Keep Healthy Summer Foods Healthy!

***This post about healthy summer foods is sponsored by Tessamae's*** I have a teensy bit of a problem with recipes in my kitchen. As in, I don't use them. While my methodically-bent husband gapes in horror at my wing-it approach, my favorite season to toss dishes together is summer. Grabbing a bunch of fresh veggies from our garden and some local produce, I'm all set to channel my inner creative chef. While notably, the smoke alarm ends up going off every single night, and most of my creations end up more basic than culinary genius, I am proud to say they are almost always ...

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Our Annual Dutch Wonderland Visit, a Summer Highlight!

***This is a sponsored post about our Dutch Wonderland visit.*** Oh hey! Anyone check the heat index? A bajillion times off the chart and no sign of relenting? No sweat! That only means it's summer in these parts and more accurately, Dutch Wonderland-visiting season in our neck of the woods. The thing is, my kids LOVE Dutch Wonderland. They are always super-excited for our annual trip and always ask to go back. Every time we visit this amusement park we have a fantastic, memorable day! What keeps us crushing on our annual Dutch Wonderland visit year after year? It's dedication to being little-kid friendly. This park is entirely ...

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The Cheesecake Factory Menu Has It All!

Many of my working hours are spent hunched over a laptop nursing a cup of lukewarm coffee and whatever scrappy leftovers I piece together together for a meal. So when our family was invited to check out The Cheesecake Factory menu in exchange for an honest review, I jumped at the rare chance to change up the scenery and the bites. Let me be clear: when someone offers me free cheesecake, I'm there. While summer is fantastic for splashing around outside and endless hours of playtime, I'm a big fan of sliding in a nice family break once in awhile--you know, to keep Mommy ...

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Custom Invitations for any Occasion

***Disclosure: This post about custom invitations is sponsored by Basic Invite and I have been compensated for my participation. All opinions are my own*** In just one short month my beautiful daughter will be turning ONE! Apparently I'm in a cloud of shocked disbelief (or maybe it's just second child syndrome?) because I haven't even started planning the party.  I've had some fleeting moments where I consider it, but then someone cries or yells and party planning notions are forgotten. I can’t even find time to fold laundry, why on earth do I think I can handle a birthday party? The thought of sending out invitations, picking a theme, prepping food, and ...

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Tips for Surviving a Trip to Disney in the Summer

Tackling Disney with kiddos is no task for the faint of heart no matter when you are planning a trip. But tackling Disney in the summer with the heat and insane crowds is a whole new game. While I can’t control the heat for you (brace yourself--it WILL be really, really hot), and I can’t tell you that the lines will be no biggie (well, I can…but that would be a mean joke), I CAN tell you that there are things you can do to make your trip absolutely magical. It comes down to planning, planning, and more planning. How to survive a trip to Disney in the ...

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Cue up the Dance Music!

I’m so proud of all the amazing things my sister-in-law, The Modern Ballet Pianist does.  It is truly a breathtaking experience to witness her perform in front of a piano.  Beyond her sheer genius as a musician, seeing her apply all of her business savvy and creativity to her new venture just makes me puff […]

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