Mar 122014
Spring Flings

What is that?! That furry green stuff all over the ground, peeking out from under the snow?  I have vague memories of the stuff from a time long ago, a time before a frozen tundra sentenced us to countless hours staring at our kitchen floor covered with playdoh shards. A time before we begged our
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Feb 282014
Need to Know

Two years ago Sunday my mother exited this earth. I’d be a fool to not recognize all the growing I’ve done in this time and all the ways my family has been blessed despite this heartbreak, but…I MISS HER. I make up fantasies about her, making her into something she never had a chance to
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Feb 232014
May All the Hands Be Raised

Source Yes! I can hear you! Not hearing well is hard.  As an adult, I can mostly work around it; I fantasize about a groovy new set of hearing aids I hope to someday claim and annoy my husband by endlessly asking him to repeat himself in the meantime.  But as a kid?  It just
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