Sep 162014
Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy? Count Us In!

Potty training. Ugh. Potty training. You see, in regards to potty-training, I adopt a very hands-off approach.  Otherwise known as Mommy-buries-her-head-in-the-sand-and-pretends-this-is-not-happening.  The problem is, I just don’t get it. I don’t get why risking a poop-in-pants is better than suiting up with a Pull-Up.  Even when my daughter has humiliated me by pooping in said
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Aug 292014
The Month in which I Shrunk

Let me introduce you to a gal.  Her name is Meredith.  She is a rather tired-looking 35.  Most of her clothes can physically be wrangled onto her body, but fit remains a negligible qualifier.  She has two young kids and this blog thing to tend to, so she’s allowed it to slide. Except, then she could no
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Aug 272014
When Margaret Was Born

In my very particular world of parents with young kids who maintain a intense-to-insane dedication to Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, the event of the century went down last week. Daniel Tiger’s little sister Margaret was born. PBS pulled out all the stops for this one.  Somehow, my kiddos, who exclusively fan-crush on Daniel through Netflix, still managed to
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Aug 252014
The Sobby Mom at the Bus Stop

I was going to be The Cool Mom.  You know, the one who rejoices when her kids head off to school so she has a slice of time to herself?  It was going to be sweet; I had it all planned out for about six years (my son is only 5, by the way).  School bus
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