6 Tips to Master Flying with Kids

We’ve done it, mamas! We’ve survived the start of the school year. We’ve gotten into a routine. We’ve mastered the sports/homework/activities schedule. And now? We’re ready to shake it up and take a trip. You might be dreaming of a tropical vacation. Or planning your next family escape. Or starting to think about holiday travel (crazy, right? I hate to admit it, but the holidays are right around the corner). No matter what your reason for traveling (though let’s be serious…a leisurely trip to somewhere tropical seems like a fair reward for surviving September!), woes about navigating the airport with kiddos in tow just might be ...

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Teen Girl Bedroom Re-do that Wins!

I am delighted to introduce Tessa to you! Tessa has been my family's mother's helper and very dear friend for four years now, and I couldn't feel more blessed to have her in our lives. She's only fifteen, but impresses me daily with her savvy wit, maturity and gorgeous kind spirit. When she more recently expressed her interest in writing, I was thrilled! Even cooler, I have the chance to share her words here with all of you. Please join me in giving Tessa a very warm welcome as she shares her inspiration for a teen girl bedroom re-do! ************************************************************************ If you're anything like me, ...

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The How-to for Finding Life Balance

Friends, I like to consider myself super on-top of current events. That's why I am writing this post in reference to a event that occurred only four years and ten months ago, versus a full five years ago. Hey, in a world where time revolves around repetitive spelling test struggles and endless Halloween celebrations, two months matters--a lot! What hot button event is on the table? A tweet. A tweet? Yup that's right--a tweet that Randi Zuckerberg made on December 9, 2011 and all the subsequent introspection that's been flying around in my brain ever since. A tweet that hit on the core of ...

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Creamy Vegetable Soup with Homemade Turkey Meatballs

***This post is sponsored by Crunchmaster so I could share this #CrunchmasterDinner recipe for using their crackers to make homemade turkey meatballs with all of you.*** Fall is here! Despite the unseasonably warm temperatures we’ve had in Pennsylvania this past week, it is, in fact, October. The chill will soon be here to stay, and my appetite switched gears as soon as the first leaves began to turn. What do I crave in these fall months? Bring on the soup and some homemade turkey meatballs! When Crunchmaster reached out and asked if I would try out a new recipe with their fabulous multi-seed crackers, I ...

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The Best Trick or Treat Trail in Lancaster County

***This post is sponsored by Dutch Wonderland so I could share the scoop about and  sweet savings for Happy Hauntings--the incredible Trick or Treat Trail included!--with all of you!*** Happy Halloween, friends! Or as we like to say in our neck of the world around Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA, "Happy Hauntings!" Happy Hauntings is the annual event at this amusement park when the doors are thrown open to kiddos of all ages in their spooky (or not-so spooky!) Halloween costumes so they can check out the rides and attractions, and most notably, visit the fantastic Trick or Treat Trail. Why is Happy Hauntings a must for ...

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Shut the front door! The Helpful Guide to “Cursing” Like a Mother

Do you all remember Alisa who helped us out last month with the delicate art of how to rock a selfie?  Let me recap: I like her so much, I think she’s really funny, and she’s going to be hanging out here once in a while with some very practical how-to tips.  On things we […]

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