Mar 102012

…that I:

1. Considered propping them curbside with a “for-sale” sign (I know, contact Child Abuse Authorities immediately)

2. Wished that they were 6 yrs. old when they were only 6 mo. old.

3. Secretly fantasized about sedating them.

4. Sedated them with Benedryl.

5. Debated whether or not having children was “fiscally responsibly”

6.  Been royally ticked at their grandparents for not living closer.

7. Known that in 15 yrs. I will hate myself for wishing away their childhood, but will have done it all the same.

8. Not kept up with their baby books.

9. Jammed them into too-small clothes, as I thought the clothes were really cute.

10. After hearing a crash in another room, yelling, “Are you okay?”, getting a “No!” as an answer, not rushed in to assist.  I figure if they are able to answer, it can’t be that bad.

What do you reckon, worst mother EVER?!

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Meredith blogs at The Mom of the Year, dedicatedly earning her title one epic parenting fail at a time. When her kids aren't busy pummeling each other with Legos or requiring their 16th sippy cup refill of the day, she tries to offer quick, relatable laughs for fellow parents of the world and all their empathizers. She remains entirely terrified by crafts, promises to never share any useful household tips, and is fully committed to a less serious look at the world of parenting.

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  16 Responses to “I Never Wish My Kids Knew…”


    We don't even have pictures of Liam on the wall or a baby even started for him…uh, pretty sure that's inexcusable! :-)


    Laughed because we've all thought most of them. And yes, Benadryl is a beautiful thing!


    HA, most of these are true for me, too – I'm especially guilty on #10, though. There are too many kids around here to get up every time one of them does something clumsy. :)


    So funny! Baby tylenal used to knock my kids out at night when they were teething. I agree, if they can answer, they're not really that hurt!


    Hilarious! I should've known that judging by the post title AND the fact that you linked up with Anna. Great post!


    You and I are polar opposites. I have tiny kids- they come out at 6 lbs 10 oz which is small in todays world, but they grow slow. Having tiny grandparents and not very big parents probably has something to do with it. My 13 year old wears a size 6 shoe and is done growing. My point is that their new clothes are always so big and they stay big for so long that as soon as they actually fit I get bigger ones. My 13 and 6 year old have NEVER been seen in pants that are too short….ever. Not a fiscally responsible habit.


    Hey, I think #10 is really good logic! If they're not just screaming in pain, then it's likely everything's alright!


    Glad to know I'm not alone with #10–Mom of the Year awards being handed out all around 😉


    The baby book!! Ack! I feel guilty about that all the time. I have soooo many pictures just sitting in digital files somewhere. Just sitting there. Thanks for making us all feel better! :)

    (Thanks for linking up with us over at #findingthefunny this week!)


    Hey, at least you have the pics, right Kelley? Sometime in the next 20 years or show, you'll definitely get them in a book 😉


    Hey Meredith – love this post! And so did a lot of other people. You were one of the most-clicked links at last week's Finding the Funny. We're featuring you on Wednesday – and I pinned this. :)


    Thanks so much Anna–love you guys and love the community!


    #10 is totally my favorite and for the same reason. At least you know they're conscious, surely it can wait another minute, right?


    Sedated them with benedryl! Is this legal bc I am all for it-LOL!

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