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Don't be fooled by all these modern fashion trends.  All good women know that yoga pants are the answer--ALWAYS the answer, even in these surprising situations. Pull 'em on, ladies!It doesn’t surprise me anymore when someone says they only wear yoga pants; it surprises me when someone wears something other than yoga pants.  What occasion could possibly call for wearing something that diverts from this standard mom uniform?  Maybe church, or possibly a night out, you might say?  Completely unnecessary   Let me clue you in on the key to successful continuous yoga pant wardrobing: it’s all about classification.

I hear you, this can sound like a lot of work, but if you take a few minutes now to separate out your pairs, you are guaranteed a future free of dress code faux pas.  You’ll want to make two piles.  One for regular, around-the-house/grocery-store shopping days and one for fancier occasions.  They make really nice yoga pants nowadays people.  Like, ones that border on being shapewear and help suck you in and such.  You will look like a rockstar when wearing these.  And if the people at the next wedding you go to give you funny looks, it’s just because they are jealous.  Trust me on this one.

My current favorite dress pair.
Oh yes, they “shape”…

Yoga pants are very welcoming to a variety of tops, but don’t make the amateur mistake of matching your good pants with your playground/home-crafting shirts.  Now, I don’t mean to be an elitist snob, but if you are going to go to the trouble of breaking out your fancy pants, don’t taint them with an overly-stained shirt.  One or two splotches are fine, otherwise, just save the more beat-up shirts for the days when you keep it casual.You may want to consider separating them into different dresser drawers to prevent careless mistakes.  I have too often made an early-morning sleep-deprived blunder when grabbing for a fresh pair.  Thinking I was just pulling on garden-variety regular yoga pants, I discovered later in the morning that I had wasted one of my best pairs on a day at home.  Seriously, I really don’t care about impressing the mail lady, why wasn’t I more careful?!  And after the first peanut butter smear of the day, it’s too late to go back.  You just have to suck it up, wear your nice pants proudly and pray that your second good pair will make it through the laundry loop in time for your outing tomorrow.

Half my age, and I’m golden

Yoga pants have been a saving grace for me.  Honestly, my full conversion to becoming a yoga-pant devotee was really born out of a dignity issue.  For some bizarre reason, Aeropastle sweatpants fit me perfectly.  I used to buy them in bulk, not really caring about color/print/etc.  Then one day I accidentally looked at myself in the mirror.  To my horror, “AERO” was printed in boldface across my butt.  Now this may have been adorable when I was 14, but in my 30s, this was downright embarrassing.  I mean, I have my standards.  From this moment on, I switched to the much safer, script-free yoga pants and haven’t looked back.

The important takeaway lesson here is that you should always be checking out your butt in the mirror.  If your husband acts like you’re crazy, just say that you have on good authority that this is essential to maintaining your dignity.  You never know when a sneaky logo is going to embroider itself on there.

Okay, I think I’ve got the basics mostly covered.  Let me know if I’m missing anything and happily yoga-pant on, my friends.

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Meredith blogs at The Mom of the Year, dedicatedly earning her title one epic parenting fail at a time. When her kids aren't busy pummeling each other with Legos or requiring their 16th sippy cup refill of the day, she tries to offer quick, relatable laughs for fellow parents of the world and all their empathizers. She remains entirely terrified by crafts, promises to never share any useful household tips, and is fully committed to a less serious look at the world of parenting.

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  98 Responses to “Breaking Down Yoga Pants”


    Would you believe I don’t own any yoga pants? I have 5 pair of fisherman pants but no yoga pants. But really…. Are they just a new name for stretch pants?


      Robin, I think any stretchy pants can qualify 😉 Most seem to be black–the slenderizing and easy-to-match qualities can’t be beat!


        Ok I’m sitting here in my very first pair of yoga pants… At least I think I am. I went out today with the goal in mind to get myself a pair of yoga pants so I can call myself a proper mom. They were calling them “Room Pants” but I think they are the same thing. 😉


          Woo-hoo! Congrats, Robin! Are you loving how comfy they are? I have never heard of “Room Pants”? If you figure out any difference between them and yoga pants, fill me in!


