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Here’s the thing:  I love my daughter, but I’m pretty green with envy over some parts of her life right now.

1. When she steals the whipped cream out of the refridegerator and goes holes up on an armchair to suck it down, I’m kind of in awe.  Give it up for her speed and taste in snack foods.  Sure, I’m a little concerned that this may be correlated with a future of her doing whippets, but mostly I’m just jealous that she can look so darn cute while pounding whipped cream from the can.

old navy girl's coat @meredithspidel

See, I told you it was really adorable, didn’t I?

2.  Her clothes are adorable.  Why does Old Navy not make that sweet little coat in my size?  Darn sizeists.  It even has a pretty puffy flower on it.  I want.  And how is it that she can rock pink boots.  I would probably get laughed out of Walmart (scratch that, anything is fair game at Walmart…)

3.  If something makes her mad, she gets to cry and stomp her feet.  Um, yes please.  Enough of this being mature and rising against our instinctive reactions crap.

4. Someone else cuts her food and makes her chocolate milk.  This is really getting unfair now…

5.  She gets to sleep in footed pajamas.  As in, her feet don’t get cold.  Is there no justice in this world?!

6. I’m pretty sure that after our last visit to Longwood Christmas, my arms fell off from the strain of pushing the double stroller up and down all those hills.  She, meanwhile, remained super-comfy warm under her lap blanket.  If I ever tried to pull off a lap blanket, I know my husband would make fun of me the entire way into 2014.

7.  Can we revisit the clothes thing?  The coat was really, really cute.

8. If she picks up a teenie purse, holds it out and toddles about with it, everyone thinks she looks like a little doll.  I would look like an elderly woman who had clearly tippled a tad too much.

9. Manners are relative at her age.  If she sees something unusual, she can point at it and scream “Da-doo!” (because everything is “Da-doo!” right now).  If I see something whacky, I’m just supposed to politely turn my head.

10. If she gets tired and cranky, she can go to bed at 7:30pm, and no one thinks she’s crazy.  Really, does 9pm have to come so very late each night??

You’re having a good run, sweetheart.  Enjoy it while it lasts because that coat only runs up to a size 5.


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  58 Responses to “I’m Jealous of My Daughter”


    My jaw dropped when I read this post–I was JUST writing something similar about MY daughter!!!!!! Great minds… 😉


    Awesome and can so agree with you on this post and I have it times tow with “cute” girls, lol!! Also, love that you are a part of Finding the Funny now!!


    I would love for someone to cut my food for me, do my laundry and drive me around. I think our husbands are alike. I would totally rock a lap blanket and I’m pretty sure hubby would never let me live it down.


      Is it sad that as it gets colder and colder the only thing I really want is a lap blanket? How darn comfy that would be!


    That’s too funny! Yep, I’m jealous of my kids, too. I love the clothes my girls wear. I wish they came in my size!


    One of these days, I am not going to be late to this party! I loved this list and it made me think, Gia’s got it pretty good as well. So jealous!


    I’m always jealous of the clothes. I don’t want to match my kids, but really. They are SO cute. And a lap blanket sounds lovely. So does the 7:30 bedtime.


    I’d been thinking about this too (I saw you up there Stephanie!). Am I crazy that I’m jealous of other things besides her Uggs (when my boots look like something for an 1870s railroad worker?). My daughter also has these eyelashes that are to die for and long skinny legs. Sigh. I’m also jealous because she knows she’s cute. The world hasn’t made her doubt this. I hope it stays this way for a long time.


      Keesha, I’m snorting over “my boots look like something for an 1870s railroad worker”. I’m now off to throw my own nasty boots for the preschool drop-off and will be be shooting jealous daggers at my kids’ eyelashes in the rearview mirror 😉 (and yes, I hope they keep their sweet confidence for a long time too!)


    I rock my footed pj’s nightly! They are slightly over-rated though when you have to go use the bathroom. Seriously thought about getting the pair they advertise on tv with the potty hatch in the back. ;0) These kids just don’t know how good they have it!


      Crap! I didn’t factor in the whole bathroom thing–you’re right. Let me know how the hatch pair works out if you go that route :)


    Ha! You mean, it is inappropriate for a mom to stamp her foot and cry too. Oh dear, I must grow up a bit. I agree, kids clothes are way too cute and I hate the mom clothes that come in our sizes. :)


    I think you CAN get those footed pj’s in adult size! I’m definitely jealous of my daughter’s carefree life. But I will get my revenge when she has kids!!


    The worst part of this is that as they get a little bit older…you start to complain and moan to THEM about how easy their life is and then catch yourself realizing you ARE the mother in this situation and they really ARE the children…it’s not their fault they have it so good!!! And then I serve them some more and watch them eat in their footies and play. It’s the circle of life. 😉 Someday, when we are very old and they have to care for us in our footies and popping whip cream in our mouths and talking all kinds of crazy…they will be running around with their responsibilities AND taking care of us. Circle of life baby!


