May 112012

My unsolicited thoughts on why TV watching is healthy for adults:

Enjoy a program together :)

Watching a TV show is awesome for couples to do together.  If your lives are in any way over-hectic, it can be a really good thing for us to have a dedicated time to plop ourselves down on the couch and not move for an hour.  We have certain shows that we record and watch together.  It’s fun when Mon. night rolls around and we realize that we have an episode of Mad Men waiting for us.  TV works infinitely better than movies b/c by the time we get the kids to bed we are way too tired to watch an entire movie–that would be utter craziness 😉  So a single episode of something we both enjoy is a brilliant way to unwind together when we don’t physically have the energy for conversation at the end of a long day.

And hey, still savor up your individual treasures too, whatever they may be.  I had a friend just tell me with extreme guilt that she watches The Bachelorette.  Please!  Scratch the guilt and bring on whatever tickles your fancy.  TV can serve many purposes, but in this stage of my life, which involves pouring so much energy into my kids, TV is pure escapism for me.  I don’t watch to learn and grow.  I just watch to be entertained and to relax.  So I say go for it and keep squeezing in that stupid reality TV around naps and bedtimes 😉

Watch on, my friends!

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  10 Responses to “Healthy TV Viewing?”


    It is so disappointing when the dvr doesn't work, though… :(


    We don't have DVR, but we do enjoy our netflix. It's perfect for when we can't go out…which is pretty much always. :p


    My DVR hit 100% yesterday, because I spent a week reading instead of TV. I think I may have about 13 solid hours waiting for me! So, deleted some kid shows to get it down to about 80%, but after being away tonight (thanks M for the fun night) two more hours recorded!!! LOVE TV, also going out, reading, gardening, talking to friends, but could never give it up!


    We all have our “sercret” shows we watch. And yes, at our house we plop down (maybe too often) to watch tv. But it is a great escape. : )


    After yesterday's experience I'm not sure why you and Jared dont watch more tv with the kids, a whole family experience…it would work so well and be so relaxing…



    Confession, we are so old school we don't have a DVR or Tivo either–still going DVDR! Love the phrase “secret shows”, Jen, and will use from now on, love you, Erika and yes, Aunt A–let's watch more shows with my children–that is SO much fun 😉


    We spend every night watching tv! And, we love it! We are in the habit of using our Netflix to watch tv series from beginning to end. I agree that tv shows are better to watch at the end of a long day than a 2 hour movie! Mad Men is DVR'd every week too :)


    Always love to find a fellow Mad Men fan. Does Christina Hendricks rock those 60s-style dresses or what??


    We have our shows too but it's no secret we love them! Modern Family. American Horror Story. Game of Thrones. Boardwalk Empire. And I watch Smash and Grey's and Glee when he isn't around.


    Love Modern Family! The Disneyland episode was awesome!

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