Oct 212013
The Stress-Scape

It’s not looking good around here.  Laundry is piled up beyond days, and I have a vague notion of a place called “the grocery store”, but I can’t quite remember what it is.  When I have called my husband at work, sobbing for the 2nd time in a week that “I just can’t keep up”,
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Oct 142013
Midlife Crises and Gang Signs

And so it happens…apparently, I have hit a mid-life crisis. Excellent. It’s the kind of thing you are never sure how it will go down until it actually happens.  As it turns out, for me, my crisis took the form of leather.  Specifically, buying leather en masse.  Sure.  I already talked about my morning obsessing
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Oct 092013
Mindy Kaling is Coming Over!

Okay, let’s be gentle here.  You know the whole thing about how wildly exciting things don’t go down around these parts, so sometimes I have let myself roll with the fantasy?  Yeah, so…just step aside and let me keep the dream alive. When I say “Mindy Kaling is coming over!” it may be more in
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Oct 032013
He Heisted the Vlog

I think a vlog-crime has been committed.  After seeing my sister make her fantabulous vlogging debut last month, my BIL insisted on getting in on the action.  He thinks he’s funny–because he IS funny–and wanted to take a stab at it.  The thing is, he kind of is just ADORABLE and took over the whole
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Oct 012013
Crack-er-ing up with October's Finding the Funny!

Welcome October!  Per usual, when on the brink of a new month, I feel bowled over with a sharp sense of where-the-heck-is-time-going??  But listen, this last month wasn’t a total wash.  When thinking back on the days of September, there are some definite highlights that come to mind.  Most of them centered around goldfish crackers,
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