A Gilmore Girls Quiz for Superfans

Friends! It is two months until THE Big Day! And I don't mean Black Friday, as much as I adore my bargain-scooping holiday. Nope, on November 25, 2016, Netflix is rolling out the long-awaited, much dreamed about return of our beloved Gilmore Girls with the release of four new episodes. I know. I'm crying tears of joy in my coffee coffee coffee too! We LOVE our Gilmore Girls around these parts, so we decided to share a nifty treat with fellow superfans--an original, well researched (oh darn, such a sacrifice to have to rewatch old episodes for "work") Gilmore Girls quiz designed to ...

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Time to Live Wholly with Guacamole!

***Thanks to Wholly Guacamole for sponsoring this post so we could tell you about their cool new products and their Live Wholly tour!*** I'm a huge fan of easy. I love simple solutions so much, that I consider myself a pro at finding ways to make our day to day easier. Having a stellar shortcut in your back pocket can really make or break your week. With kids, life’s a full on sprint, and it's up to us to figure out a way to keep up. In a world where we can Prime nearly everything to our doorstep and can get groceries loaded into our car ...

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September Has Won

I've been slayed before, friends. Many times over by annoying bits like school pictures, winter, sickness...but never before has the entity of a single month so handily buried me. Let me take you back to the beginning of the story; it all started in September. The middle of the story? Yup, also September. And finally the end of the story (*spoiler alert!*), you guessed it--September. You see, victories and defeats in this parenting gig often hover in the ambiguous. Not the case here. September has won. And I most definitely have not. It all started well enough. That's a lie. It started ...

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3 Simple Lessons to Teach Kids about Money

As parents we have many jobs. From snot wiper to cheerleader to taxi cab driver we seldom find ourselves without task. Many of our duties are mundane, some leave us weary, but all are important. You see, we are not just raising children we are raising people, the future adults of America! Childhood is just a mere 18 years opposed to the lengthy span of adulthood. In those precious years we have a considerable amount of teaching to do all in the hopes of raising confident and responsible adults. One area of instruction often neglected, but so very important is to teach kids about money. Schooling children in financial responsibility ...

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5 Family-Friendly Ways to Use Rotisserie Chicken

If you haven’t joined the “Rotisserie Chicken Lover” club yet, it’s time! When I started to branch out from serving this meat simply as a meal's main protein, I was surprised by all the different family-friendly ways to use rotisserie chicken in other dishes. They’re an amazing shortcut for so many recipes, and really, who couldn't use a good shortcut? Most grocery store chains offer rotisserie chicken from their prepared foods department (our family especially loves the ones from Costco). Most are priced in the $5 range, and a lot of stores even offer organic options. I don’t know about you, but finding a meal starter that ...

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Mudrooms Extraordinaire

Completely unscientific observation–mudrooms are hands-down the most oft-pinned home decor “room” on Pinterest*.  At first blush, I drank the kool-aid and was mindlessly right there with all my fellow pinners, happily clicking on every gorgeous mudroom set-up that came my way.  Currently, I am still pinning away and lovin’ on those mudroom pics, but I […]

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