A Day at The Crayola Experience!

My children have a very enthusiastic crush on The Crayola Experience, so when we were recently given tickets to visit in exchange for this honest post review, there was a lot of squeeing that went down in this house. Wa-hoo! They love going there, I love taking them, and it's pretty easy to see why. Why is The Crayola Experience such a great place to visit with kids? They give their imaginations a workout. At every turn, there is an opportunity for kids to exercise their creative genius. Be it projecting moving pictures on the walls, building sculptures with Model Magic, innovatively using computers to generate ...

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World-Class Pediatric Care Close to Home

****Disclaimer: Today’s post is sponsored by CHOP at Virtua, but my love for their pediatric care is all my own!**** My children are six and four, which may not seem to be very aged as children go. Yet, when you consider the number of heart-stopping moments and necessary hospital visits we've already met up with, it's a pretty seasoned age of parenting as ages of parenting go. The truth is, I feel blessed--we live in an area well equipped to deal with whatever medical need my children necessitate. While we have been generally well serviced as yet by local hospitals and doctors ...

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Organizing a Mudroom in a Small Space

We moved recently and one of my favorite things is that we come in the house through the garage. You know why I love this? Because my kids don’t come in the front door and drop all their belongings all over the front of the house. So, when we have guests over, they enter through the front door and are greeted with a clean, non cluttered foyer. But the thing is, that mess just relocated to the door off the garage. And while my guests don’t necessarily see it, I do! And come to think of it, most of our guest are our family and ...

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His World of Angry Birds

There's something pretty epic going down tomorrow, did you know? The first ever Angry Birds movie is being released in theaters. For many people, this will mean nothing, nothing at all really. They will get up, they will shower, burn their toast, plan their weekends while at work, and crash on the couch by 8pm. For us, for my family, under the impassioned direction of my six year old son, we might as well be preparing for the Pope to arrive and camp out in our living room for a visit. You see, my little dude's entire world is Angry Birds. He eats, ...

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10 Minute HIIT for Busy Moms

Ok moms, it’s officially May which means sweatshirt weather is almost gone for good. That can only mean one thing… swimsuit season is coming (cue scary music). I don’t know about you, but spring is usually the time I try to say goodbye to ice cream (keyword: try) and focus on shaping up my Easter-candy thighs. Let’s face it, I’ve been eating a bit too much rich food since Thanksgiving...5 months ago. Last month, I put together a great workout circuit that I fit in every morning after I wake up and have been seeing great results! For anyone confused by the title, HIIT stands ...

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Pop Quiz for Mommy’s Sanity

Pop quiz time! Let’s be honest, who among us doesn’t battle that nasty question rattling about in our minds, “Am I doing this right?!” The thing is, motherhood is all about making choices. I love the concept of moms being the CEOs of the household. Because it’s so true, but mostly because it makes me […]

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