Feb 142014
The Two Cards

We’re simple people around here.  Before kids, Valentine’s wasn’t that huge of a deal.  Now? Like any parent knows, step aside major holidays, because there is an exorbitant display of  glitter-glued heart-shaped cards that need to squeeze their way onto the fridge before it gets ugly. Put down the red construction paper before Mommy gets cranky.
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Feb 122014
Mrs. Stapleton

Every once in a while you get to meet a soul who breaks your heart with sincerity and kindness.  Paige Stapleton, more familiarly known around my corner of the world as Mrs. Stapleton, was one such person.  Mrs. Stapleton was my son’s first preschool teacher.  When my family set off last year to enter the
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Feb 102014
Art on the Cheap

God love Alisa for coming to us in the midst of this horrid chilly winter mess, and giving us something else to think about.  Why do I love this post so much (despite the fact that Alisa outs herself as a crafter)?  It’s in no way sponsored–it’s just a really neat way she figured out
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Feb 052014
When the Zippers Crap Out

Winter is adorable. Totally, utterly adorable in all its snow-covered death trap roads and sub-zero temps.  Listen, I would be all over taking my kids out to frolic in the snow if my fingers didn’t instantaneously go numb whenever I opened the door.  Raynaud’s Syndrome in these chilly months?  A total peach.  Not that I
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Feb 032014
Shiny White Teeth? Yes!

When SmileBrilliant wanted to send me a teeth-whitening system, I was all “twist my arm”.  Not that I’m paranoid about my yellowish teeth at all… You see, Mike from SmileBrilliant was patient with me.  He was kind.  He encouraged me to participate and followed up when my whole consumed-with-the-holidays situation left me a bit sluggish
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Jan 312014
Penny Jules Turns 1!

Alright, you may have heard me rave about Penny Jules once or twice before. That’s because you’re obsessed with her, Meredith. Okay, I am obsessed with her, but for excellent reason.  Heather, the gal behind Penny Jules, is rocking the socks off the jewelry world.  You see, she makes all of her own stuff.  And
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Jan 292014
Commercial Break

Who loves commercial breaks?  No one, unless you have to pee or they’re the fantastic ads aired during the Superbowl. But commericals are a bit of a sticky wicket because they are necessary.  If you want to see your nifty TV shows, you’ve gotta pay for them somehow (and unfortunately, the right arm you donated
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