May 222012

Shara was so kind as to feature me on her blog, Wife to Mom last week and now I am so lucky that she is posting for me this week!  Read on, my friends, because I seriously snorted out loud while reading this.  She is hysterical and so spot on :)  Shara rocks it out hard core with everything she takes on, so give my favorite Texas Mama some love and let her know how awesome she is!  Thanks, Shara :)

Clean House? What is THAT??
I am sure as a mother (or Father) you have thought this in your mind at some point. I think with kids, we all have – even the neatest of us! You spend allll day picking up toys, clothes, and shoes – for what? To have that cute little munchkin of yours drag it ALL out as fast as you pick it up.
Kind frustrating, huh?
I don’t know about you guys, but for me, when my house is a tornadic devestation area, I get really grouchy and the big black trash bags start coming out. 30 minutes later, the mess problem is solved and it is all heading outside to the trash dumpster. Not pretty, I can assure you!
This has actually only happened about twice, because I learned very quickly that the “if you don’t put it up I am throwing it away” tactic can get VERY expensive and it only works if you follow through with your child. So, you have a bag full of expensive stuff going out to the dumpster, and a mini-me hanging on your leg yelling “No Momma, NOOO!” and you are saying back, “well if you had of put it up, I wouldn’t be throwing it away.” Then to make matters worse, you end up throwing away half of a toy set. So, you have one useless part laying at home and the other part laying among “things to gross to name” in a landfill somewhere. A little on the wasteful side…
So, a clean house – as women, MOST of us PRIDE ourselves in being able to boast that our house is ALWAYS clean and NEVER messy, and we dust everyday, mop every other day, etc etc.
I am sure there are extraordinary moms out there that have these super natural capabilities; HOWEVER, most of us are just everyday, ordinary moms that keep a tidy house, but occasionally we feel like we are effortlessly trying to swim to the top but still drowning. Thankfully, even when we drown, we are recessitated.
That’s just how it is. It’s part of being a mom – comes with the territory. And guess what, IT’S OKAY. If you are like me, I kept an immaculate house BEFORE I had my son. Now, I keep it, and that’s all I am going to say. I would love to add immaculate back to my vocabulary, it is just when you have kids, your priorities are rearranged a little bit.  You have a little one that loves to play, drag out, and “help” you while knocking over that fresh folded laundry in the process.  You walk into the kitchen to find that your munchkin has somehow reached the Playdoh –again – and went to work on creating you a “cake”. In the process, smashing it in the floor, smearing it on the counter, and sticking it on his clothes. You try to be upset, but really you are thinking, “this is such a Kodak moment!” so you end up running for the camera to capture this work of mess.
Did I mention you JUST CLEANED the kitchen???
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  5 Responses to “Guest Blogger: Shara from Wife to Mom”


    So true! I wish I could keep my stuff spotless, but I'm afraid those days are gone until mine get a little older.


    Great perspective, FemmeFrugality–plus, this makes me feel like my “excuse” not to clean is more valid 😉


    Last week was kindergarten graduation/celebrations/last week of school chaos – hence I am late! To Meredith, thank you for posting for Wife To Mom and returning the favor :) To all the Mom of the Year readers, thanks for taking time to read about my crazy busy life! ♥


    When it is clean …usually the minutes leading up to a get together…I take a minute to bask in the glow of shining floors and breath in the intoxicating scent of pinesol. It's enough to get me through to the next cleaning spree!


    Never a bad idea to schedule company, huh? Forces me to get the house in order!

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