    I own more the sweat pant variety and yes sadly at 35 I own Holister and Abercrombie and Fitch ones that have writing on them. They are just too damn comfortable to give up, lol!! Great post Meredith :) :)


    The best part of yoga pants is that they allow me to pretend that I haven’t eaten too many cookies. The only thing I don’t like about yoga pants is that their flaredness causes the bottoms to get wet when it’s rainy out and then when you go inside, your wet pants cause wet feet and that’s no fun for anybody. How did you make your fancy graphic? I love it!


      Definite conundrum. Maybe this would be the time to break out a capri pair of yoga pants? I would suggest hemming I was the kind of person who rocked a sewing machine, but I’m not…is rolling up at the bottom considered good form? Thanks about the graphic. We know I couldn’t do this 😉 Called in the tech-team (read: brilliant husband).


    My sweatpants are so nasty they can’t even be qualified as yoga pants… my most treasured pair being an awesomely faded black, cut off at the ankle, torn seam, maternity size like quadruple x. I love them, I have to pull them up about 159 times a day because they didn’t even fit well at 9mo pregnant. Maybe I slept in them last night…and I have no intention of taking them off to get dressed today!


      Another beautiful truth of such pants–universally ideal for sleep, exercise and daywear 😉 I’ll bet your sweats are awesome!


    You’re a girl after my own heart you are! I think I need to go and buy some more, so I can have fancy pants!


    “the key to successful continuous yoga pant wardrobing” – love.

    You should run a seminar. The only break I take from yoga pants is to wear the gigantic pair of men’s sweatpants my husband got for me (this is how I know he loves me).


      He sounds like a definite keeper. Off to work on my seminar curriculum now…I always hoped this blog would lead to big, important things.


    The ironic part is that the more I wear Yoga pants, the less I do Yoga.


    I’m a fan of yoga pants too, but i just can’t bring myself to wearing them out and about. Visiting from jelli’s blog!


    Yoga pants are the only pants I will dare to wear so tight with a shorter top. There’s something about how they magically suck everything in and hold it there. And I agree with an above commenter – the more I wear the pants, the less I do the yoga.

    Plus, my Hubby can’t keep his hands off my butt when I wear yoga pants, so there’s that. 😉


    I LOVE my yoga pants. I have several pairs and yes, have worn them out on date night. I brought back the 80’s while wearing them with a big sweater and boots. I was the most comfortable there. Mine are from Old Navy and Target but I am on the hunt for two more pairs, you know…because I hate the laundry loop. :) It wins every single time.


    I don’t really own any yoga pants sadly. I do more sweatpants, but I agree that yoga pants look so much nicer. Might be time to upgrade!


      Hey, do what work works for you! If I could get rid of the darn butt logo on the sweatpants, I might not have fully “upgraded” myself!


    I wish I had known about the categorizing earlier!! Oh well, I can always go shopping, in my yoga pants!!


    you know i don’t think i have any yoga pants–but i will :)


    Uh-oh! Butt check! Phew! Ok, that’s better…

    I love yoga pants so much that I may very well write a poem about them. I own two pairs of yoga pants-the ones with the slimming white stripe down the side and the plain pair that goes with everything. I only wear other pants on special occasions. Today is Monday, therefore not one of them. :-)

    I found your blog through Don’t Chew on the Dinner Table. AWESOME! I’ll have to start following you. But don’t worry, I”m not a stalker.


    Lol! Why is it that the lettering makes you look ghetto as you get older? I still have a few pair in my closet but dont’ wear them for fear it would make me look like one of those moms who wears matching sweat suits…


    Um, hell yes! Love this post. May have to Tweet it. Thanks for providing me with some well thought out justification for adding to my collection!


    Well you certainly make me want to try yoga pants for recreation. Mine are all highwaters though. Not cute. Also letters on the butt – especially JUICY – not cute.


      Kenya, I’m in that awkward in-between “regular” and “tall” height, so I tend to rock the highwaters as well. Maybe we could start a new trend?


        I took some NEW yoga pants on our Thanksgiving travels. If it weren’t for reading your post last week, I would have traveled uncomfortably in jeans. Instead, I was SO comfortable. I’m not putting them in the dryer this time. I bought them from Target. I tried on the longs and they were drag in the mud too long.



          I am so honored to be involved in any holiday-related yoga pant-wearing. Excellent call on avoiding the dryer too–have never even thought of that. Thanks, Kenya–will now exclusively air-dry!


