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What real moms want for Christmas @meredithspidel #dearsanta

It probably goes without saying that what we all really want this Christmas is for the horrible tragedy of last week to not have happened.  Our hearts are so broken and hurting as we think of these families.  While they remain heavily in thought and prayer, here’ s hoping this last installment of  the”Dear Santa” note series can provide a small dose of levity and cheer amidst all the sorrow.  These ladies always make me laugh so much, and hoping their requests can do the same for you today.

Thanks so much to all of you for playing along!  I’ve had such a fun time with these notes, and I’m so glad you’ve been tuning in.  I’ll turn it over to these moms and then The Bloggess herself send us out with her oh-so-perfect wish.  How does she always just get it so right?

I imagine at this point Santa is getting a bit nervous, being that he only has 5 days until Christmas to make this stuff happen.  But hey, he’s in charge of the Christmas magic, so I’ll let him figure that all out.  For one last time, Santa, listen up!



Professional needed here

C’mon, Santa, Kim’s not asking for a full-time personal barista or anything, just a few hours/day:

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a good girl.
For the most part.
OK, there may have been some questionable moments.
Whatever.  Let’s forget the semantics.
Look, the Keurig you brought me last year was great. For a while.  The truth is that my coffee habit has gotten out of control.
So can you bring me a barista to work a shift in my home?  I’m talking daily, 6-10am, and then again around 3pm.
I think this is in everyone’s best interest.

Thanks a million —



At the very least,
leave one of your elves, Santa

A shower, a clean house, a potty-trained son, and just few simple things will rock Sara’s world this year:

Dear Santa,

I’ve decided this year I am not going to ask for expensive clothes or handbags.  Truth be told, they will just end up in my closet with the tags still on.  This year I am going to be practical and ask for things that I just wish would happen.  Since you’re oh so magical I know you can make it happen.

1)       Just once a week I would like you to send a magic elf to hypnotize my son  so I can take a normal shower.  You know one where I am not hopping out of the shower every 30 seconds to check on him.

2)      I would LOVE to wake up on Christmas morning and for my house to be sparkly clean.  I’m not just talking dishes done but super clean.  For example the grout in my shower could use a good scrubbing.  Those blinds with a half inch of dust could use a magic elf to clean them up.  My list goes on and on.

3)      I have a scrapbook of Little Bear’s first year and am only up to his 7th month.  He is now three years old.   Waking up on Christmas morning to a completed scrapbook would not only take away some mommy guilt but also make me more organized.  It’s a win/win.

4)      Do you have an elf that can just magically get Little Bear potty trained?  It’s been a year of potty training and we are still wearing pull ups.  I can use some magic in this department.

5)      Hell, if you want to just leave the magic elf at my house all year I’m  sure I can find a few things to keep him busy.

I still believe in you Santa!

Sara of Confessions of a Redheaded Mama


A Jetson car?  Kristy is brilliant.  I’ll take one of these too, Santa!

Dear Santa, 
For Christmas this year, I have just a couple simple requests. First, I would love to have a self-cleaning toilet. I live with all boys. Self-cleaning stoves have been around for awhile now, but I’m still waiting on that toilet. Help a girl out and hook me up!
Second, a flying car would be nice – you know, Jetson-style. It sure would be helpful for saving us some time in the morning when my boys lazily eat their breakfast, when we should be headed out the door to preschool. Perhaps I wouldn’t be perpetually late anymore then either? It would also come in handy for shortening those looooong road trips to Grandpa and Grandma’s house. As much as my youngest loves riding in the car and all, this would really help speed things up! 😉
I’ve been pretty good this year, Santa, so I would love to see one or both of these gifts under my tree…or rather in my bathroom or garage this year! Thanks!

As Steph says, Santa, her list is completely reasonable.  Get on it!:

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a good girl this year. I’ve kept my swearing to a minimum — only a 5 – 10 times a day, I have been volunteering on the PTA (don’t be thrown by the fact that I don’t attend the meetings), and almost every time I borrowed cash from my kids’ wallets, I returned it.  As such, I was hoping you could be extra good to me this Christmas.  I think you’ll find my list to be completely reasonable.
Here’s what I want for Christmas:
  1. A firmer belly
  2. A clean house
  3. Someone to do homework with my kids so I don’t have to
  4. A tad bit more common sense
  5. More help, cooperation and appreciation from my children and husband
That’s only five things. Not too much, right Santa?
PS, I’ll be sure to leave milk and cookies out for you on Christmas Eve! My cookies are to die for.


Steph of I’m Still Learning



Calling in the grandmas
this holiday season

Call in the grandmas for Jelli:

Dear Santa,

It’d be grand if one of the grandmas could fly south in December to spoil my little girl while the hubs & I live it up at a couples beach retreat.

