May 202012

Am I the only one who has about 16 different to-do lists going at any given time?  One is for the day, one for the week, one for the in-my-dreams-when-I-have-that-magical-free-time, etc.  My planner is easily my most treasured possession.  It has recently occurred to me that seriously, the only way I can actually tackle the items on my list is if I stop sleeping.  See, this is how I can relate to those crazy stories you hear about moms going off the deep-end and settling into a sizable amphetamine addiction.  Okay, no worries, I’m committed to going the drug-free route, but I’m just saying…

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Meredith blogs at The Mom of the Year, dedicatedly earning her title one epic parenting fail at a time. When her kids aren't busy pummeling each other with Legos or requiring their 16th sippy cup refill of the day, she tries to offer quick, relatable laughs for fellow parents of the world and all their empathizers. She remains entirely terrified by crafts, promises to never share any useful household tips, and is fully committed to a less serious look at the world of parenting.

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  5 Responses to “The To-Do List”


    I hate it when my to-do list gets out of control. Or when the packing of bags requires more than 10 minutes of prep time. That really sucks. We're kind of in a heavy prep day today. And what am I doing instead? Reading blogs. Brilliant use of time!


    I DEFINITELY have these. CONFESSION: I just made a new one yesterday. Because I don't have enough goals and too much time. Riiiight.


    FemmeFrugality. .we need to start a support group for people who can't stop making lists–and for those who can't stop blogging when they are supposed to be packing, Tracey 😉


    I have different kinds of to-do: the list of cleaning to do (which will truthfully never get done); the list of things I want to do online–articles to read, that song, that link that someone posted; then the piles–the kids' artwork, the bills, the papers from school, the catalogue I will look through someday, the camp I want to sign up. These paper piles take over one whole counter of the kitchen. Then, my famous bulletin board–Chris finally put up bulletin board cork on two of my kitchen cabinets and that is where all of my paper lists–things to do for the house, gifts to buy, plans to make, people to call, and all invitations get hung up….. just talking about it seriously stresses me out. I wonder how many days without kids in the house it would take to get rid of the piles and the cleaning list–two weeks??


    So sad why the to-do list becomes the stress vs. the items on the lists! Love that you have a separate board just house them all, Erika! :)

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