DIY Candy Cane Cloud Dough Gift

 ***I have been compensated by Johnson's® Baby for this post about this creative idea for a DIY Candy Cane Cloud Dough gift; however, I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own. *** I've shared before some nifty fidgets that help my kiddos manage the symptoms of their sensory issues, and we've even shared with you some cool DIY sensory play recipes as well. With the holidays coming up and doing my best to stretch our gift budget, I decided to try my hand at a fun DIY Candy Cane Cloud Dough gift! With only three simple ingredients, it's not only easy ...

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26 Best Gifts of 2017: Christmas Gift Guide

***Thank you to many of the brands featured in this Mom of the Year Christmas Gift Guide for sending me product for review and consideration. All opinions are 100% my own.*** What's this? The holidays are already here?? Alright, deep breaths, mama--we've got this. My junk drawer might be in atrocious form and I'm wholly unprepared for my high school reunion, but I'm pretty aces at Christmas shopping. The two tricks I've mastered: be organized about your shopping and buy the right things. How do you know what the right things are? That's where this handy dandy Mom of the Year ...

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The High School Reunion Apology

This is less of a post and more of an apology letter to my former classmates whom I will be meeting up within less than a week's time for our 20-year high school reunion. Yes, that's right--TWENTY YEARS. I'll give you a minute to do the math, and yes, I am really old. Complaints of hip pain and hearing loss have already been well queued up. In any case, while my introverted self would never normally go to such a gathering, my sweet, very kind and caring best friend from childhood is the one heading it up and as such, attendance ...

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8 Smart Tips for Managing a Balanced, Healthy School Break

****This post was sponsored by Boys & Girls Clubs of America as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central so I could share best tips for managing a healthy school break, and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.*** Raise your hand if you are already looking forward to the upcoming winter break! While I will undoubtedly have moments of hiding in the bathroom when the kiddos and I are having a tad too much together time, I am counting down right along with my children. The stress of school and schedules is wearying and a break is ...

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DIY Soup Bar: A Party Hit!

That chill in the air is here to stay, and with it comes rumbly tummies, and bodies needing warming. In our house, reaching for a can of soup is usually met with a chorus of groans and eye rolls, and half of the time, we’re hungry an hour later. While it may taste fine, it’s generally lackluster, and unless it’s full of recognizable character pasta noodles, the kids want nothing to do with it. This got me thinking. Why don’t we love it? Canned soup is convenient and typically healthy…so, what gives? It’s boring. That’s right. It’s simply not exciting, and here's an easy way ...

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Get Rid of Insects with These Smart Plants

Summer is here with its endless outdoor fun for your whole family. This year, the weather has been unusually mild and rainy which naturally brings along with it so many of our nemeses…bugs! The wet weather and heat makes for perfect sanctuary for all types of insects, and we know the threat of disease some of these bugs can […]

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