Natural DIY Lice Prevention Spray

This year my son officially started preschool and with that comes my biggest nemesis…germs. Every week he comes home with a new cold and kindly shares it with the rest of our family. When it comes to sicknesses, I am a large proponent of treating and pre-treating them with natural remedies. I have read up on many different herbs and it is fascinating how something grown in nature can really help your immune system. While I have our sickness remedies down pat, something I have never had to think about is lice…until now. Apparently there is a “super lice” ravaging schools everywhere and I know I can’t ...

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Dreamy Lavender Smoothie

***Thank you to Wayfair for sponsoring this post so I could share this recipe for a dreamy lavender smoothie with all of you!*** The holiday season is behind us. No matter how hard I try to stay calm, the season always stresses me out. Of course I love it, but it seems like we’re always running from one activity to the next, and I’m left scrambling and trying to remember to feed, clothe, and love on my family as we attempt to soak up the joy of the season. All of this craziness leaves me feeling a little fried come January. I employ lots ...

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10 Perfect Items for a Gift for a Cancer Patient

***Thank you to Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. for sponsoring this post so I could fill you in on their Kindness Campaign and how to create the perfect gift for a cancer patient.*** This is a poignant topic for me to write about, readers. As my own mother took her exit from this earth only within the past few years after battling a cancer diagnosis, trying to figure out what to give someone fighting cancer is all too familiar. I distinctly remember wanting to give her something, anything, to help ease her pain and make her a bit more comfortable, but I ran out ...

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7 Smart Tips to Ace Science Fair Projects

It’s that time of the year when you start thinking about the Science Fair. Or, if you’re like me, it’s that time of the year when you look at the calendar, see SCIENCE FAIR PROJECTS DUE, and go into panic mode. Here’s the thing: the Science Fair sounds like a great idea in September. You and your kiddos are all bright eyed and bushy-tailed with beautifully packed lunches, getting to the bus stop five minutes early, and homework completed with no (okay, minimal) tears. But now? You’ve barely survived the holidays and now you’re supposed to pull a mind-blowing Science Fair project out of mid-air? As a ...

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Book Club Spends Christmas in Paris

Welcome January! Despite the chilly temps and post-holiday slumps, I am excited for a new year and the fresh start. First on my list for 2017? Got myself tidily signed up for the Goodreads Reading Challenge--52 books this year! This may be a tad ambitious, especially considering I started reading our online book club's December pick, Christmas in Paris...on January 3. I LOVE Christmas, but the whole busyness thing definitely won this season, and let's just say I got a bit behind. So, after some very late night hours cozied up with this book this week, it's time chat to thoughts ...

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Coordinated Halloween Costume Ideas

I fully enjoy most of my eccentricities.  And truth told?  I don’t have enough energy to humor the notion of change.  That I can only sleep with purple ear plugs in every single night? I am a light sleeper. Stashing chapstick in my bra? Convenient.  And my stubborn refusal to take down last year’s Christmas cards until I […]

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