    And the best part is that they so easily transition from day to night wear (as in when it’s time to go to bed, I’m already dressed so comfortably, there’s no need to change into pajamas). Only caveat is that I can easily forget to change the next morning – only realizing when it’s time for bed again that I’ve been wearing the same outfit for two days straight (there are worse things in life though…). All that to say, I’m a big, big fan!


      I consider it a pure blessing to be able to dress once for all occasions–day wear, bedtime, exercise. If you can get two full days out of an outfit, all the better! Saves so much time and so very “green” of us saving on laundry, right? 😉


    HA! I, too, have classifications for my yoga pants: Nice/new, faded/comfy, and ratty/not appropriate for public consumption.

    What brand do you like for, ahem, shaping?


      That’s it, JD! Keep it classy by keeping them classified 😉 And I am really loving on the Tek Gear ones right now–the source is linked to them under the image. They do an amazing job of sucking everything in very nicely!


    I need to share this with one of my neighbors who does NOT check her butt logo and wears too-tight pants and a sports bra (yes, JUST the bra) while walking the ‘hood. It ain’t pretty.


    Yoga pants, or any stretchy pant for that matter are the best! My problem is I tend to keep them way too long (after they’ve stretched out) to wear around the house! It’s quite embarrassing how baggy they are on me but for me that’s “comfort!” 😉


      There has to be occasions for which baggy ones are better–we’ll just add a new category to the classification system and it’s all good!


    You are my new fashion guru. Love it! Very funny.


      That’s me–completely in the know on all things fashion. Imagine I’ll be getting calls to become a celeb stylist soon.


    BAH-HAHAHAHA! Awesome post, Meredith! I have my nice and not-so-nice yoga pants, too!

    My trick now that the weather is cold is to wear leggings. Not my best look, but what I do is put the rattiest tee-shirt on, the leggings, and then throw on a nice, long coat and stylish books. This makes me look really stylish and put together to the rest of the world, but inside I get to giggle because I know what is underneath all of that outerwear!!! 😉


    Oh yeah, I totally get where you’re coming from. I’m a big believer in dressing casually, but cute. I have a pair (a few of the same ones, as a matter of fact) that I wear out of the house. They are a bit snug in the ass area, so I always make sure to wear a thong — oh and a cute little tee shirt.

    So yes, yoga pants can look awesome — hot even!


      You know how to work those pants, Steph! Go you for taking control of that hotness factor while remaining super-comfy in yoga pants at the same time!


    THAT’S what I’m doing wrong!! I haven’t separated my shirts from the 2 spill ones from the multi spilled on ones. I will be checking out the sucky in yoga pants.


      Yeah, it’s a bit much at first, I know. But once you get the shirts with multiple stains separated out from the rest,you’ll be rocking those yoga pants like it’s no one’s business!


    You are hilarious. I just have one question, what if you have a mailMAN? Do you them wear the fancy yoga pants?


      Would entirely depend on how cute was, age, etc. Too tough to make a blanket call on whether the fancy pants were worth it. Let me know if you need further help with this important assessment…


    Too funny! My yoga pants are also not worn for yoga, sadly. And here I thought I was the only one who classified them into my “fancy” pants and my “Oh heck no, you’re not leaving the house in those!” pants! 😉


    I just did not realize that there was a distinction between daily and dress yoga pants. It really does make sense. So, my question to you is lets say you are someone who pays for a gym membership (I do not). Which pair do you wear to work out in?


      This is sort of like Jessica’s question above. Maybe I should come up with a flow chart of some sort to help us make these really tough calls when the classification seems to blur? We’d have to take in all the factors of whether you know other people there, how sweaty you would get, whether you’d have time to change afterwards…this could get very complicated.


    I feel like I may have given you the “AERO” across the butt pants! I also recall a frantic “buy every color of aero sweatpants they have” phone call years ago :) love you!!


    This one was great, Meredith. You had me giggling. I must live under a rock, because I didn’t know there were different categories of yoga pants. I do love the pair I’ve got, but since I do generally use them for working out, they’re too sweaty to wear out of the house most days. Thanks for the chuckle!


    “The important takeaway lesson here is that you should always be checking out your butt in the mirror.” Haha I love you.


