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Nothing says Christmas like a Hallmark Channel movie. Cuddle up and catch these flicks for some cozy family time! Bring the wrapping paper to multi-task!

I love Hallmark movies.  Let me clarify: I love Hallmark Christmas movies.  I’ve learned from experience that quality of content get get a bit dicey on this channel come St. Patrick’s Day with stories about villagers trying to find magical secret leprechauns.

So it’s really just best to soak up all the soapy goodness right now (or anytime from Halloween on, since that’s the way the Hallmark Channel rolls). We’re all so overcome with sugar cookie endorphins, we couldn’t possibly be less than swoony over the same Santa-visits-a-small-town-and-falls-in-love storyline told 100 times over–in basically exact replication with minor variations on the spelling of “Mr. Claus”.

These movies are pure delight. If this world was a sensical place, the dishes would do themselves for the entire month of December. Sadly, Santa has yet to grant me this wish. But this is where the beauty of the universal storyline comes into play.

Do not despair if you can’t tune in every two hours on the regular! Just pop in when you can, and you’ll still be able to follow along perfectly, I promise.

In our house, there are many Christmas traditions. Not the least of which is the too-fun delight of tuning into a family-friendly Hallmark movie. Check out what we're watching!

Do a quick read-over of this breakdown of the ubiquitous storyline, and you will be set for the season!:

Lonely woman moves to new small town, population 18 + an overpopulated animal rescue center.

She is poor and needs a job.  Often, she has kids.  (They may not be hers, but she has the weighty responsibility of caring for them through a set of bizarre circumstances that never completely make sense)

She finds a job. Usually at the animal shelter. Or at a coffee shop or bakery.

Strange man starts coming into her place of employment and seeing her. SPOILER ALERT: He doesn’t really like the animals or cupcakes that much–he just wants to see her.

The woman works hard to fight her feelings for five desperate minutes, but then must finally acknowledge the powerful connection she has to the man.

She has a crisis of some sort, which usually involves Christmas lights and a holiday pageant at a nursing home. It is also at this point that we may or may not realize that she is secretly a elf.

The man and woman fully give into their deep love that has developed over the 2 hr. length of the movie (commercial breaks included) and decide that together, they can beat all odds (that include her possibly being an elf and the fact that the Christmas pageant is now over).

In epic climax of the movie, the couple shares a sweet holiday kiss.

The glow of a Christmas shines in the background and a child (not necessarily one that has yet appeared in the movie) beams in gratitude for the blessing of Christmas miracles.

I know.  I KNOW.  Exactly.  It’s fabulous. Pass the wrapping paper, mountain of gifts and queue up the next one.  I’m so in.

No really, even Santa Claus is tuning in--watch these Christmas movies now! And enjoy :)



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  33 Responses to “Nothing Says Christmas Like a Hallmark Channel Movie”


    Perfect description of the Hallmark movie and couldn’t have said it better if I tried. Will definitely be checking back for more linkups to this. Thanks Meredith :)


    My DVR is set at at 24/7 recording of the Hallmark Channel this month. I don’t want to miss a single one! I like the ones where the mom with mysterious children is driving home for Christmas, and her car breaks down. And for some reason it’s such a small town, that it takes 2 weeks to repair her car, and she’s stuck in the small town for Christmas. Then enter the pageant that she somehow gets sucked into, and the man that she “connects” with – who is sometimes Santa… :)


      The car breakdown! How did I forget this?! Creepy how often the guy is Santa. The big guy really stays busy this time of year 😉


    AHAHAHAHA!!! This is so spot-on!! Hilarious! My mom doesn’t miss ONE of them, and then inevitably calls to tell me about them. I’ll be able to predict the endings from now on–thanks 😉


    Oh my goodness. It’s like how all those Love Comes Softly books had the exact same plot but just a new heroine who would get to fall in love with a farmhand for each one.


    Add a murder and you have a Lifetime movie. :) I do love a sweet romance. Can I confess something? The Christmas movie with Jaclyn Smith traveling with her family to the North Pole is my favorite Hallmark movie.


    Oh I just can’t wait to watch every. single. one of them!! You should have put “SPOILER ALERT” in your post title. You ruined it for me…


    It’s so sad how true this is! Hahaha! Love it. :)


    So hilarious. And so true. All the plots are just like you listed. This is crazy, but in our home, my husband is the one who always finds a sappy Hallmark movie to watch.


    Oh I love hallmark movies. My family always giggles at me because I sit and end up crying and have a rudolph nose when done watching. Thanks for visiting Dedicated 2 Life. I appreciate your company. = )

    Irish Carter
    “Promoting Passionate People”


    Oh, you’ve described it so well! For me these usually go really well with a lot of ice cream -;)


    I like the Hallmark movies too. I’m just sad that Little House gets bumped until the New Year. My kids like watching that. : )


    I have Hallmart taped all month. I love their daily shoes! You described it to a T!!


    Oh yay- so glad you’re a host for #MTMMixer this week- I love you!
    (I meant that in a non-creepy way. It looks weird now that I look at it… more of an “I love your blog, not I am in love with you personally way”. Sorry, just getting weirder.


    Should I admit that I’ve never seen one? Now I have to check them out!


    Haha love it! I’m following you via twitter from the blog hop. I hope you have a great Friday!


    LOL. What? There’s a Hallmark Channel? Sounds kind of amazing.


    Love that I’m reading this now. Last night I walked downstairs after putting the kids to bed and found my husband watching a Hallmark movie by himself. He’s not living this one down.

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