Apr 112014
Popping Up Color

Almost thirteen years ago, we rolled into our marriage on a hope and a prayer and a lot of those wooden box crates that can be used for everything from endtables to economical planters (in a pinch). Today, we’re still praying and hoping a lot and yup, those wooden crates are still the epitome of
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Apr 072014
The Non-Suck Part

Blow me away; I survived my husband’s business trip last week. Survival defined as 1)keeping my children alive and mostly fed, while 2)significantly limiting the mental explicatives that flew when my husband called and announced that the whole of Germany’s airline pilots were going on strike, thus potentially delaying his return home by 3 days.
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Apr 062014
When the Icky Moment Comes

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Clorox. I’m a mixed bag about potty training.  As in, I love the end result, but the process? I’d rather bang my head against the wall.  Repeatedly. Three letters: ICK!!! You see, I’m all for doing anything I can to foster my daughter’s independent
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Apr 022014
Slightly Crunchy?

I’m a gal of science.  I believe in modern medicine and the good power of an antibiotic when I’ve got myself a raging UTI, but as time has marched on and rolled well into my 30s and find myself uber-connected with info that this little thing called the internet offers, a well submerged side of
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Mar 312014
No Fear

I wish I had my daughter’s spirit and energy.  In her two-year old wild perfection, she barrels and life and doesn’t stop.  If you’ve met Elyse in person, you know exactly what I mean.  My son has the most gorgeous heart I’ve witnessed on this earth, but he is a sensitive soul.  More like his
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Mar 302014
Hang out in the Burbs with Suburban Haiku

It was a nasty kind of evening.  It had been the I’m-pretty-sure-I-have-a-sinus-infection-but-don’t-have-time-to-go-to-the-doctor sort of day followed by an “invigorating” dinner with my kiddos while my husband worked late.  Let’s just say by the time Dr. J got home, I was very much wanting hole up ALONE and make nice with my INFJ personality. Doubtful that anything
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