4 Genius Tips to Becoming a Batch Cooking Pro!

The weeks I meal plan, I feel on top of the world. When I batch cook, that feeling is multiplied a thousand times. It feels like nothing can touch my domestic prowess, and I might even brag a little! Knowing that I can pull a quick and healthy meal together in no time because I have batches of our favorites staple ingredients prepped is up there with winning the lottery for this mama. Wondering, ‘"What in the world is batch cooking?" Batch cooking generally refers to prepping and storing staples either on their own, or prepared into dishes for later use. I want everyone to have a ...

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Tidying Toys Before Christmas

Celebrating Christmas with my children is truly a joy! I get to see the world through their eyes on Christmas morning while remembering the thrill of seeing a beautifully lit tree lined with a pile of presents. This beautiful scene is the upside; the downside is all the stuff! In addition to what Santa brings, we have a large extended family that spoils my kiddos with lots of goodies. Add to that three December birthdays and we are nearly drowning in toys by the new year! The time for tidying toys is now! So we can properly enjoy Christmas giving and receiving, ...

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Hang out with the Big Guy at the Official Santa Site!

***Thank you to Santa.com so I could fill you in on THE Official Santa Site! All opinions are 100% my own!*** Moms, friends, I get it. I am buried up to my ears with little to no chance of the holiday pressure easing up. Fun times. But as always, we can do this, mamas. And this year, Santa is here to help us along in a big way! Thanks to a revamping of Santa.com, the official Santa site, it is more convenient than ever to stay in touch with the Big Guy and use his inspiration to celebrate the season while helping ...

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The Stolen Marriage Book Club

Happy holidays, friends! I'm a bit of Christmas nut (read completely obsessed with this season), so while things are hopping, I'm loving all the fun parts of the hustle and bustle. One of my favorite seasonal treats is curling up with a delicious Christmas book by my tree and getting lost in a holiday story, and we've got a special one we're introducing for our December virtual book club below! But before we dig into our yuletide pick, Carrie of Normal Level of Crazy and I are here to chat up our latest read--thanks for joining us for our The ...

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5 Tips for Putting Up a Kids' Christmas Tree in Your Home

As far as Christmas trees go, we don't always have the best track record, but we have managed to sort one genius holiday win that has become our favorite decorating tradition: the kids' Christmas tree. My husband was inspired to give this idea a go a few years ago, and I am so glad he did. We all now love having this tree in our home and have learned a few tricks to make it an easy success. Read on for the scoop and a cool chance to win a sweet $100 gift card to Wayfair.com! 5 Tips for Putting Up ...

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3 DIY Sensory Play Recipes

Do you need a foolproof way to keep the attention of your busy, sensory-demanding little ones that doesn’t involve screen time? How about an activity that’s engaging, fun, and sensory friendly? Seems like a tall order. What if you could achieve that lofty goal without even taking a trip to the store? I know it seems impossible, […]

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