May 062012

Emily Post was one classy broad.  A proponent of appropriate social conduct, manners, and the like, her book Etiquette rocked the charts in the 1920s.  There is now an institute in her honor that works to define propriety in our modern times.  I am so old school, I know, but the very trendy current lack of politeness drives me nuts!  Please tell me I’m not alone?  My children will hate me b/c I will be harping away at them to do crazy things like hold doors, send thank-you notes and not text (if that will still even exist in the years to come) while talking to someone.  I would say manners are a lost art, but they shouldn’t be an art.  They should just be the way we all strive to relate to each other.  In this Mom of the Year’s opinion, too-common rudeness is just obnoxious.  In any case, rock on Emily Post.

Yikes!  I actually bought this book for my children–
and yes, am going to make them read it.
*Best recent example of appropriate decorum is hands-down Emily Gilmore from Gilmore Girls
clearly something about the name Emily that makes for a classy woman!  
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    People are rude and I am very sad to say that I have recently bought three different birthday gifts for three kids–spending probably $30 each and not ONE thank you, verbal or written! Are you kidding me???
    I think (even though I have one) that the smart phones are ridiculous in public settings! I am old school polite and plan to stay that way!


    And I am LOVING your old school–keep it up :)

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