Mar 312014
No Fear

I wish I had my daughter’s spirit and energy.  In her two-year old wild perfection, she barrels and life and doesn’t stop.  If you’ve met Elyse in person, you know exactly what I mean.  My son has the most gorgeous heart I’ve witnessed on this earth, but he is a sensitive soul.  More like his
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Mar 302014
Hang out in the Burbs with Suburban Haiku

It was a nasty kind of evening.  It had been the I’m-pretty-sure-I-have-a-sinus-infection-but-don’t-have-time-to-go-to-the-doctor sort of day followed by an “invigorating” dinner with my kiddos while my husband worked late.  Let’s just say by the time Dr. J got home, I was very much wanting hole up ALONE and make nice with my INFJ personality. Doubtful that anything
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Mar 262014
1 Becomes 25

I hate exercising.  I always have.  I always will. I had a brief love affair with the swim team in high school, but that was it.  My only shining moment with anything more physical than madly piling finds into my arms at a children’s consignment sale. So I’ve never rocked it as a specimen of
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Mar 242014
Grab a Spot!

I have long wondered about doing more formal advertising here at The Mom of the Year.  Would it work?  Was it really my kind of thing? Would anyone think it was worth it to stick their name on my blog to get some lovin’? Was I insane? I’m still not totally sure.  But friends, it’s
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Mar 212014
Happy Launch Eve!

Happy March 21st!  Have no doubt that you are squeeing along with anticipation on this epic day, the Launch Eve of the second book in the I Just Want to Pee Alone series, I Just Want to Be Alone!  I’m sure your calendars are circled in red and you are carefully setting aside your comfiest
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Mar 172014
The Founder Vlogs!

I did it, friends.  I got The Founder of BlogU, Stephanie Giese, to sit down with me and chat about the upcoming conference.  I can’t promise you we’re funny, but I can promise that she is as adorable and put-together in person as she appears.  This girl is ON HER GAME.  I also made her
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Mar 142014
Get Your Groove on with Sparky

My family is in a Relationship.  A serious one, with the fire company. This is A-Okay with me. You see, we live in suburbia, where all the firemen are volunteers.  Hardcore, solid guys and gals who work incredibly hard to serve us all solely out of the goodness of their hearts.  I will never forget
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