Sep 072012
Preschool Tears

The tears are coming, oh, the tears are coming…And not from my 3 yr. old son, but from Mommy. Source: Microsoft Office ClipArtIs it just me, or do those doors look totally manacing?? And the thing is, I swore up and down that I would never be the kind of mom who was bawling when
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Sep 052012
A Mom, A Cart, A Mission

It happened.  Really, it did.  I found myself in a grocery store without my children.  I know, I’ll wait while you recover from the shock…okay now?  In truth, I was a scary, scary force to behold.  The speed with which I can whip out errands sans the little ones is awe-inspiring. Years of babies screaming in
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Sep 022012
Slayed by the Holidays

Wednesday would have been my mother’s 63rd birthday, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t because today, September 2, is actually the 6 month anniversary of her death.  How are we doing since she died?  Okay.  Truly, overall, okay.  Things like this never feel good, and they’re not supposed to.  But we are working at piecing things
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Aug 272012
Photo-Canvas.Com: The Monday Review

My inbox is always filled with offers and deals for photo canvases, and while I love, love pictures and think the canvases seem so cool, I have held out.  It truly isn’t the cost–somehow, much to the chagrin of my husband, my brain and budget manage to conform themselves around whatever my photo “needs” currently
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Aug 262012
Not Perfect

I’m not perfect…nor even close.  Shock!, I know.  The thing of it is–this parenting gig is hard, hard work.  No, I don’t love scouring down the high chair seat 100x/day or packing a diaper bag the size of the Titanic every time we have to leave the house.  So I take the “helps” wherever I
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