May 012014
Springing Up May BOGO Ad Space Special

So while the 1500-some monsoons of the past month have been adorable (unloading groceries with two toddlers in a downpour must be among the most effective birth control out there, no??), I’m ready to boot April to the curb. Celebrate with me and let’s welcome in May with some freshness and growth–growth on your site that is!  I’m loving
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Apr 252014
Product Junkie

I’ll admit it.  I’m a product junkie and a proud product junkie.  Bring on the drugstore because I’m on a mission.  Actually, bring on my my link-through Ebates to whatever store has the best deal.  Coupled with free shipping codes from RetailMeNot, you know I’m not trying to actually leave my house. Since money is always on
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Apr 212014
25 Reasons My Scale is a Liar

Oh honey, Alisa, I’m right there with you–my jeans are so, so heavy.  And muscle weight and humidity are A BEAST.  Also, I love you, Alisa. Friends, if there was ever a time to love on Alisa, it is NOW. Solidarity on the scale and peace out, my love! ********************************************************************* On my 29th birthday I
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Apr 142014
We're Done

I’m listening to my children play “camping” above me in my daughter’s room.  Basically, it sounds like a herd of noisy elephants who like to laugh a lot has been let loose.  And a lot of opening and slamming doors is apparently required for this camping endeavor too. I’m exhausted.  They have won today. A
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