Oct 032013
He Heisted the Vlog

I think a vlog-crime has been committed.  After seeing my sister make her fantabulous vlogging debut last month, my BIL insisted on getting in on the action.  He thinks he’s funny–because he IS funny–and wanted to take a stab at it.  The thing is, he kind of is just ADORABLE and took over the whole
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Sep 302013
The Biggest Fall Reading Giveaway EVER (I need a chair so I can sit down...)

Do you love reading? Enjoy free stuff? Did you miss the boat on summer’s GIGANTIC, multi-blog reading giveaway and you want another chance to win?!?! Well, we’ve delivered, except for one tiny difference – this time, it’s EVEN BIGGER! Even more of your favorite bloggers have joined together to bring you the hugest giveaway on
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Sep 192013
When Space is Required

Is it too extreme to wish for my own personal bubble suit?  If it could be one loaded with wi-fi and re-run episodes of Revenge, all the better.  When the heck does the new season start, BTW?  The thing is, I just want a second ALONE.  Without someone touching me. My best friend tried to
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Sep 162013
The Bracelet 2

A while ago I wrote a post called The Bracelet.  That one kind of ripped my heart out and spat it back because it was so poignant, so real, so…honest.  I am a private gal and this one chipped a little too close to the vest, but…I liked it.   It was healing.  I wrote
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