Love, Jelli of Jellibean Journals


Just a robot, some chocolate a little bit of playing with time for Jen, who wisely thanks you for remembering what’s really important about Christmas:

Dear Santa,

As a Mom of 2 boys (ages 6 and 9) I’d like a robot that can pick up all the toys left behind.  That shouldn’t be too hard.  Just combine the technology of the Roomba and make it able to pick up larger items, and spit them out where they belong.  The old “Clean up, clean up” song no longer works for the boys and the tiny legos really hurt when you step on them.  So yes, a Clean Up Robot would be perfect.  I’d also like a big box of chocolates.  You just can’t go wrong with chocolate.  One last request, maybe you could make these years last just a little longer.  Time is flying by too fast and my oldest is a preteen.  I want time to slow down so we can snuggle a little longer, tickle till we cry, and play chase till we’re tired.  Those are the precious times I don’t want to lose with age.  

By the way, thanks for always taking second place to Jesus.  I wanted my boys to believe in you, but never wanted Jesus to be in your shadow.  So thanks for bowing out when necessary but always providing that extra “magic” that makes Christmas morning so fun.

Jen of Second Chances and Lessons from the Garden


Wrinkled Mommy only wants 3 days.  Just 3 days!  Surely you can manage that?:

72 hours completely alone. As in NO ONE at home with me at all. The first day I would clean house and do all laundry. The second day I would stay out all day shopping. The third day I would lay around on the couch ALL DAY watching anything I wanted on TV.

Wrinkled Mommy


Give this sweet mom, Melissa, a little rest and a little break:

Dr. Santa,

This year for Christmas I have been a very good girl.  What I would really like would be to wake up one morning and just not feel tired anymore.  What I also would like is to get to eat a meal in peace and decide when and for how long I sit at the table.  If either of those aren’t feasible, I will settle for getting to go the the bathroom alone.  Thanks.  Cookies and milk will be waiting for you.

Melissa of Adventures with Captain Destructo


cheesecake flavor

And this is the flavor we’ll be needing
in our veggies from now on

And our final note of the season comes from the very sage Bloggess, who asks for the one thing we would all ALWAYS want. She’s like, super-famous, Santa, so you’ve gotta make this one come true:

If not, all I want for Christmas is for carrots to taste like cheesecake.

The Bloggess



Remember to tune in Monday, when Santa has agreed to share the note he is writing to my kids this year.  No, I don’t think he had it in him to respond to all of these amazing requests, but hey, it’s really all about the kids, right? 😉

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  38 Responses to “What Moms REALLY Want for Christmas: Week 4”


    Thanks so much for letting me join in on the Santa fun. I enjoyed this series and am super impressed by other moms wishes. A jetson car might be the greatest idea ever!!


    Another awesome installment and think I may need to add a few of these to my original list, but oh hell that would be a bit greedy. So ok let it be about the kids, but hey isn’t it always, lol!! Seriously, thanks for including me from the beginning and looking forward to Monday’s installment now!!


    Love them all. Thanks for the smile this morning and for including me in this batch of Santa letters!


    When the elf is done at Sara’s house, maybe it could come to mine. I have neither the 5 year old’s nor the 18 month old’s scrapbook of their first year done. :/


      Yeah, I’m going to need him too. Maybe we could come up with a scheduled rotation or something? I’ll chat with Santa and get back to you on this!


    Ditto to all of them! Great Series, Meredith. I have thoroughly enjoyed it!


    Another great round. I’ll take a flying car too please.


      That brings us up to a total of four flying cars needed. Hey, the elves still have 3 days to make it happen; I’m holding out hope.


    Thanks, Meredith! I’d sure love to sink my teeth into that cheesecake. Yum! Hope you have a lovely week!


    Thanks so much for including me in this, Meredith!! I have truly enjoyed reading all these letters this month. Too bad my list for Santa is super long now! 😉 I’m definitely on board with the robot, too. It’ll fit right in with my flying car!! :) Merry Christmas to you and your family and I hope Santa brings you everything you want!


    Thanks for including me Meredith! Merry Christmas!


    These are great! Love em!


    Ha! This is great! Thanks for the smile tonight, I needed it.


    BAHAHAHAHAHA! Another awesome one! Thanks for this. I needed the laugh!!!



    Oh this is great.. I love the fun behind it and it is so interactive -how awesome. I would love to not be tired anymore too. I would like a few more hours in my day, a personal assistant, a housekeeper so I can have more time for family and writing and more money to be able to give away. = )

    Irish Carter
    “Promoting Passionate People”


      Sounds like the PERFECT wish to me, Irish! Thanks so much for sharing and hope some of these dreams magically come true for you!


    What a great post idea! I want carrots to taste like cheesecake too!


    I love how you started this post. Everyone agrees.


    I ditto Steph’s list. Though, come to think of it, I was nodding yes to every single one of these lists. This was so much fun to be a part of. Thanks for including me. Wouldn’t it be nice if Santa let all of the food we ate during the holidays to count as negative calories and we could actually LOSE weight by eating. Now that is some magic I would love. :) Have a very Merry Christmas, my friend!


      I think you’re onto something here, AnnMarie! New item for my list now too :) Thanks so much for sharing your note and playing along :)


    I really love this series and I would definitely take my own barista in a heartbeat! You are right though, I think we would all give up all of our gifts forever to undo the Sandy Hook tragedy :(


    This is hysterical! After your magic elf comes so you can shower, do you mind sending them to me!!! I totally could use some me time!!! Happy Holidays my friend!

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