Jan 282013
Falling for Flatout Flatbreads

Is it possible to say enough good things about sandwiches?  They are so easy, quick and perfect for kids and great for on-the-go.   But I don’t always love the calories that can go along with thick regular bread.  Because of this, I was thrilled to be introduced to Flatout Flatbreads. If you’re in the
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Jan 272013
Time to Clean-Up a Little Bit

The Listerine 21 Day Challenge is kicking off, and I’m hopping on board!  The pledge is pretty simple: you brush, floss, and use Listerine Ultraclean twice a day for 21 days.  The really cool part of this challenge is that for every person who signs up for the challenge on Facebook, Listerine will make a donation
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Jan 252013
Love Letter to Summer Days

As I sit here, feeling my feet turn into veritable ice blocks in this precious January chill that our heat system can’t keep up with, I find myself longer for warmer days.  Brighter days.  Summer days.  Oh my lost love of sunshine and warmth, where did you go?  More importantly, how quickly can you find
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Jan 212013
Gambling it all on the Neti-Pot

Like so many families right now, we’ve been in the throes of Hell Week.  Granted, we may have less of the physical extremism accorded to the Navy SEALS version of this, less of the hazing found in fraternity initiations, and less intensive exams than during college finals, but let me be clear: we’re in Hell Week.  More
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Jan 172013
Take-aways from the Farm Show

Last week our family went to the Pennsylvania Farm Show.  For those of you not familiar with this annual phenomenon, it’s hailed as the nation’s largest indoor agricultural expo.  Basically picture a really, really big building with a bunch of cows, tractors, and about 450,000 people thrown in, and you’ve got yourself the Farm Show.
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Jan 142013
Let the Awards Season Roll!

Awards season officially kicked off last night with the Golden Globes, and it was just pure fantastic fun. I often question my blogging, “Why the heck am I doing this?”.  Yes, obviously it’s exceptionally lucrative and the sky-rocketing fame is incredibly rewarding, but sometimes I question whether the intense workload is worth it…Not last night.
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Jan 132013
Getting Our Diaper On at Family Dollar

I’ll admit it: I’m a diaper snob.  For the past 3 1/2 years, I’ve cautiously eschewed generics.  In fairness, I’ve given a couple different non-brand name diapers a try, but the leakage/ginormous puffiness factor with the particular ones I tried lead me straight back to Huggies and Pampers.  Recently I found myself tickled with Honest
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Jan 112013
Where Do I Go From Here?

Do you all know the sweet, sweet Chris Carter from TheMomCafe.com?  She is one of my absolute favorite bloggers.  She has that blessed gift of nailing the heart and the funny at the same time, and she does it all while being incredibly real.  I can’t tell you how much some of her posts have
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