Aug 182012
What's With the Judgement?

Seriously people, can we just get over this judging-other-parents thing?  (Disclaimer: this is most definitely an overdone post–deal.)  Obviously, if it affects me directly (as Patricia at The Worst Mom Ever so perfectly described, as in, you drop your multiple children at my house unannounced, we may have a problem), or if it potentially scars
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Aug 152012
Chatting It Up at the Dinner Table

We’ve got some awesome dinnertime conversation going on right now.  When you never really leave the house, things can become “a bit limited.”  Outside of my husband, son, daughter, and dog, the primary players in my life right now are Mickey Mouse and the mail lady (though, in an uncharacteristic expansion of his repertoire, my
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Aug 142012
Overdone Posts

There are so many topics out there that I wish I would have been creative enough to have been one of the first to blog about, but I just totally missed the boat.  You fellow bloggers know exactly what I’m talking about.  Now I would so love do a post on some of these wonderful
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Aug 122012

Did I miss some sort of National Cleaning Out Your Junk From Your Parents’ House Day?  I thought I made pretty good pass at sorting/tossing all of my old stuff when I moved out.  But recently my dad (who is doing an awesome job cleaning out and organizing the entire house), just gave me a
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Aug 112012
Just When You Get Good At It...

Does this happen to anyone else?  Just when I start to get the hang of something, it’s always time to move on.  I was with my friend C the other day and we were talking about the skillful dance of trying to leave the house around naptimes.  I actually (sort-of) thought I had this one
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Aug 102012
The Tale of Two Butts

The other day I was changing Isaac’s (my 3 yr. old son) diaper (yes, hush–obviously the potty-training is going well.  Thanks for noting this.).  Elyse (my 1 yr. old daughter) crawled over to the scene and pointed at his penis.  The following conversation ensued: SourceApparently, my daughter will be requiring thetwo-pack to cover her “situation”
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Aug 092012
Women Who Pin

Cognitively I understand that I have two X chromosomes myself.  Still, women make me nervous.  Especially women who pin.  I should clarify:  I pin.  I even occasionally take a stab at something I pin, but I’m not up every morning at the crack of dawn pressing wood pulp into homemade paper towels or recatalouging my CD collection by
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