Sep 282012
A Few Laughs for You and a Revamping for Me

Trust me, you’re getting the better end of the deal here.  I’ll be taking the weekend off from posting to work on revamping with this blog and making a few changes.  While unintentional, the timing for a regroup turns out to be ideal with my 1 yr. blogiversary right around the corner (I know, I
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Sep 272012
A Blissfully Tired Fog

I’m going to step out on a limb here and say you probably are sleep-deprived.  Who isn’t these days?  Very trendy…Especially if you have young kids, it’s probably likely that you aren’t getting super-adequate sleep.  Even if your kids are “good sleepers” at night, the energy required to keep up with them on a daily
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Sep 262012
Dreading the Teenage Drama

Source Last week, Motherhood on the Rocks treated us to such a great guest post!  Now she’s letting me take over her blog for the day.  Trek on over there today to check out my greatest fears for when my daughter officially hits that charming teenage diva stage, and then share some of your own
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Sep 252012
The Fall Line-Up

We’ve started doing our own version of a draft pick around here come leaf-changing season. Source: Microsoft ClipArtGetting a game plan together… Why, oh why, are there so many incredibly awesome-looking shows rolled out each fall?  When you figure in all of the returning shows to which we’ve pledged our undying loyalty, the new ones
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Sep 232012
What I'm Not Digging Right Now

On the flip side of the coin from Friday’s post, there are a few things out there that I am NOT loving on so much right now.  Here’s what is currently making me a little grumpy: SourceLooks so innocent, but it’s so, so evil… 1.  Word verification.  What is the deal?  Am I the only
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Sep 212012
What I'm Digging Right Now

Am I still allowed to say digging?  Probably not, but I’m going to take the risk and go with it! There are so many things to love…here’s what currently rocking the top of my list right now: Source: Microsoft Office ClipArtThe “fruits” of his labor 1. The “fruits” of our vegetable garden.  Rather, to put
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Sep 202012
Welcome Motherhood on the Rocks!

Source I am thrilled today to be hosting one of my favorite bloggers, Motherhood on the Rocks.   PR strategist turned stay-at-home mommy blogger, she now spends her days changing diapers, wiping boogies and blogging about motherhood, including recipes for the lazy, money and time-saving ideas, and product and book reviews.  You can find more of her antics on Facebook and Twitter. With
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Sep 192012
Close As I'm Getting to a Recipe

I cook for the sole reason that my family has to eat something and oh shoot, the budget just doesn’t allow for take out for every single meal.  Darn!  You may have read about my misadventure a few weeks ago when there was a small incident with some flames in the kitchen.  For some, this
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