Nov 022015
Who's Your Thanksgiving Hero?

Seeing people who selflessly love on other people grabs my heart. It’s like a solid sucker-punch to the gut, but in a really wonderful way. It’s the act of people serving and giving of themselves that gets me. This life can be such a hard place, and when someone sacrifices to make the road easier or better for another
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Oct 302015
Keep Those Messy Hands Clean and Style It Up With Huggies Clutch n' Clean

I’ll readily admit I’m a product junkie. Sold-out, full-on, no joke. It’s serious, friends. I love finding cool new items that are really cool, make my life easier, or are a sweet combination of nifty and helpful. So when Huggies introduced the most adorable wipes clutch cases ever last year, my excitement was substantially squee-y. Functional meets
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Oct 282015
First Time Visiting Disney World? You CAN Do This!

You might want to sit down for this announcement, friends: we have never been to Disney World.* I know, I know. Seems shockingly impossible. My poor culturally-deprived children will be accepting any and all sympathy cards and extra Halloween candy as condolences–but only for the next few months because here’s the bigger announcement: we are going
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Oct 262015
The Surprise Element

At my very ripe old age of 36, I feel like there’s not much about my day-to-day that could surprise me. The laundry/dish-washing/yearning for ginormous quantities of coffee to power me through my day is a routine set pretty solidly in stone. Even the more exciting events, like driving the minivan into the garage door and
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Oct 212015
The School Bus Dilemma

Once in a while, I do crazy things, like attempting to vlog. I know, it makes no sense to me either. Really, some people just don’t belong in front of a camera. Like me. Aside from my raging awkwardness, complete with multiple “ums”, excessive hand gestures and inexplicable eye closing, technology is not something with
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Oct 172015
Sweeten Up on Sweetest Day!

Happy Sweetest Day, friends! Yup, that’s today! What is Sweetest Day? It’s a day set aside in the United States to celebrate romance and love in our lives, with gifts, cards, and most often, candy. Basically it’s a day to celebrate sweetness with sweets! Now, we know my battle with the scale is never-ending, but listen, a
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Oct 152015
Organize the Chaos Like a Mom of the Year

When I picture myself, I envision a wake of chaos flailing behind me as I stumble and fumble from one daily task to the next, usually a decent ten minutes late–for everything. You know how in Peanuts Pig-Pen was always followed by a cloud of dirt? That’s me. Except my cloud involves stupidly popped tires, lots of
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