Jun 182014
When the Blog Schools Me

Oftentimes there is a lot of emphatic raging related to the blog around these parts: “What the heck is this blogging good for?” “I need clean underwear!” “What the heck is “The Twitter” anyway?” It might be helpful to note that 98% of the time I am the one raging.  I am the one confused,
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Jun 132014
Everalbum's Got It Covered

Pictures. Pictures. PICTURES. Spend just 30 seconds in my home and my obsession is apparent.  Yes, I was the psycho pregnant lady stalk-calling Picture People to make sure I fully understood their membership options six months before my first child was born. I like memories. I like smiles.  And I like things that make me
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Jun 112014
Happy Aunt to Me!

Long about a month ago, we were casually hanging around the family dinner table when my sister nonchalantly dropped The Bomb, “Yeah, so we are pregnant and having a baby.” Clatter my fork to the floor, this was HUGE!  A sea of adorable squeeing and congratulations burst forth as we celebrated the fantastic news, but then it was
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Jun 092014

I sent my son off to preschool last year with very little expectation aside from the hope that as a young 3 yr. old he wouldn’t poop in the middle of circle time, or commit some equally horrific toddler social misstep.  When he not only loved his class and his teacher and starting soaking up
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Jun 062014
Blog U is ON!

As I write this, I am headed off for BlogU.  In my world, BIG THING.  I have spent months upon months sorting out details like gluten-free alcohol, roommate requests and appropriate-colored badge stickers with Stephanie Giese, Blog U Founder, and the other conference staff.  It has been an honor, and one I don’t take lightly.
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Jun 022014
We Made It to 5!

My son turns 5 today.  It’s funny because there are many, many things I thought shortly after he was born, but never once did I think, “We will survive this for the next five years.” He is my gentle child, my kind soul.  The one who tends to be more laid back and accepting of his
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