About Me

Before I had children, I was scared of kids.
Now that I have my own children,
I’m even more terrified…
Come hang with me and check out the less serious side of parenting. I promise Im acing it out--one epic fail at a time!

The world of parenting can be such an overwhelming place!  I’m so flattered that you are taking the time to check in here for a minute.  As I earn my title one epic parenting fail at a time, my hope is to offer up a quick, relatable laugh for fellow parents of the world and all their empathizers.

I’m a SAHM of two, a little boy born in 2009 and my baby girl born in 2011.  I’ve got a wonderfully supportive husband and a neurotic aging chocolate lab.  We’ve set up shop in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and try to take it all day by day, figuring it out as we go.

Never anything but love and laughter around here...right ;)

While I can’t promise to always be funny, I do promise to always try to see the humor in things.  I also vow to never load you up on fancy recipes or cool DIY craft tricks–because I don’t know any.  And if you can’t appreciate a little self-depreciating humor, you may want to look elsewhere.  I definitely don’t “have it all down” and never will, but I do regularly award myself with The Mom of the Year award for the astoundingly fantastic parenting skills I wield on a daily basis.

It’s rough out there–take a minute for a fun break, a less serious look at world of parenting…

Contact:  meredith@themomoftheyear.net

Come hang with me and check out the less serious side of parenting. I promise Im acing it out--one epic fail at a time!

All photos done by Briana Latta Photography!

Make sure to follow along with me for more thoughts and conversations on my VProud channel! Let’s do this parenting thing together, friends!

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    Just found you on the hop and love the name of your blog. So glad I’m able to follow along. I’m your newest follower via Facebook and Pinterest.

    Kimberly @ mypinterestreality.com


    LOL…I love that you don’t do an overabundance of crafts. I’m craft retarded. 😛


    Ah, parenting, don’t get me started. And I’m allergic to crafts and the kitchen, so I very much appreciate your about page! Love it!


    What a great idea for a blog! I’m going to follow along and check things out a bit! :-)


    Well I’d like to relate but i “kingmom” as my hubby nicknamed me years ago am the nutty stressed out mom of 6 boys ages 2-25! Yep 2-25. So good luck hang tough. If anyone tells you it gets easier or better smack them…they are lying! Lol


    I don’t have children but am from an Irish family, so there are a lot of them around, nieces and nephews etc. I am terrified AND terrorised by them lol. It never ceases to amaze me how they are always ‘getting one over on me’. I am just not smart enough for them. They see their innocent aunt coming from a mile away. My brothers and sisters keep telling me not to be such a push over, BUT they are just so cute. How can something so cute and young be capable of such mesmerising trickery? Love your blog, thanks.


    Love the blog! My craft skills consist of making things that are in a kit, made for children. Love your humor on life’s everyday things!


    Hi Meredith

    As a mom, I know you’ll love this!

    I just launched a line of funny mom car decals that I think your readers will love.

    Have an awesome weekend!

    Kelly Taylor
    Car Decal Geek


    I want to follow your blog! You have so much wisdom and your posts relate to so many of us!

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