Jun 212013
The Rake Shed

I have an IRL (in-real-life) friend who is beyond rockin’.  Dawn has been such a blessing and so much fun.  I can’t thank God enough that He put her and her friendship in my life–what a gift!  Not too long ago, she told me a story about her husband and a rake shed, that make
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Jun 192013
I Wrote Writer

Life is full of tricky questions.  Right now, for me, one of the trickiest is, “What do you do?” For a while I tried saying, “I’m a blogger”, but I found this often confused people.  What the heck is a blog anyway?? Or worse, I was met with sad sympathy.  A somewhat  pained expression that
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Jun 172013
Partying It Up at The Fire House

Children’s birthday parties…oh, sweet, evil children’s birthday’s parties.  How I loathe you, dread you…LOVE you??  Whaaa?  Yes, it’s true, I, the self-proclaimed Anti-Birthday Party Queen fell in love with my son’s recent 4th birthday party.  We held it at the East Brandwine Fire Company.  If you live any where in the vicinity of Downingtown, PA
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Jun 122013
I Like Myself Better

Not too long ago, I wrote about being in “The Drowning Stage”, this phase of life when I feel so overwhelmed by trying to keep up with the day to day of young kids that I feel like I can’t exactly breathe all the time.  I liked this post–A LOT.  When writing it, I felt
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Jun 072013
Home Sweet Home

Not too long ago I found something amazing.  Something that spoke to me.  Something that blessed me and lent normalcy to my life.  What was this find?  The Fierce Diva Guide to Life.  Ilene, the woman behind this site, is a powerhouse of fantastic.  I love her attitude and her perspective, but moreover I have
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May 312013
10 Reasons My Children Won't End Up In Prison (probably)

I love Fridays.  The sense of possibility and hope, sweet hope, that maybe this will be the weekend you will finally score a nap, the shared fantasy of parents worldwide.  Eh, if it doesn’t happen, OH WELL.  But at least Friday delivers the dream.  It’s all about the dream, people! I especially love this particular
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