Aug 052013
"Pumping Up" a Little Support for the International Breast Milk Project

Breastfeeding is such a tricky, tricky business.  Laden with so much poignancy, opinions, pain, blessings and emotion, I try to avoid discussing it like the plague.  God forbid I add to any hurtful debate.  Personally, I have been on all sides of this coin with my babies.  I have had blissful, joyous experiences feeding them from
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Aug 022013
Anniversary by the Dozen

Twelve years ago Sunday, my husband and I said “I do”.  We don’t really go for grand anniversary celebrations around here, but we do celebrate.  Our celebrations may just look slightly different than they did in 2001.  How is a night out unlike those of the early days? 1. We make reservations far in advance
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Aug 012013
Healing in Pieces

I have raved before about Kathy from Kissing the Frog.  She is lovely soul with a heart of gold and a true friend in this blogging world.  When she announced her desire to start a Grief Stories series on her blog, my heart broke a little.  I was so touched by her wanting to give
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Jul 262013
The Shorts

Friends, we’ve been hanging out long enough that I think it’s time I told you the truth.  There is a third party in my marriage and I’m in love.  In all honesty, I have loved them longer than I have loved my husband. Picture it.  A young gal set off to realize her college dreams
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Jul 242013
I Must Be Doing Something Right

By now, you’ve probably figured out that I am taken with other bloggers who are real.  Give me a gal who preaches the truth any day of the week, and I’m a goner.  Jeannette of Mommy Needs a Martini is one of these super-real writers I’m crushing on and I’m thrilled to have her join
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