May 042012
Not sure this will hold all of the pills
I will need for 24 hrs., but you get the gist

In theory, vacations seem like a good idea.  For me, however, the mirage of rest and relaxation doesn’t really compensate for the sheer stress of packing alone (forget even kid-wrangling once on said vacation).  This whole discussion is less applicable, however, as my family doesn’t really vacation anyway.  I have touched on packing frenzy before, but in this instance, I am talking solely about the stress of getting myself ready to leave for an overnight trip.  Somehow between my 20s and 30s, prepping for a “quick getaway” has becomes less of “toss a bunch of crap in a duffle bag” to “will I be able to fit all of my stuff in the large suitcase or should I take two?”.  The pill box alone scares me.  I envision needing something as pictured to the right, though I wish it had a handle for carrying convenience…And do they make special cases just to hold all of the special night creams I now require?  Also, my reading obsession leads to difficulties.  The sheer mention of the word “getaway” leads to fantasies of hours of peaceful relaxation.  This, of course, sends me into a panic.  Which book should I choose?  Would it be better to catch up on a few magazines instead?  It’s probably best to just pack EVERY SINGLE ITEM in our house with a printed word just in case.  Ergo, we are now going to scratch the whole suitcase scenario altogether and just load up a trailer for me to pull behind the minivan.  Yes, watch out–this Mom of the Year is making a definite care-free escape!

Just loading up for a quick overnight getaway…
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  4 Responses to “An Overnight Trip”




    That's not really YOUR pill box, is it?

    As a person who has a phobia over swallowing pills (I cannot swallow them), that box is making me break out in hives… Do you have any creams for that?



    Tracey–no, I am not cool enough yet to actually rock a pill box quite this large. But your comment brings up a good point–I need to get one that is large enough to carry creams as well. So, basically, we're looking at a portable medicine cabinet?? 😉


    This was so funny! I know exactly what you mean about the book vs. a few magazines dilemma. Such a problem! Thanks so much for linking up with us for #findingthefunny this week!

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