Valentine Mailbox Project for Sibling Kindness

Welcome to the “End Sibling Squabbling Valentine Mailbox Project”! This is a project with a purpose. After your kids make these Valentine mailboxes, have them and write and deliver nice notes to each other for at least a week leading up to Valentine’s Day. This seemingly simple activity is genius! It solves a lot of problems at my house, which makes this winter season more pleasant for everyone. How the Valentine Mailbox Project helps in your home: Most importantly, it improves sibling relationships. During a time of year when being cooped up inside due to colder temps, coupled with post-holiday letdown, can lead to ...

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Super Bowl Kid-Friendly Cracker Stacker Bar

The Big Game comes with big appetites, even for the little ones in the house. While some of the grown up favorites might be a fit for the smaller ones in the group, others (like spicy buffalo wings and jalapeno-heavy nachos) might leave the kiddos feeling left out. As our crew grew beyond baby snacks, they wanted to be included in the big spread. What could we make that would give them a spot at the buffet, but was also yummy enough for the grown-ups to nosh on, too? Enter the Cracker Stacker Bar! The prep for this Cracker Stacker Bar is insanely ...

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Smart Hacks for Surviving Raynaud's Syndrome

Who here loves these frigid winter temps and blustery cold winds? Three cheers for working hard to slog it out through this season with all our desperate attempts to keep warm! While I'll never chalk winter up as my favorite season by any stretch, my disenchantment is only pronounced by a nifty condition I picked up a while back: Raynaud's Syndrome. If you're not familiar with Raynaud's Syndrome, I've got the scoop. If you are, I'm so sorry, friend. I know what a beast it is. I'm here to share all the hacks and tricks I've found along the way for ...

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Mr. Dickens and His Carol Book Club

Carrie of Normal Level of Crazy is here to kick off our January virtual book club chat. So toss on some cozy jammies, friends. Grab your cocoa and let's dig into Mr. Dickens and His Carol book club--we're glad you're here! *************************************************************** Happy January!!  ... but for real, is it?!  Happy, I mean.  I read somewhere recently that January is the 'Monday' of the all the months and that seems about right.  I sit here writing this during our first January snowstorm which is adorable, but I'm sure will be highly annoying when we hit the 5th or 6th snowstorm of the ...

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A Weekly Workout Schedule for REAL Moms

The holiday rush is finally over and it’s officially resolution month. I’m betting many of you are hoping to get in shape and eat better this year, and believe me, you aren’t alone! For us moms, finding time to focus on ourselves amidst the craziness can seem nearly impossible, but I’m here to tell you meeting your goals can happen this year. Thanks to this sweet weekly workout schedule designed for us real mamas (you know, the ones who still have endless laundry to fold and grocery trips to tackle), it is possible. One of the most important things I tell friends beginning a ...

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Bonus Time!

Forget St. Pat’s or Easter, the cherished Spring holiday of Clinique Bonus time has arrived! I think there are two sides to the fence on this one.  Either you know exactly what I’m talking about and if you haven’t already scored your free make-up bag full of goodies, you have already logged off and hightailed […]

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