Apr 222012

…or at least trying to?  I do a lot of things the way I should, but avoiding excessive use of paper goods is unfortunately not one of them.  Is this even possible with kids??  Yes, we soley rock out Reusies (LOVE them) around here while eschewing plastic ziplock bags and all share a “family” wipe-off rag per meal vs. individual disposable wipes, but I single-handedly keep Bounty (and every generic version thereof) in business.  It takes me about 10 paper towels to clean up any mess.  And we don’t have a garbage disposal, but I think our global footprint (that we would spend on electricity) is easily counter-balanced with the seemingly hourly need to wipe down our nasty sink.  Throw in my ridiculous propensity to use nothing short of 30+ wipes per poopy diaper change (I blame the American Pediatric Association for instilling the fear of God in me regarding baby girls and urinary tract infections sans proper wiping–send all complaints their way), and I think I could easily win a very un-cool Not Green award.  Sorry, our dear earth–will keep striving for improvement…

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Meredith blogs at The Mom of the Year, dedicatedly earning her title one epic parenting fail at a time. When her kids aren't busy pummeling each other with Legos or requiring their 16th sippy cup refill of the day, she tries to offer quick, relatable laughs for fellow parents of the world and all their empathizers. She remains entirely terrified by crafts, promises to never share any useful household tips, and is fully committed to a less serious look at the world of parenting.

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  6 Responses to “Going Green…”


    This made me laugh. Love the honesty on earth day. You're doing your part in other areas, I'm sure. But when it comes to kids, they make it very hard. : )


    Thanks for “getting it”, Jen–appreciate it :)


    I've been searching for ways to cut my paper towel habit and use strictly towel and rags. Well…hasn't worked so far. I justify this to myself by saying, “I would just be using water-another precious resource-to wash my rags.” And I HATE doing laundry! I recently read a post (not sure of the source) that said she & her family probably use only 2 rolls of paper towels a year. WHAT??!! Sounds like a typical week or less for us…sad but true.


    Confused, I'll be honest…are they just that neat and clean or are the licking the floors or what?! 😉


    Reusies are a great idea! Just added them to my Amazon wish list to buy later. Thanks :)


    Love them! Worth it, I promise :)

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