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We pray with our kids. A few times a day for sure, more if the Spirit moves us or if we're in the midst of a tantrum so epic, Mommy sees no other recourse but to wail to God, "Please give me patience to handle this horror--or a full lobotomy so I can remember none of it! Thank you; handle as you see fit..." As our children age, my husband and I encourage them to take the lead on our daily meal, bedtime, and on-the-way-to-school prayers. And I'd be lying if I didn't say that we'd heard it all: the whiny pleas ...

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Ten Skin Savers You Need, Busy Mama!

Let's be real for a minute here, mamas. The older I get, I realize there is very little hope for ever fully taming my thighs situation. That's cool, I can handle that...mostly, on good days, when I am not surrounded by too many adorable hip moms in their exquisite athleisure. It's a brutal world at preschool pick-up, you see. To cope with my dawning self-acceptance, I find it excessively helpful to direct my passion for sprucing up into something a bit more controllable--my skin. I love skincare. I love it for 3 reasons: It's easy. It makes me feel like I am prioritizing self-care The results can ...

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Book Club Holds Court

As an avid non-fan of bitter cold winter days, naming my favorite part of the tundra-like existence is an easy call: reading. Reading obsessively, continually. In all corners of the day and night and cagey-kid filled hours when you resort to shamelessly bribing the cherubs with bonus iPad time so you can snag just 15 minutes of peace. Friends, I think your only hope of making it to spring in a semi-sane state is grabbing a book and digging in for some serious page turning. While the winds howl, moods sour in their Vitamin D deprived state, and you spend uncounted hours fantasizing about the long begone loves of ...

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The Lessons You Never Forget

I’m very happy and grateful to once again have Kathy Radigan of My Dishwasher’s Possessed! as a guest blogger, this time with a post written especially for Mom of the Year. As most of you know my son has been having some challenges in first grade. Back in the 70’s, Kathy had her own difficulties with the same grade. That she still remembers it is a testament to how those early memories can stay and influence us even as adults. I thought it would be fabulous if she shared what she learned from that time and how she has used ...

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Tooth Fairy 2.0

My son is a wee little guy. Aside from being a cute ball of love, he saves us a ton of cash by rocking the same sizes for years at a time. Needless to say, his physical development proceeds not at a soaring pace. So when all of his cohorts began losing their teeth, we spent a fair bit of time prepping our little dude to wait it out for the long haul; the Tooth Fairy might be more of a future visitor than a present. But lo and behold, a couple months ago we met up with our first wiggle. EXCITEMENT!!! All hands on deck. Tug the ...

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10 Lessons Learned in the Trenches of New Motherhood

I’m tickled to have Kathy Radigan of My Dishwasher’s Possessed! on Mom of the Year today sharing about the 10 things she wished she knew before she had her first baby. Kathy is a dear friend and fellow blogger I’ve known for a few years now, and I always enjoy reading about her life as a […]

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