Aug 112012
Just When You Get Good At It...

Does this happen to anyone else?  Just when I start to get the hang of something, it’s always time to move on.  I was with my friend C the other day and we were talking about the skillful dance of trying to leave the house around naptimes.  I actually (sort-of) thought I had this one
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Aug 102012
The Tale of Two Butts

The other day I was changing Isaac’s (my 3 yr. old son) diaper (yes, hush–obviously the potty-training is going well.  Thanks for noting this.).  Elyse (my 1 yr. old daughter) crawled over to the scene and pointed at his penis.  The following conversation ensued: SourceApparently, my daughter will be requiring thetwo-pack to cover her “situation”
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Aug 092012
Women Who Pin

Cognitively I understand that I have two X chromosomes myself.  Still, women make me nervous.  Especially women who pin.  I should clarify:  I pin.  I even occasionally take a stab at something I pin, but I’m not up every morning at the crack of dawn pressing wood pulp into homemade paper towels or recatalouging my CD collection by
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Aug 082012
Stop Holding Your Breath

As I’m still waiting for my bestie, Mindy Kaling, to call me up and invite me over for her next Girls’ Night Out, it occurred to me that it may indeed be time to grow up and acknowledge a few things in my life that will probably never happen.  Or, she may just be busy
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Aug 072012
How I Earn My Sushi

So monetary and caloric restrictions being what they currently are in my life, I have basically sworn off eating out/fast-food/take-out/etc.  However, sometime recently, after discovering that sushi existed and was super-yummy, I developed a new vice: grocery store-brand sushi. Listen, this stuff is waaaaay better than it sounds, trust me.  Here’s the thing–going out to
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Aug 052012
Sister's Day

Yes, Sister’s Day actually exists–and it’s today.  I looked it up b/c I am basically eternally floating in a blissful “I love my sister” state, and I figured there had to be a day to celebrate.  This post is nothing but a pure shout-out to how much I adore my sister and how grateful for her I am.
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Aug 042012
11 year anniversary

We completely ace out anniversaries around here.  Last year, for our 10th, we went big and stayed up all night–granted, it was with a sleepless 2 week old newborn, but hey, let the record show we rocked out the wee hours  So honestly, I have no idea how crazy things will get for our 11
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Aug 032012
Weighing the Priorities

My son had colic when he was a newborn.  The “really awful, screamed for stretches of 48 hrs. straight, fussed around the clock, and never slept for more than 20 min. at a time (and then only if you held him)” kind of colic.  It was truly the darkest time of my life.  And then,
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Aug 022012
The Sunshine Award

When two of awesome fellow bloggers nominated me for the Sunshine Award, it was definitely time to get on board and pass this very cool award along!  This award is great because it’s purpose is to “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”, which is always a good thing!  Personally, I can use all
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