Jul 092014
Lufthansa and Library Books

And then it happened. I got a plane ticket to Germany. It just wasn’t actually mine, and it had already been used, but this is so not the point. The point is, for a slice of time, I had a connection with something outside of my limited realm. I found it in a library book.
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Jul 072014
Frozen is Finally YOURS!

My daughter is turning 3 this week, so she’s not fully at the age of fan-worshiping.  And I’ve largely worked to downplay the Frozen obsession because I’ve heard the urban legend rumors (totally true) of how IMPOSSIBLE it is to snag anything even semi-Frozen-related. But truth told: she swoons over Anna and Elsa.  So just imagine the
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Jun 302014
The Beautiful, Beautiful Sam's Club

It was the stuff of fantasies–a Saturday, kids at the zoo with my in-laws and my husband and I were left peacefully alone to tackle our massive to-do list.  Despite the stymieing length of the list, there was hope in the air.  We had a boatload of errands to run, sure, but we could attack them without having
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Jun 272014
Femme Frugality Turns 3!

One of my very first friends in this blogging world was Femme Frugality, and I am thrilled to celebrate the 3 year anniversary of her blog here today!  If you haven’t visited her site, DO.  Her blog is chock-full of money-saving  tips for “students, brides, mommies, daddies, and Pittsburghers”.  I have learned a ton from this
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