4 Grocery Shopping Money-Saving Tips

Ever have one of those months where you find yourself saying, “where did all our money go?” or “where did all the food go?" With multiple mouths to feed those two questions usually occupy the same breath. A trip to the grocery store can be exasperating for anyone trying to stay in budget and provide a well balanced diet for his or her family. The dollars add up quicker than the cart fills. But with the following grocery shopping money-saving tips a store run can turn from overwhelming to quick and easy. 4 solid grocery shopping money-saving tips: Meal plan! Meal planning is the number one ...

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The Weekend Bed and Bath Renovation Project

***This post is sponsored by C2 Paint, which truly made all the difference in the success of our bed and bath renovation project. Read on to find out why!*** If you've hung with me for any bit of time, you know that our home is a constant work-in-progress. More accurately stated, it's a mess-in-process, but hey, why mince words when you can make yourself sound less desperate? In any case, the time had come, friends. The time had come to say adios to the spackled-up patches on our bedroom walls and our sad little bathroom sink held bravely together with duct tape. Yes, my ...

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A Real Life Back to School Shopping Survival Tale

I imagine hence forth my life will now settle into two distinct eras: the time before I took my children back to school shopping last week and days following this fated venture. The thing is, I could lie, friends. I could say it was exhaustively draining, and I'm praising God that we crossed that beast off the list for 2016. But this would horrifically understate the cold, hard truth of what transpired in those Target aisles. Because you see, what happened is that my sanity died. Up to this point, my sanity had been popping in and out, casually flirting with taking it's leave as pieces ...

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3 Smart Benefits of Joining a CSA

We are in the thick of produce season, moms! Every year at this time I tickled to grab fresh, local produce and eat delicious vegetables grown in my hometown. If you followed along with my tutorial on how to build a raised garden bed at the beginning of summer, you may already have an abundance of fresh veggies right in your backyard. If you don’t have a green thumb or the space to plant a garden, don’t fret! Remember in how I said it took quite a few years for my gardening skills to get their act together? In the meantime, every year I would join a CSA and as ...

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5 Ways to Smartly Shop Consignment Sales

***This post about how to smartly shop consignment sales is sponsored by JBF Reading.*** Long about oh, 7 years, 9 months, and 16 days ago, as I was well into my first pregnancy and solidly representing a whale, a startling realization occurred to me, "Oh crap! Kids need stuff!". In an effort to manage the shock, I went the route of any sensible 21st century mama and took to Google. No doubt, phrases such as "I have no money", "knocked up" and "do I really have to pay for diapers?" factored into my carefully calculated search. Several hours of obviously well ...

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