    I must confess I’m down to my last pair of yoga pants! Maybe Santa will bring me some much-needed new ones! Nothing written on the rear, tho! Ha!


    Yeah, I just realized I need some new yoga pants. The ones I have are either 3/4 length or too tight for my mom butt. I agree with Lisa – xmas is coming!


    Hi Meredith, connecting from #FlashbackFriday and your blog title ‘The Mom of the Year’ intrigued me.

    After my 3 year old I did jogging bottoms, since my 18 mth old I’ve been stuck in jeans. Maybe I too will do yoga bottoms, as now you’ve taught me how to categorise them for every occasion bar church and a party, the latter is a very rare occurrence now :)

    Will definitely be back for more.

    Supporting you in getting your fitness and nutrition back on track


      Gillian, thanks for checking in. Hey, if you can rock jeans, go you! I have high hopes for awesome jeans in my future, but for now, I’ve gotta stick with the categorized yoga pants 😉



    I love this post! I’ve been a mom for a pretty long time (18 y.o.), but I still believe in and stick to comfort. I love nice clothes, shoes and the like, but there’s absolutely nothing like comfy clothes. I have a favorite pair and swear by them and every day you can bet that every day, unless I have to be see clients, I’ve got a pair on.

    BTW, thanks for the comment you left; it reminded me to pop back over and check out #FlashbackFriday.


      So Sheila, it sounds like once you settle into your mom yoga pants, it’s pretty easy to set up shop and stay in them for years, huh? Maybe I’d better just keep stocking up…


    Loved this post! I discovered yoga pants this year, and promptly tossed out half my jeans. These are more flattering and more comfortable by far! And to the woman behind me at the grocery story who looked me over and said “I would only wear those if I was actually going to yoga class,” I looked by at her low-rise jeans and mentally replied, “Muffin top much?”


      Oh gosh! You are a far better person than I if you only said that mentally! Gah! Let me loose on her now–I’m always game for a fight when it comes to yoga pants 😉


    This is hysterical because I LIVE in yoga pants. I swear I must own 5 pairs. I hate to get dressed up during the week and yoga pants are so unbelievable comfortable! Bye Bye jeans- yoga pants it is!


    Me love my yogas!


    Very true! Yoga pants can do a variety of jobs including dressier or professional occasions! I have too done it! lol Visiting from TALU!


    I only have a few pairs (and have never actually done yoga), but when I realized how comfy they were, I had to get that second pair, then realized they’re soooooooo comfy, they make great PJs (as others have noted above). As an added bonus, PJs have become so expensive for some reason, you can actually find yoga pants that are even cheaper. And given the material, they last longer, so they’re a bargain! [#TALU]


      Great point, Chris! My yoga pants do last for forever, and I wear them hard–daywear, sleep and exercise. Cozy up and enjoy yours!


    Love this! So funny! thnaks for linking up for #FlashbackFriday


    Hee, hee. You said, “taint.”
    Weirdly, I don’t really go in for the yoga pant. I just have thighs that don’t cotton to that kind of fabric. There’s nothing scarier than seeing that crinkly look in the mirror when you spot your cottage-cheese area. Depressing.
    If you know of any that can hide that kind of thing, please please please DO SHARE.


      I am the queen of cottage cheese! Ugh, I know. The ones I pictured in this post do help some (link below image)–it’s all about that sucking-in fabric! But in general, it’s still a scary situation, Toulouse 😉


    Hi, visiting from TALU. This is hilarious! Although, apparently, I need a few more pairs.
    Thank you for sharing :)


    This was honestly one of the best things I have ever read. Why don’t YOU have a job on “What Not To Wear.”? I could get excited about $5,000 worth of new yoga pants. Ellen


    Haha! I am wearing yoga pants as I type this.


    This was a fun post. I’ve been forced to move to advanced yoga pants division because on days where it rains I can’t wear the flaired leg yoga pants. My rainboots and the yoga pants’ extra fabric give my silohuette an unfortunate “hammer pant” effect. So flair legs are for drier days where I can wear flats or running shoes. Skinny yoga pants are for wet days. Then I have to divide them up by stain level and occasion. Life is super complicated for me right now.


      Larks, YOU need to be the one writing the book! Your classification system puts mine to shame…bowing to you and your “hammer pant effect”.


    Yoga pants are always appropriate…especially when you have a nice butt!

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