May 282014
Busy Days

Friends, there is very little of interest in my life.  I wake up, I reach for my vitamins caddy and then lube up with my Vaseline Lip Therapy for the day.  I feel blissfully 80 yrs. old and have zero interest in pursuing anything seemingly younger. On good days, I fascinate over John Stamos’ obsession with
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May 232014
The Logic of Midnight

Logic has never been my strong suit.  That’s okay with me.  I have other positive traits, like being a whiz at online bargain shopping and falling for products then snagging them on the internet for a song. Wait; those may be the same things.  Mmmh…like I said, logic’s not really my thing. Except when it’s the middle of
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May 212014
Shielding Up All that You Love

Truth told: my kids hate it when I slather sunscreen on them. But in reciprocation, I love them enough to keep whipping out the bottle and squeezing on the gooey white cream. They might throw fits, I don’t care. They might roll their eyes and think I’m crazy. I don’t care. Because I love them, I will always try
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May 192014
John Stamos, The Stalker

Facebook is a funny beast.  As in, it doesn’t show your stuff to anyone and it’s totally depressing.  Also, it does neat things like make helpful recommendations.  For example, I might go to a simplistic home decor site and it will subsequently suggest I start following  a death-metal band who dresses entirely in metallics.  Sure.  Makes
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May 162014
Eye Surgery, Vaginal Birth and the Blue Cupcakes

Weird week around these parts.  Monday was a delight of gorgeous weather and hitting up our beloved Longwood Gardens with some of sweet friends, and then things sort of fell apart.  Tuesday is vague, but I remember a lot of temper tantrums and desperate dreams of locking myself in a closet–permanently.  Then Wednesday it was time
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May 092014
Clutching, Cleaning, 'n' Loving It!

Friends, we all know I love my products.  I find something I love and I don’t shut up about it.  I annoy those around me endlessly babbling about the latest and greatest. It was almost embarrassing when I spent over half of the goodbye Bible Study raving about my new Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean. Almost, but
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