Jun 092012
“I’ll feed myself, thank you very much.”

No, we’re definitely not yet cool enough to rock out several fun rounds of mini-golf as a family, but we sort of have our own version of the game going on here.  You know the holes with those windmills spinning around in front of the hole?  When you have to perfectly time your stroke so you can get the ball in the hole?  Yeah, so I get to play this game 3x/day when I try to feed my daughter.  She is, basically, a hysterical mess when it comes to feeding time.  She bends, flails, and waves her arms.  A successful insertion of a spoonful of food in her mouth makes me feel like I just won an Olympic Gold medal (yes, this is a shout-out to The Games, starting 7/27–less than 2 months away!).  If I can get the food in, past her spinning head and arms-in-constant motion, I am seriously Mom of the Year and have scored my hole-in-one.  Why pay for a game of golf when you can just try to feed an infant??

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Meredith blogs at The Mom of the Year, dedicatedly earning her title one epic parenting fail at a time. When her kids aren't busy pummeling each other with Legos or requiring their 16th sippy cup refill of the day, she tries to offer quick, relatable laughs for fellow parents of the world and all their empathizers. She remains entirely terrified by crafts, promises to never share any useful household tips, and is fully committed to a less serious look at the world of parenting.

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  7 Responses to “Mini Golfing with a Baby”


    Too true. Baby gets naked for feeding time around here. It's easier to just put them in the bath after than to dirty up a whole other set of clothes.

    Oh, and we actually have a tiny putting green (portable.) We play it sometimes when we are housebound. (Which is almost always.)


    Smart idea, Femmefrugality!


    So funny. Love the pic of your little one!


    I occasionally had this problem with our son. Have you tried the airplane approach? You know, pretending to be an airplane, (including sound effects) coming in for a landing—the runway being the inside of the child’s mouth. This technique never failed me. And it always put a smile on Christopher’s face.


    Good method, Diplo and thanks, AnnMarie :)


    This version of mini golf sounds much safer than real mini golf that involves arming my young children with a weapon and trying to get them not to bash each other when they get frustrated. Fun times!
    Thanks for stopping by!


    That does sound like fun times, just keep swimming! Maybe I'd better just stick with this feeding version of mini-golf 😉

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