      You’re so right, Chris–it is the circle of life and exactly the way it’s supposed to be. And we wouldn’t want anything else for them to have it “so good”, right? :)


    HAHA! You’re daughter sounds very cool! I got my footy PJs on and they are awesome, Carrie’s right about having to go pee though – that sucks, especially when it’s cold. But they are awesome for nursing. Earlier today my none nursing 2 year old kept pulling down the zipper and sayin “WOW!’ at my boobies, then he pulled it up and nipped my skin… “OWWWWW!”


    Wait, adults aren’t supposed to stomp their feet and pout? ‘Cuz that’s totally my m.o. 😉


    Oh yes. My girls have the CUTEST outfits. Why doesn’t Old Navy make some of these outfits in grown up sizes??? And, I could totally go to bed at 7pm. However, my kids want to stay up all night long. So my dreams of 8 hours go the way of the cute outfits. Sigh…


    Warm feet. Yes, I should’ve added that to my Dear Santa letter! : )


    Have you noticed that with boys, they have junior and senior versions of some of the outfits so the guys can dress alike? Do the boy designers NOT talk to the girl designers and share ideas?! So not fair!


    Um wait, I cry and stomp my feet when I don’t get my way. Are you saying this is not an age-appropriate adult response to disappointment?


    I think my 2-1/2 yr old daughter is actually aware of how great it is to be that young. When she wants to button her own coat (which she can’t do so it takes forever) or do other things that she’s not old enough to do yet she argues that she’s a big girl but when it comes to meal times she tells us she is a baby and needs us to feed her. Or needs us to clean her room for her. I haven’t really been keeping score with this parenting thing but I’m pretty sure she is winning.


    Oh yes! I’m jealous of my daughter for all the same reasons!!


    Haha this is amazing. It’s such a fun age to be. And while I get jealous of it sometimes, it really can be such a fun age to watch and observe, too. How exciting all the little things we take for granted are. And then I’m reminded I don’t poop in my own pants anymore and am grateful I’m matured.


      There is always that, femmefrugality. True victory declared if you haven’t pooped your pants. And too true, the sweet excitement of this age is wonderful :)


    Great post. I also get jealous that my kids don’t have to many worries. Oh yea, they make adult pj’s with footsies on them now!! They even have them in my size (3X.) I saw them all over the place. My husband didn’t like the idea of me being so closed off to him. :( I wanted a pair though, and still may get one even though it may make him a bit upset. I don’t think he’d care if he could fit in them with me. :)

    I definitely wish I could go to sleep anytime I wanted. (However, to my husband’s credit if I take a notion to take a nap (since I don’t sleep to well at night due to insomnia and nightmares) he will help ensure I do get an hours worth of peaceful sleep.


      You’ve got a great guy there for supporting those naps–insomnia is such an awful beast (I’m right there with you, Crystal). Bummer for him and being closed off ;), but it is sounding more and more like these pajamas are super-popular and definitely the way to go–go snag yourself a pair!


    I’m SO with you – I’ve often thought this kind of stuff about my girls (the boys, not so much). Plus now I’m thirsty for hot chocolate.


      Throw in some kahlua and some of these comfy pj’s everyone is buzzing about, and I’m holing up with you for that hot chocolate.


    I’m often jealous of my daughter too — I really wish some days I could come back as her!! :-)


    I would totally be in the same boat if I had a girl!! Sadly, I was at Old Navy yesterday, gazing longingly at the little toddler girl dresses. I was wondering why they couldn’t make one in my size?!? Then I also sadly came to the realization that I would definitely not look as cute in one. Sigh. :( I guess I just need to hope to have a girl next time!! Haha! Congrats on becoming a host for Finding the Funny! Love that link-up!


      Kristy, I love that you don’t have girls yet but you still completely get what I’m talking about. You’re awesome!


    Yeah I’m jealous of her too. I’ve been eyeing the puffy vests. Every one I try on adds fifty pounds. Needless to say I have not wasted my money on a purchase. I will say the black one only adds thirty pounds.


      Smart call with saving your money, Kenya. The puffer coats aren’t flattering anyway. I’ll let her have this one, but I’m still eyeing up at least half the other stuff in her closet!


    Isn’t it funny how they could rock so many cute outfits, that we wish we could! And I want someone to cut my food and get me utensils. Wouldn’t that be nice- reverse mommy and daughter duties just for one day. Super cute post!


      One day sounds perfect, Mel! Enough to enjoy all the cool stuff about being that age–but to probably ultimately make us thankful for where we’re really at, huh? 😉


    I, too, wonder why Old Navy can’t make the kid clothes in adult sizes. There are so many things I’ve bought for my daughter there that would have looked so cute on me.


    Haha! Congrats on becoming a host for Finding the Funny! Love that link-up!

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