Dec 172012

This is a repost of one of my favorite posts from last year’s Christmas season.  Happy reading and hope this can bring some joy and warmth your way in the midst of all the recent pain.

The full script of Virginia’s 1897 sweet letter to the editor and his even sweeter reply is a wonderful heart-warmer during the Christmas season.  Check it out here.

Recently, it occurred to me that the whole idea of believing in something so amazing that it seems unreal closely parallels our daily experience as parents…

This sweet revision of the precious letter written over 100 years ago to a little girl helps all of us capture the magic of Christmas, children and wonder included.

This is a paraphrased conversation I had with my sister, who we lovingly refer to as Aunt A:

Me:          “Yeah, you can never sleep in after you have kids…”
Aunt A:  “Probably not often, no.”
Me:           “Like as in, never.”
Aunt A:   “Not never, I’m sure”.
Me:            “No, never.”
Aunt A:    “But if they stay up late the night before or something…”
Me:            “Kids don’t sleep in. No matter when you put them to bed, they still wake up at the same time.  It’s one of the profound phenomena of young children.”
Aunt A:    “No way.”
Me:            “Very way.”
Aunt A:    “But like if you guys get away for the weekend or something without the kids?”
Me:            “Doesn’t matter. Your body becomes so conditioned to getting up at the crack of dawn, you lay there cursing the clock in the hotel room at 6am.”
Aunt A:    “And you still like these kids?!?”
Me:            “Yes, we still like these kids.  And we love them. A lot, actually…” :)

And there you have it, this Mom of the Year’s 2011 2012 version of believing in something profound and beautiful despite all logic…:)


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  34 Responses to “Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus: Revised”


    Oh Meredith, this was great and you really captured sleep or the lack there of with kids. And yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and we do love them very much, lol!! :)


    God, I miss sleeping in. It’s amazing how much we love these little beings even when they have spit on, peed on, pooped on and puked on us. Our hearts still swell with love for them.


    Would now be a bad time to mention that my kids sleep in? Of course, they aren’t toddlers anymore and they can reach the milk and cereal.

    But, I loved them even when they didn’t. I was more tired, but I loved them. 😉


    Perfect! :)


    So sweet and so true. I nicknamed my son “Crack of Dawn”. For many MANY year I was waiting him to sleep in JUST ONCE. So when he finally starts to do this I can’t sleep passed the crack of dawn. What’s up with that?!


    This is awesome. I love the no, never. Not even when you are on vacation (which, hello, what is that??!!). This is a great post.


    Oh my gosh how true is this!! Hubby and I will be exhausted if on a special occasion the kids will stay up late, and foolishly think we can sleep in. Nope. Crack of dawn these kids. Every. Damn. Day.


    one of those great mysteries of life–so true–i love this :)


    I LOVE this because it is SO true!!!! Kids always wake up no matter what time they go to bed, and parents wake up early no matter where they are, even when on “vacation”. The conversation between you and your sister is HILARIOUS!!!! Love it & thanks for sharing the laughs tonight!


    So true! And even worse is if you’re a night person like me, you still stay up late and also get up at 6am. :(


    SO. TRUE. PERIOD. LOVE this post!!! :)


    This is probably reason 658 why I am not ready for kids :)


    So right about waking up, even if you don’t need to! Useless kids!! 😛


    I can not sleep in!! It’s exactly like you said… sometimes if I complain to my husband that I always have to get up early with them while he sleeps in (!!) he will take them downstairs and what do i do? Lay there with my eyes open!! I can’t sleep in!


    Haha- so true! We were just away for our anniversary and like clockwork my body woke up even though I had a lot of time to sleep:(


    Zzzzz!! Oh, wait, I dozed off there. Yes, what you write about is amazingly uncanny and I also can’t get over how hard it is to convince people without kids of this phenomenon. It’s like the have to become part of the parent cult to truly understand.


    So true. But sleep isn’t that important, is it? I can’t remember….

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