Top 20 Teacher-Recommended Melissa and Doug Toys

It’s that time of the year, mamas! The holidays are here, and if you’re anything like me, you are frantically searching for last-minute gift ideas for, well, everyone. Your kids. Your kids’ friends. Your nieces and nephews. (And that’s just accounting for the littles in your life. Adults are a whole different story for another day!) With the gazillion toy options out there, choosing gifts for those special kiddos in our lives is such an overwhelming task. Where do we even begin? That's where we step in. We're coming to the rescue with this list of the top 20 teacher-recommended Melissa and Doug toys with ...

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Bleach 101: Breaking Down Cleaning Myths

Thank you to Clorox for sponsoring this post so I could share this brand's fab cleaning power and the Bleach 101 scoop with all of you! Cleaning! What an unhappy chore in my book. But alas, one wholly necessary to warding off nasty sick germs and keeping our kitchen floor from being permanently littered by the dog's paw prints. In resolving myself to it's necessity, I figure if I'm putting in the time, I'd do best to make my efforts worth their while. So what really works to effectively clean a home? What will really pack the cleaning power punch in the brief moments ...

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How My Son Won the Turkey Trot

I'd like to blame my sluggishness in writing this post on being so swamped with holiday work, but that's only part of the truth. I dragged my feet in sharing this story because it's one that packs a serious gut punch to my mom-heart. It's a true story, a sweet story, a simple story. It's a story with a powerful lesson I'll never forget. It's the story of how my son won the Turkey Trot. Every year our children's elementary school does a Turkey Trot the week of Thanksgiving. I always said we'd participate if my kids asked to do it. This ...

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Let's Chat The Wonder Book Club Discussion Questions

Friends, I won't lie--this holiday season is slaying me a bit. As in, I'm already jonesing for a loooong nap and the calendar has barely flipped over to December. Whenever the Christmas crazy touches down, I crave withdrawal time. Time to retreat, rest up and restore. And in my book there's no better way to do this than to with a book! Pass me the cup of hot chocolate and a yummy read, and my soul is well on it's way to taking a precious pause amidst the fun and festivities.   What books am I snuggling up to during these much-needed breaks? ...

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Earn Gas Rewards Points while Grocery Shopping

*** Thank you to ACME for sponsoring this post so I can fill you in on their new partnership with Sunoco where you can earn gas rewards points by grocery shopping.*** There are two things I spend a considerable amount of money on monthly, groceries and gas. I know I can’t be alone in saying I wish I could to save more money on these Two G words. Right now, with the extra food needed for the holidays, and traveling to and from relatives, many budgets can be quickly taxed by these expenses. But don't be discouraged! ACME just started a new Sunoco Gas rewards program in partnership with Sunoco that will help you ...

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When a Mommy Is Cool

Let me be clear: I am not cool. I have never been cool. Nope, I’m solidly of the band-geek variety. Even in my 30s, which is impressive, as I haven’t picked up an instrument in about 15 years. But while I’m sitting over here, stewing in my own nerdiness, I realize that I am uncool […]

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