Apr 072012

This happened.  I could try to explain why, but it is so, so much funnier if I don’t.  Here is the situation: the laptop is my “place of business”.   Yes, nevermind that I don’t actually have a business or any means of gainful employment.  Yes, is says a lot about my sketchy (love that word–why oh why has it gone out of style and can we please bring it back??) mental health that my “home base” is so very transportable and dated (we’re not talking about an iPad here, people).  Regardless of all the above, the laptop is sacred territory and instantaneous smiting on anyone who screws with it.  Herein lies the problem: my family has somehow selfishly decided that they are welcome to actually touch (gasp!) my laptop.  There is a potential that this Mom of the Year could learn to share, but when said laptop is FOUND IN THE OVEN, I draw the line.  Official state of crankiness declared.  Mommy is not happy.  Too much to invest in a fireproof safe for exclusive storage of the laptop and refuse to give anyone else the combination??

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  15 Responses to “Why is My Laptop in the Oven?”


    I have an older laptop (the predecessor of the one I currently use) that I have permitted to be used by the children to divert them from MINE (oops sorry, mine and hubby's).

    You are completely justified in your rage. The oven has well and truly crossed the line.


    Now that's a good idea! Should by a junker of Craig's list or something for the kids…still going for the safe too, though :)


    I could guess but who put it in the oven? You could have a few options…


    Must be in the genes. Your husband tried to put our cat in the oven when he was a little.


    At one time it was an accepted practice to put flashlight batterys which were dead in a warm oven for several hours in order to revive them. It appears that you may have a way of lenghtening your laptop battery life if, for example, you could not find your recharging cord.



    That's hilarious!! You sound like my husband..his tech stuff is his FIRST baby (before my son and I think, lol!) I could just imagine what he would have done!! 😉


    I never had a laptop. I graduated right to the cheapy tablet and it's very hide-able. : )


    Oh, this is so funny! At my house the kids started calling my laptop “the precious” because I won't let them near it. I don't even know what tragedy would occur if I found “the precious” in the oven! (came from finding the funny!)


    No, I don't think that would be overreacting at all – especially considering I always preheat the oven without checking inside first (um, but not anymore).


    Paula, just spit out my coffee reading about “the precious”–that's some awesome Lord of the Rings for you right there…And Robyn, yes, good to always give a quick check for electronics before switching on the oven 😉


    It was REALLY found in the oven?? Ha! That is hilarious.

    (Thanks for linking this up over at #findingthefunny last week!)


    Love it!!

    You were one of the most clicked links at last week's #finding the funny. Featuring you tomorrow (and pinning this).


    I have such a crush on Finding the Funny, it's ridiculous! Thanks so much! :)


    Not a bad idea, to get the fire-proof safe. Everyone should have one (sometimes you just want some lipstick that hasn't been played with!). But seriously, I felt much better after we got one and I could stop worrying about losing important papers. Now I just worry about losing important keys…:)

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