Dec 182015
The House on Hopewell

In our neck of the woods, there is a sweet little house. A sweet little house that blows the roof off exterior holiday illumination. This house fills its lawn with all shapes and sorts of light-up characters to appeal to every interest and current pop culture-infused trend. The thing is, this house is, by all
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Dec 162015
Science of Parenthood Nails the Equation!

Who manages to rock the NUMBER ONE spot on Amazon’s hot new parenting humor releases within a month of publishing their very first namesake book? Science of Parenthood, that’s who! Their new book, Science of Parenthood: Thoroughly Unscientific Explanations for Utterly Baffling Parenting Situations was released on 11/17/15, and has been hanging out with the best-selling books ever since. If you’ve
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Dec 112015
Track Milestones and Don't Miss a Single Step

When I kicked off this parenting gig, I had it all perfectly lined out. I had the baby book at the ready AND a blank stork-themed calendar that would allow me to make daily entries recording notes about my son’s activities and development after he was born. It was a gorgeous affair–that lasted for a solid
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Dec 092015
Who Knew? You CAN Survive These Parenting Years!

When Huggies asked me to share a post with you about my tips and tricks for surviving the parenting years, I thought, “Of course! I have it ALL figured out, so it’s a perfect fit!” I’ve breezily navigated the transition to solid food, deftly transferred my children from cribs to beds, gotten them out of diapers, sailed through
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Dec 072015
I'm Going to Know My Truth

A couple of weeks ago, I had an unprecedented victory of sorts. A small slice of bossness that no one else knew about, yet definitively worthy of a sizable inner happy dance. You see, it was a Friday, a rather grouchy, tired one, though one still buoyed by the promise of the weekend. I was flying around the house trying
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Dec 042015
Carry On, Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow, Rainbow, where for art thou, Rainbow? You see, Rainbow Rowell might just be our book club’s universal favorite author. Carrie of Normal Level of Crazy and I have read all her books. We talk about them endlessly, getting that glossy-eyed Reader-in-Love look whenever Rowell pops into conversation. So when selecting this month’s read, we thought, “A new
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Dec 022015
Give and Get With Fashionable Finds!

Friends, something incredible has happened. My passionate love for online consignment shopping has partnered with one of my favorite stores of all time, Modcloth! Yup, Schoola and Mocloth have teamed up to make two magical things happen–fantastic, uber-affordable additions to your wardrobe and far importantly, money raised for the Mahala Fund to empower girls through education.
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Nov 292015
Spread Cheer with Sweetness This Season

We have a dog, a psychotic one, to be specific. His neuroses include an eleven year-long panic that he won’t be fed, a propensity to hide from flies in the bathtub and a decided inability to function when separated from his home. Like, ever. So when God matched us up with the most magnificent neighbors ever (who
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