Feb 052016
Book Club Holds Court

As an avid non-fan of bitter cold winter days, naming my favorite part of the tundra-like existence is an easy call: reading. Reading obsessively, continually. In all corners of the day and night and cagey-kid filled hours when you resort to shamelessly bribing the cherubs with bonus iPad time so you can snag just 15 minutes of peace.
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Feb 012016
Tooth Fairy 2.0

My son is a wee little guy. Aside from being a cute ball of love, he saves us a ton of cash by rocking the same sizes for years at a time. Needless to say, his physical development proceeds not at a soaring pace. So when all of his cohorts began losing their teeth, we spent a fair bit
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Jan 292016
10 Lessons Learned in the Trenches of New Motherhood

I’m tickled to have Kathy Radigan of My Dishwasher’s Possessed! on Mom of the Year today sharing about the 10 things she wished she knew before she had her first baby. Kathy is a dear friend and fellow blogger I’ve known for a few years now, and I always enjoy reading about her life as a
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Jan 272016
They're Friends

I’ve not yet shared the truth of when I first learned I was having a girl for my second baby: I sobbed some very agonized sobs. You see, it’s not that I was opposed to girls. I, in fact, am a girl and generally like girl-related stuff. The problem came into play in that I was beyond
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Jan 222016
I Used to Be, Now I'm Just Me

I’m tight with the bank drive-through. We’ve got a good thing going. It’s been there for me ever since those crazy little people in car seats first began cropping up in the back of my minivan and as a faithful visitor, I rarely fail to pop by for my weekly hello. Yet yesterday, as happens in all long-term relationships, the drive-through
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Jan 132016
Direct Energy Directs the Savings to Your Piggy Bank!

When Direct Energy asked me to share some of their New Year’s deals with you, I realized it was the perfect time to share my own family’s efforts to save money and get a little smarter about budgeting. You see, we’ve recently started this crazy business of trying to teach our children responsible saving. I won’t
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