10 Summer Hacks For Mom's Sanity

Anyone else already feeling a teensy snowed by all the hefty summertime fun? 3 cheers for no school! Truth told, I do love the break from school and the chance to do more of the fun stuff with my kiddos, but trying to keep up with the day-to-day silly things, like laundry, putting food on the table and generally making a pass at showering you and the kids off once in a while? Well, that's when summer gets a tad trickier. But no fear, mama, I've got some cool summer hacks here to help you navigate the sunshiny, action-packed days ...

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6 Summer Fashion Accessories Every Mom Needs

****Thanks to The Zoe Report Box of Style for sending the summer box my way so I could share the six summer fashion accessories every mom needs with all of you!*** A few months ago, I shared a recent hot fashion find with you, Spring's The Zoe Report Box of Style. I had so much fun checking out and enjoying the items included in the seasonal subscription box, I made sure to get my hands on the summer version out this month! And again, I was so tickled with the items featured in the box. Read on below to find out what was ...

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10 Best Things to See and Do at Dutch Wonderland

***Thank you to Dutch Wonderland for hosting my family and sponsoring this post so I could share the 10 best things to see and do at Dutch Wonderland with you in this post!*** One of our favorite parts of summer is visiting the super family-friendly Dutch Wonderland amusement park in Lancaster, PA. It's such a perfect place for children to play the day away. Our 2017 visit last week was fun-filled and full of special memories, and my children are already asking to return for the park's Happy Hauntings in October! Read on to hear more about our trip, and take ...

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DIY Kids Fireworks Display

My family’s attendance at fireworks on 4th of July has been spotty at best. It started with my oldest. As a baby he hated loud sounds and would melt down as soon as the noise began and we'd have to leave immediately. Then I had triplets and the thought of taking four young kids to see fireworks was completely overwhelming. Now that the triplets are seven and my son copes better with loud sounds, we usually do hit the fireworks scene. But in the years we missed them, we really missed them! Going to see the fireworks is the height of 4th of July fun, ...

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Rockin' New Attractions at Dorney Park Summer 2017

***Thank you to Cedar Fair and Blog Meets Brand for sponsoring this post so I could fill you in on the new attractions at Dorney Park Summer 2017**** You know what big fans of Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom we are around these parts. We'll never pass up a chance to visit and celebrate the summer playtime! As if all the daily fantastic fun and excitement this park delivers isn't enough, there are three cool new attractions on tap for Dorney Park Summer 2017. Read on, be wowed and then go book your own visit at this amusement park! Dorney Park Summer ...

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Fall Fashion with a Southern Flair

Let’s be straight: I drool for fashion. I sit in my perfectly ensconced-by-budgetary-concerns world of preschool pick-up-friendly athleisure and fantastize about more. More pretty things. Less advertising to the world at large that I work solely from home in my yoga pants. I reverently flip through the pages of People Style Watch and think, “This could […]

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