Dec 162012

I have been so touched by all the beautiful posts that have been circulating in the past couple of days in reference to the horrible tragedy of Friday. I have nothing further to add, but just wanted to take the moment to pause, and offer my small voice to the chorus of love and support
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Dec 102012
What Moms REALLY Want for Christmas: Week 3

Christmas is nearing, and these mom bloggers are keeping the dream of a magical holiday alive.  Anyone else getting giddy fantasizing about a Christmas sans the requisite scented bath and body lotion set?  I am believing that we can go bigger this year, ladies!  Hold onto the hope!  A stocking with something other than packs of gum
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Dec 052012
Nothing Says Christmas Like a Hallmark Channel Movie

I love Hallmark movies.  Let me clarify: I love Hallmark Christmas movies.  I’ve learned from experience that things can get a little dicey on this channel come St. Patrick’s Day.  Stories about villagers trying to figure out who the magical secret leprechaun in their midst is are a bit odd.  But somehow, the questionable quality
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Dec 022012
The Timing of Things

Does time ever play tricks on you?  It’s funny because sometimes things that happened yesterday feel like they happened weeks ago, sometimes minutes ago, and sometimes like, well, they happened yesterday.  Things tend to blur and blend in my world and sometimes I don’t really feel like I have an awesome handle on what’s happening.
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Nov 292012
Oh, Hello Thursday. I'm So Glad You're Here Again

Thursdays are my FAVORITE day of the week.  It is the day that I get to heist the world and give it back several times over.  Getting my son to preschool on time, hauling my daughter and I to our weekly Bible Study (which I sincerely love) a half hour away, stashing her in the
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