Feb 192014
Beautiful Things

Several months ago, something weird happened. Very weird. I started to care about myself. It wasn’t a sudden, overwhelming recognition that Meredith, outside of sippy cup provider and snotty nose wiper, existed, but it was more a dull thud of a reminder that some part of her was still hanging around somewhere.  The thud grew
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Feb 142014
The Two Cards

We’re simple people around here.  Before kids, Valentine’s wasn’t that huge of a deal.  Now? Like any parent knows, step aside major holidays, because there is an exorbitant display of  glitter-glued heart-shaped cards that need to squeeze their way onto the fridge before it gets ugly. Put down the red construction paper before Mommy gets cranky.
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Feb 122014
Mrs. Stapleton

Every once in a while you get to meet a soul who breaks your heart with sincerity and kindness.  Paige Stapleton, more familiarly known around my corner of the world as Mrs. Stapleton, was one such person.  Mrs. Stapleton was my son’s first preschool teacher.  When my family set off last year to enter the
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Feb 072014
The Funny Before the Flip Side

Lest you live in one of those more modern parts of the country where you have fancy things like power and heat, around these parts, as I write this, we are without such amenities.  I whined about the weather on Wednesday, yet things have since taken more of an Apocalypse-now turn.  Let’s just say it’s
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