Dec 262014
Let's Talk about the Raccoon

This holiday week, I’m going to share a couple of my favorite posts from the past year.  When looking over what I’d published, I found a lot of sentiments about letting go and embracing where you’re at in this life, the continued presence of missing my mother, shout-outs to my perpetually growing obsession with reading, and one tribute to
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Dec 172014
Once Upon a Craft

This is one of my favorite Christmas stories of all time, first published here two years ago.  We’re now all a bit older, but I continue to have active fantasies of the shirts I noted at the end of the post. Godspeed with the Christmas crafts, my friends… *********************************************************** Gosh, yes…I actually tried to craft
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Dec 152014
The Christmas Win

My daughter had a banner week last week. Upon smelling the rank fishy odor at the grocery store and pondering the stinky source, she pointed at a innocent nearby middle-age woman and loudly concluded “EW! IT’S HER BUTT”. Super. A kind friend gifted her an Elsa doll for Christmas. She opened it and squeed, “Yay! Now I can
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Dec 102014
Jammy-ing It Up with Joe Boxer

While our children usually look adorable come bedtime, my husband and I don’t have the best track record for acing out pajama wear. So when Joe Boxer pajamas from Kmart asked if I would to check out their line of jammies for my whole family, it was very exciting times around here! My husband fails miserably at pajamas–he sleeps in his
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Dec 092014
MyCharge Cheer!

Dude, the holidays have become an all-hands-on-deck situation around here. It’s a wondrous array of wrapping paper, obsessive checking of Amazon lightening deals, and piles of burnt cookies shouting-out my stunning domesticity.  Fabulous. In all this holiday merriment, teensy things tend to rile Mommy. Read: she goes bat-crap crazy. Over the weekend, I misplaced my scissors and began
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Dec 082014
Gala 411

It’s a big night around these parts, friends. To restate, I am leaving the house. Before you fall over in shock, let me tell you the whole story–it’s to ATTEND A GALA. Okay, now I’ll pause a minute while this sinks in… … Not sinking in? I know, I get it.  This is truly an
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