Mar 072014
Let the Little Cuties Run Wild

We have a problem here, folks.  My 2 yr. old daughter is not yet potty-trained (I know, I’ll wait while you gasp in the horror over this grave parental short-coming).  She also never stops moving. Ever. Even in her sleep, the adorable young thing thrashes about with a vigor known to wildcats the world over
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Feb 282014
Need to Know

Two years ago Sunday my mother exited this earth. I’d be a fool to not recognize all the growing I’ve done in this time and all the ways my family has been blessed despite this heartbreak, but…I MISS HER. I make up fantasies about her, making her into something she never had a chance to
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Feb 262014
For the Love of the Boy

I was raised as a gal’s gal. In a family of two girls, my gentle father didn’t have much of a shot at perpetuating a rough and tumble boys’ world. I happily enjoyed a house filled with multiple cans of hairspray and thought the whole world watched Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman on Saturday nights. Wait,
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Feb 192014
Beautiful Things

Several months ago, something weird happened. Very weird. I started to care about myself. It wasn’t a sudden, overwhelming recognition that Meredith, outside of sippy cup provider and snotty nose wiper, existed, but it was more a dull thud of a reminder that some part of her was still hanging around somewhere.  The thud grew
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