10 Smart Tips to Visiting Iceland with Children

This month I had the opportunity to travel to one of America’s current top tourist destinations: Iceland. To say it was beautiful was an extreme understatement. The island scenery is vast and eever-changing so much so that you almost feel like you are in a different world. There is so much to do that you can’t possibly fit it into one visit but can easily be tailored to what you can handle. Traveling with children, especially in a foreign country, can seem daunting but I found Iceland to be the perfect kid-friendly travel destination! Thinking about a trip with your family? Here are my 10 ...

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The Female Persuasion Book Club Discussion

Friends, we made it!! June is officially here! Oof, I know...I never thought I'd make it. While you're still fighting through the last week or so of school if you're in our neck of the country's woods, it's none too early to start digging into your summer reading list while avoiding the end-of-the-year chaos ;) Hey, reading when life is insane is straight up therapy, friends! We've shared some boss Summer Reading Lists in the past, and we have no plans to disappoint this summer--thanks for joining us for this The Female Persuasion Book Club Discussion, and make sure to leave a ...

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6 Smart Reasons You Need a Barn Door in Your Home

I love rustic home decor! It feels effortless, and many pieces are very affordable or easy to make yourself (see our DIY Pallet Board Coat Rack and Easy DIY Barn Wood Frame posts for ideas to get you started!). Now that our kiddos are solidly school-age, and there's less flurry of messy diapers and juice cup refills, my husband and I have put away the baby gates and are starting to get a bit fancy. You know, the occasional paint can makes an appearance while some of the original curtains from the 70s are politely shown the door. We've begun ...

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Channel Your Inner Flower Child with this Quiz!

***Thank you to Gilmour.com for sponsoring this post so I could introduce this fun quiz to help you find your own inner flower child!*** I inherited my love of flowers from my mother and there's no better time of the year to enjoy all of nature's glory than right now! Blossoms are blooming around every corner. While delighting in the season, I came across this sweet "What Type of Flower are You Quiz?", and thought it a fun treat for all of us to take a minute out of all of the end-of-the-school-year crazy to focus on our inner flower child ...

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DIY Patriotic Hair Bows

I love fun hair bows, barrettes, headbands, and other accessories for my three little girls, but I’m also on the cheap side so I don’t like paying for them! I especially don’t like paying for holiday hair accessories that my girls will only wear once a year. So I decided to make my own! Since 4th of July is coming up I headed to the craft store and stocked up on patriotic ribbon and got to work. Here’s a step by step guide for making your own DIY Patriotic Hair Bows! DIY Patriotic Hair Bows Gather Your Supplies: For this DIY Patriotic Hair ...

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Book Club Takes a Modern Twist with Eligible

Welcome back to book club, friends! Thanks for hanging out with us last month as we did a fun celebration of all the hot summer reads. Hopefully you’re still digging deep into that list while enjoying the sunshiny days of August. We’re now circling back to Eligible: A Modern Retelling of Pride and Prejudice, and my […]

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