Feb 202015
Safe Landing Spot

I’m writing this post as part of the #1000Speak campaign, in which 1000 voices will be joining together today, February 20, 2015, to speak about compassion, kindness, and support for others in this world. Learn more about the campaign here and check in on some of the amazing words that are being shared to promote goodness. I’m
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Feb 182015
Get Spring-Ready with Strider!

Every now and again, I look out the window at the endless, tedious landscape of frozen tundra and fantasize about things like flowers. And grass. And anything green versus endless sluggish grayish-white.  Surely in some world, this must exist?? But it’s coming, really. I know Spring is on it’s way. I see prompts of it’s arrival
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Feb 172015
Technology is Changing and So Should You: How OurPact Can Help You Regain Control

Dude, no one loved that Jimmy Fallon Saved by the Bell throw-back more than me–go Zack Morris! But this trip down Memory Lane sparked a few reflections–most notably, how dramatically technology has changed and become such a significant part of our kids’ lives. How is a parent to responsibly handle this shift? Check the savvy new
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Feb 162015
The Night of Growing Up

Last Wednesday night should have been an average weekday night in February.  You know, the kind of night where you feel like a rockstar for schooling Kindergarten homework and braving the 19 degree windchill for a venture out to the mailbox. Nothing notable was planned or expected. My husband was working late. My only hope was to land the
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Feb 062015
The Rosie Project Woos Book Club

Thrilled to turn over today’s book club post to my sweet reading partner, Carrie of Normal Level of Crazy.This month’s pick was one of my favorites, so can’t wait to share it with you, and head’s up–next month’s pick is up for grabs at the end of the post! Read on, friends! ************************************************** Happy February, Everyone!!! 
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Feb 052015
Winter Winning? Go Score Some Cozy Comfort!

Cough and cold season is here, and if you have kids, chances are you’ve already seen your fair share of runny noses and germy hands. I’m teaming up with Boogie Wipes and Kandoo to offer some great cough and cold tips and give you a chance to win great prizes! Five Tips for Staying Comfortable
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