Feb 052013
Finding the Funny is On!

The party of the month is on!  February’s Finding the Funny link-up is finally here.  Just thinking about all the funny I’ll get to read later has added a little spring to my clunky winter boot-laden step this morning.  The best cure for these chilly weather doldrums?  Throw in your favorite funny posts below and
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Feb 042013
Are YOU a Mom of the Year?

What does it mean to be a Mom of the Year?  Where does this name come from?  And how, on God’s green earth, did I earn this title? I started honoring myself with this title pretty early on in my parenting journey, so it felt like a natural extension to make it the name of
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Feb 042013
It's Time to b Positive!

I’m so excited to announce this project!  I partnered with the b Positive Project, Anna from My Life and Kids and 17 more bloggers to create a free eBook that I think you’re going to love.   You’ve gotta check this eBook out.  From wrinkles, to depression – from parenting with humor to inspiring our husbands *wink* –
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Feb 022013
Walgreens Giveaway

And now here is the Walgreens giftcard giveaway I promised earlier this week!  $50 to spend at the store can all be yours.  Don’t forget to stock up on those awesome Flatout Hungry Girl Foldit Flatbreads I wrote about and maybe grab another little treat for yourself too.  Just prepare to be slightly overwhelmed by all
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Feb 012013
Rounding Off Corners

Do you remember the lovely Chris Carter from TheMomCafe.com who shared a post here a few weeks ago?  Her message in Where Do I Go From Here? resonated with so many of us, and I have found myself going to back to that post many times to draw some clarity and strength.  Thank you Chris!
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Jan 292013
They Own Me

Let me be abundantly clear: Christ and Christ alone truly owns me.  But assuming His sovereignty, there are more than a few earthy things that have a pretty decent hold on me.  I’m all for working to take control of your life, but let’s be honest, these things are calling the shots right now for
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Jan 282013
Falling for Flatout Flatbreads

Is it possible to say enough good things about sandwiches?  They are so easy, quick and perfect for kids and great for on-the-go.   But I don’t always love the calories that can go along with thick regular bread.  Because of this, I was thrilled to be introduced to Flatout Flatbreads. If you’re in the
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Jan 272013
Time to Clean-Up a Little Bit

The Listerine 21 Day Challenge is kicking off, and I’m hopping on board!  The pledge is pretty simple: you brush, floss, and use Listerine Ultraclean twice a day for 21 days.  The really cool part of this challenge is that for every person who signs up for the challenge on Facebook, Listerine will make a donation
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Jan 252013
Love Letter to Summer Days

As I sit here, feeling my feet turn into veritable ice blocks in this precious January chill that our heat system can’t keep up with, I find myself longer for warmer days.  Brighter days.  Summer days.  Oh my lost love of sunshine and warmth, where did you go?  More importantly, how quickly can you find
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