatchu talkin’ bout Willis?” still vibrantly echos in the minds of all us 30-somethings today…

4. Mr. Belvedere.  MR. BELVEDERE.  I love loved him.  I didn’t necessarily require a butler myself–just that sweet English man in particular.

5. Family Ties.  I named my daughter after Meredith (my name, incidentally) Baxter-Birney’s character, Elyse (not really)–do I need to say more?  Give it up for the Keatons, everybody.

6. Growing Pains.  Dreamboat Kirk Cameron and what female trigenarian’s heart doesn’t just bleed a little for Tracey Gold and her eating disorder pain?  Let’s not forget this is where Leonardo gained some early traction and yes, that was indeed sweet young Chrissy all grown up in the recent The Help blockbuster.

7.  ALF.  Alf.  To echo my husband, “they just don’t make them like this any more”.  Somehow, Wizards of Waverly Place (and yes, I do secretly adore Selena Gomez) just can’t compete with an extraterrestrial-come-to-earth.  Oh, the unmitigated bizarre plight of the Tanner family…

V.I.C.I. She was adorable.
She was perfect.  She was REAL.

8. Small Wonder.  LOVE. IT.  Who says Vicki wasn’t a real girl??

9. Punky Brewster. I scored a “Best of Punky” DVD on Black Friday.  Can’t tell you how much fun my friend and I had taking a trip down Memory Lane during her recent visit.  Henry was just boss and that girl had fashion savvy like no other.

10.  Today’s Special.  Yes, this was a children’s show.  Remember: the one with the department store mannequin??  I was in love, enamored, in fact.  Yes, I will admit–was a little more inclined to put a ring on it after I discovered my husband also watched this show growing up.  Right up there with compatible religious beliefs and family values, it seemed important.

My husband is burned that the A-Team got booted from the Top Ten.  It was on there until I remembered Punky, but sorry–I was a very girly girl and some how Punky’s pigtails just trumped Mr. T’s mohawk for me… 😉  In any case, chime in, my friends.  I know you’ve got boatloads to add!

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  10 Responses to “Give it Up for 80s TV Shows…”


    I guess calling Family Matters an 80s show is pushing it, but I loved it! Same deal with Full House. I also loved Growing Pains and the Cosby show. Family sitcoms…I guess it was the thing! I just went back and read that clothing post…THANK YOU! I'm in my PJs so much and feel so bad about it. But it's real life.


    Brings back memories!! As I was scrolling down I sort of assumed that you missed Punky Brewster…I was pleasantly surprised to see it at #9!! lol!


    Oh, I do miss the Cosbys! Was I the only one to secretly wish one day I'd wake up and find myself a Cosby kid, living in the Cosby's house?


    Loved Family Matters and yes, who didn't want to be in the Cosby fam?! 😉


    Had completely, completely forgotten about “Small Wonder!” Thanks so much for reminding me… ah for the days of being a child and thinking that a family with a robot girl was absolutely believable.


    Wait, I don't get it–you mean it isn't believable now?? 😉


    Do you remember 3,2,1-Contact! ? And Degrassi Jr High?


    3-2-1 Contact! Forgot! Lovin' this trip down Memory Lane :)


    Mr. Wizard….I loved that guy…Wonder Years and Life Goes On…but those could be early 90s…what I want to know is where are the shows that families can watch together now??


    Thanks exactly what my husband says! Forgot all about Mr. Wizard!

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