Sep 032013
And....Finding the Funny is Back!

I know, people, the summer was rough on all of us in more ways than one.  The endless sweat-soaked days and whacked schedules had their time and place, but the time has come to move on with fall.  While I can’t get back your life-savings you sunk into contastnly supporting the swim diaper industry, I
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Sep 022013
My Perfect Girl

I wasn’t going to have a girl.  Let me rephrase: I ALWAYS wanted to have a girl for as long as I can remember. Then I found out I was carrying a boy in my first pregnancy, forced myself to take stock of the fact that my husband was one of 4 boys, and wrapped
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Aug 302013
When Michaels Happened

It was the perfect storm of a non-crafter’s horror.  I had been made responsible for the favors for a bridal shower AND had to purchase ribbon for my upcoming book signing (don’t ask because that one is just too weird to explain).  What did this mean?  It meant that the time had come to meet
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Aug 282013
Happy Birthday To Me

I sent this to myself last year on my birthday, and it seemed beyond appropriate to send it again this year.  I understand everyone has a different journey, dream, and goals, but trust me when I say that for me, this is a good thing.  A very good thing…

Aug 272013
Letting Go

I have a distinct memory of cruising down the highway about a month after my mother was diagnosed with cancer.  My 13mo. old son was in the back seat and I remembered something cute about him I wanted to tell my mom.  I picked up the phone to call her and then had the passing
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Aug 232013
Screwing Up My First Born

When I was a very new blogger, I met Femme Frugality and fell hard.  This girl is a smart, savvy bargain-hunter and really knows her finances.  The grooviest part is that she doesn’t work in the financial field at all and money-saving is just a hobby for her–one that she’s very good at.  She’s also
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