Oct 292014
The Patience of a Mule

This was a phrase my mother used to say. I didn’t really get what it meant until I had kids of my own. Then I understood that essentially every waking moment would be spent biting my lip and trying to temper the extreme impatience of my extremely impatient self. Kids at any age provide ample frustration.
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Oct 242014
Do You Dare??

I try to be healthy, I really do. I do loads of crunchy-ish things like hot yoga, oil-pulling, and rocking my Fitbit like it’s no one’s business. But the thing is, it’s hard sometimes.  More than sometimes, to be honest. So when someone or something encourages me along my journey to health, it’s a welcome
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Oct 172014
The Ladies Do Nails

My daughter is adorably into “Ladies’ Time”. What is Ladies’ Time? It involves the two of doing anything together one-on-one.  This can range from not-fun, “The ladies love to grocery shopping in the rain together!” to the very fun, “Ladies are so excited to troll through sale papers on the weekends!”. Sometimes she will walk around the house
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Oct 132014
Coordinated Halloween Costume Ideas

I fully enjoy most of my eccentricities.  And truth told?  I don’t have enough energy to humor the notion of change.  That I can only sleep with purple ear plugs in every single night? I am a light sleeper. Stashing chapstick in my bra? Convenient.  And my stubborn refusal to take down last year’s Christmas cards until I
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