Jan 312014
Penny Jules Turns 1!

Alright, you may have heard me rave about Penny Jules once or twice before. That’s because you’re obsessed with her, Meredith. Okay, I am obsessed with her, but for excellent reason.  Heather, the gal behind Penny Jules, is rocking the socks off the jewelry world.  You see, she makes all of her own stuff.  And
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Jan 292014
Commercial Break

Who loves commercial breaks?  No one, unless you have to pee or they’re the fantastic ads aired during the Superbowl. But commericals are a bit of a sticky wicket because they are necessary.  If you want to see your nifty TV shows, you’ve gotta pay for them somehow (and unfortunately, the right arm you donated
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Jan 272014
And So She Writes...

Sometimes I get asked how I write.  (Not that often, really, because let’s be honest–who actually cares?). But wait–what?? What do you mean, “how do I write?” Like, there’s supposed to be a method?  Shoot, I knew I was getting this whole thing wrong… Basically, when I realize I have a post or an assignment due, I maturely
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Jan 242014
Dog-Sitter of the Year

Recently, a friend asked me watch her dog while her family took a vacay down to Disney.  No problem. Then a week later, another friend asked me to watch her dog while her friend took a vacay down to Disney. We’re on it. Consider our house the vehicle to making Magical Kingdom dreams come true for the
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Jan 222014
The Cookie Jar Parable

In this world, it can be a little tricky to meet people you connect with.  Finding those kindred spirits?  What a rare gift. I can’t say how blessed I feel that my path crossed with Stephanie Giese, the powerhouse behind Binkies and Briefcases, a while back through this blogging world.  Steph is a breath of fresh
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Jan 172014
Situation Friday

Does anyone even read this blog on a Friday?  Please speak up if you do.*  Makes me feel less like I’m senselessly pouring my heart out into dead silence, which can never be a bad thing, right? In any case, it is Friday. Since I don’t ever leave my house, the day of the week
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Jan 132014
The Soundtrack of Parenthood

Alisa is back!  And she’s got a fantastic treat for you today.  She has me snorting while singing, and that, friends, is a very special thing. ***Spoiler alert!!***– At the end of the post, you can find a link to her nifty soundtrack so you can take the fun with you wherever your little ones have you
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Jan 122014
The Paris Architect

I crush on books.  I stalk them.  I love them.  Ginormous geek alert: when I get my Goodreads.com monthly new release update e-mail, my fingers shake a bit with anticipation as I click over to find the treasures that await. I was pretty stoked a few months ago when I heard about The Paris Architect,
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