Jan 262015
The Ambiguous School Fundraiser

Silly Mommy thought she had met her match in the fall through the school picture order form. Isn’t the naivete of a first-time Kindergarten mom precious? As it turns out, there was a far greater evil in store, lurking for me in these bleak winter months, a powerful force popularly known as The School Fundraiser. This
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Jan 152015
Yay, It's Tax Season!

…said no one, ever. Except maybe my really smart CPA dad who genuinely enjoys preparing taxes. I know, I also question how I can possibly be his daughter. Come the beginning of January, I start to sweat it a little bit. I’m not an accounting whiz on a good day, so sorting everything for taxes feels overwhelming.  Add in
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Jan 142015
The Stretch You Need to Take

Increased flexibility, strength, and balance Lean, toned muscles Stronger immune system Relief from symptoms of chronic pain & illness Relief from stress Increased mental clarity What mom doesn’t crave these things? A few months ago, I decided to take a huge leap and give Bikram Yoga a try. This was a pretty huge leap, as I’d
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Jan 122015
My Science Geek

I told you last month that my husband and I were going to a gala for a work event, but I never updated post-event. In a word: fabulous. As reported, the gala was for a machine. Yup, a machine. A flow cytometer, to be exact. What is a flow cytometer? I have absolutely no clue. I do know that
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