Nov 262014
Be Holiday Gift Giver of the Year!

I love Christmas, and  I love shopping. Add them together and you have a delightful perfect storm of holiday fun. And a very crammed-full closet of packages waiting to be wrapped.  But I also love saving my money and being really smart about my purchases. I want to make sure that each item I purchase is worth
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Nov 202014
Tic Stac Toe for the Win!

I won’t lie. Sometimes when we’re on our 1600th round of Candyland for the afternoon, I am saying silent passionate prayers for the UPS man to ring the door bell…or for the washing machine to start shooting bubbles at the ceiling…or any kind of anything that could be an excuse to toss down my plastic gingerbread dude and walk
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Nov 192014
The Bedroom Makeover

Until very recently, our bed was a tragic throwback to a college dorm room mishmash gone wrong. None of the colors matched or even remotely coordinated. They clashed with the walls. Instead of sighing in relaxation whenever I walked into our bedroom, I winced. I tried explaining to my husband that I would like our bedroom
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Nov 142014
Fighting for the Memories

There are many days, usually the ones littered with playdough-covered floors and emphatic toddler temper tantrums, that I sometimes think I want to forget. But the truth is, I would never really wish this.  Memories, whatever they are, are incredibly precious. They remind us of all the love and connections in our life and more logistically
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Nov 102014
The Online Shopping Secret

I like nice things. A lot. Probably too much, if you ask my husband…but here is the dirty secret of how I float tossing sweet stuff into our lives without breaking the budget: I shop online. Almost entirely, exclusively online. I took my son to the mall the other day for a soft pretzel/play area
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