A Real Life Back to School Shopping Survival Tale

I imagine hence forth my life will now settle into two distinct eras: the time before I took my children back to school shopping last week and days following this fated venture. The thing is, I could lie, friends. I could say it was exhaustively draining, and I'm praising God that we crossed that beast off the list for 2016. But this would horrifically understate the cold, hard truth of what transpired in those Target aisles. Because you see, what happened is that my sanity died. Up to this point, my sanity had been popping in and out, casually flirting with taking it's leave as pieces ...

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3 Smart Benefits of Joining a CSA

We are in the thick of produce season, moms! Every year at this time I tickled to grab fresh, local produce and eat delicious vegetables grown in my hometown. If you followed along with my tutorial on how to build a raised garden bed at the beginning of summer, you may already have an abundance of fresh veggies right in your backyard. If you don’t have a green thumb or the space to plant a garden, don’t fret! Remember in how I said it took quite a few years for my gardening skills to get their act together? In the meantime, every year I would join a CSA and as ...

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5 Ways to Smartly Shop Consignment Sales

***This post about how to smartly shop consignment sales is sponsored by JBF Reading.*** Long about oh, 7 years, 9 months, and 16 days ago, as I was well into my first pregnancy and solidly representing a whale, a startling realization occurred to me, "Oh crap! Kids need stuff!". In an effort to manage the shock, I went the route of any sensible 21st century mama and took to Google. No doubt, phrases such as "I have no money", "knocked up" and "do I really have to pay for diapers?" factored into my carefully calculated search. Several hours of obviously well ...

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How Make a DIY Care Package Gift

My best friend Stacie moved away this year. We were always a few states apart, but this year she moved to the left coast. I’m not sure exactly of the miles, but it feels like a million. It was as if all the distance collected in my heart and sank it to the bottom of my chest, far. When brainstorming ways to make the distance feel smaller, I came up with this idea for a care package gift, and I love it. Why is a care package gift a good idea? With technology nowadays (when did I get to be old enough to ...

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The Trap of Seeing the Trees

I very much wanted to title this post "The Treeing It Trap", but Google informs me treeing is a method of using dogs to chase animals up trees for hunting purposes. Huh. While we strive to cover a variety of topics of interest here at Mom of the Year, I can't say that hunting in trees is a strong forte of any of my suburban mom team. To avoid the confusion, I went a different route. But hey, bear with me when I refer to "treeing", knowing I mean "seeing the trees" instead of canine gaming pursuits. Bear with me, friends, because treeing is a trap, and we need to have a ...

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For All You Love…Even When You Still Want More Chinese Food

The Mother’s Day cheese is getting poured on pretty heavily around the web the past couple of days, and I’m not one for over-sentiment, but when Johnson and Johnson asked me to promote their new For All You Love campaign “celebrating the selfless and unconditional caring of caregivers, including moms, and all the ways they care […]

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