Apr 232012

Hands-down, the most oft-used phrase of my 30s will be: “I have a Groupon”  I’m pretty sure my husband recites this in his sleep because he hears me say it so often.  I love GrouponLiving Social, and the like (Mamasource, Eversave, Plum District, etc.) of such deal-scoring/money-saving sites.  Primarily, I am in love because I feel like these deals allow my family to do loads of stuff we could otherwise not afford.  Dinner out for 72% off?  Sign me up.  Haircut and highlight for $40?  I’m there.  Radioflyer tricycle for half price?  Birthday present done.  I am obviously obsessed with online bargain shopping, so these sites fit right in and work incredibly well for us.

A few words of warning…Like anything on sale: just b/c it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s for you.  Sure, the very groovy iPod earphones are a great deal, but I don’t really need them.  Also, always read the fine print.  Expiration dates do mean something and often, you can’t combine Groupons with other coupons, so may not be as awesome as a savings as I could hope.  And always check out the product/service site itself before you buy a deal for the business.  Some places are so expensive, that even if you have a deal code for $25 off, it will almost useless b/c the original prices are so obscene.

Yes, there was actually a deal that came out for these…

Obviously, however, if you ever get a deal offer for Justin singing toothbrushes–stock up–perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…

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  7 Responses to “The Monday Review: Groupon and the Like”


    Hi, thanks for stopping at my blog iheartpears.blogspot.com and leaving a message. I just started following your FB and Pinterest! I can't wait! Thanks again for dropping a note :)


    Oh gosh! Just realized your first name (my daughter's name is Elyse!)–will be sending all the love back at you :)


    I love groupon, too! Another reason to be careful is that sometimes there are just better deals out there. I got one for a photo studio one time. Turns out they're perpetually running a special that's better than the 60% off coupon I purchased. Shoot.


    Have gotten some great deals from Living Social and Groupon, esp. massages, and exercise classes. I had one yoga deal that I used and was happy to go to those classes. But, don't tell my husband that I had one 5 classes for $20 that I only made it to one class before the expiration and one that was a month of unlimited class, it was also $20 and sadly, they didn't have anything at all on weeknights or weekends. I never went at all. Total bummer! I have def. been laying off the deals, because I am tempted to do them all!!!


    Grrrrr…just typed a long comment and it disappeared! If you don't have it, I give up :) But, I have gotten many a massage and exercise class from Groupon and Living Social. My favorites are always the Fandango movie ticket deals! I have been laying off, now recently having wasted two that have expired :(


    Thank you for visiting my blog and posting that sweet comment! Making sure I am following you too!


    Femmefrugality–yes! Good point. You have to make sure you are actually getting the best deal out there, which may not be Groupon or whatever. Erika, another really good point–I have done that too. If you don't use them before they expire, less of a good deal…;) Thanks for sharing!

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