Mar 082013
Moo Cow of the Year

Join me this morning in wishing a very happy birthday to Deb, the blogging savvy behind Urban Moo Cow!   I’m honored she is willing to celebrate her special day here by taking part in the Mom of the Year series.  Her writing is an honest, intelligent look at the world surrounding us as parents.  Her love for her
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Mar 022013
I Will Dry Your Tears

A year ago today, my mother died.  It was a sad and horrible day, and I will never forget the last moments I shared with her.  As she lay dying, she was unable to speak.  I sat with her, and I talked with her, and tried desperately to seek closure through a one-sided conversation.  Her
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Feb 272013
Vacationing 2.0

Okay, this is going to be fine.  Pampers has sucked up your life savings and there just isn’t any extra cash to spare for a tropical retreat right now?  Throw in the nasty factors of limited vacation days at work and oh, the teeny little problem of those kiddos who need someone to take care
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Feb 262013
Loving Every Minute!

I have a rice problem.  Left to my own devices, I would happily nosh on the fluffy stuff for every meal.  I just can’t get enough of rice-y goodness.  So when Minute Rice asked me to try out their new Ready to Serve product, there was no arm-twisting involved.  Pass that cup over and let’s
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Feb 252013
These Are the Times

I am so pleased to welcome Janine from Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyaholic today to share why she is declaring her title as a Mom of the Year.  Janine has created a sweet space in the blogosphere where she shares about her life as a mommy to two young girls.  She does it all with hearty dose
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