Jul 192012
Nailing It

My nails looked this good forapproximately 1.5 seconds post-manicure Pass me the massage-y pedicure chair any day, but polish on my fingernails just isn’t worth it.  I am not one for manicures, as they usually chip within a matter of seconds of me leaving the nail salon. Then I heard about these gel manicures (I know, I’m
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Jul 182012
The Anatomy of a Morning

SourceIt does, oh it does, Hillary…but where is mine? It may be overwhelming to recap the entire a.m hours for those of you not currently rocking out the world of young kids, so let’s just start with the first 1 hr. and 36 minutes of my day. Crack of dawn:  Lying in bed, baby crying.
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Jul 172012
The Entourage

I’m not entirely sure when my son first became cool enough to merit his own entourage, but he clearly has one.  It may have started with the single stuffed 6″ Mickey Mouse that my sister gifted him with after a trip to Disney World.  As you can tell, his group of friends has grown, multiplied
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Jul 152012
Kids' Birthday Parties

Source If you have haven’t gathered this by now, I’m not a huge fan of kid birthday parties.  I am hosting a big one later today for my daughter.  In general, I eschew the modern day trend of hosting a travelling petting zoo/hiring a dancing princess clown/renting out Disney World for the day.  But my
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Jul 142012
Hangin' Poolside

At some point in the early summer, my son developed an irrational ginormous fear of any body of water.  Not talking lakes, rivers, or even a big pool here.  Instead, think baby pool or bathtub.  This obviously wasn’t going to fly; this Mom of the Year simply doesn’t have enough energy at the end of
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Jul 122012
Dressing the Kids

Saw this on GraphJam.com, and decided my children are the ideal Walmart patrons thanks to my husband’s dressing “efforts”… Okay, I’m not a fashion diva by any stretch and am not a fan of dressing my kids up like dolls, but I do have some general standards.  As in, the clothing doesn’t necessarily have to
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Jul 112012
The Classiest Broad at the Wedding

I know, you can’t tell by how well I maintain my classiness, but the heat index was actually 108–feel for me a little. We are in the thick of wedding season right now.  Weddings are great.  Sure, I won’t lie–I definitely have my characteristic planning freak-out usually shortly after the initial invitation (Who will babysit?
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