Dec 022013
HerStories Needs to be YOUR Stories

Below, Stephanie Sprenger tells the powerful story below of how she and Jessica Smock met and then came together to publish an original anthology, The HerStories Project, full of tales of female friendships.  The way she talks about their journey is rich, poignant, and will touch your heart. I am so in awe of what they have
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Nov 222013
The Turkey Queen

So I’m no secret that Alisa scares me more than a little.  She’s just so darn crafty, creative, smart, GOOD at household-managament matters…When she starts to throw out terms such as “baked brie” and “bacon-wrapped beef tenderloin with balsalmic glaze” (see below), I start to feel more than a little intimidated.  This is scary stuff,
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Nov 212013
The Blog Post That Wasn't

So listen, here’s the short story: I had a post due at Aiming Low and I HAD NOTHING TO WRITE ABOUT WHATSOEVER. Why does this matter to you?  I wrote a post anyway and I would really like for some people to head over and read it/comment/share so I don’t look like a total loser.
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Nov 202013
Alzheimer's Prevention Registry

When I was asked by the Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative to participate in a briefing with their experts last week, it was not without bittersweetness.  Prior to venturing into this world of birthing babies and blogging, I was a social worker.  I worked primarily in Alzheimer’s nursing home units, and the dear faces and stories of
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Nov 182013
My Mommy! Moment

Before kids, I used to volunteer in the church nursery.  I would watch the kids faces light up upon seeing their parents’ faces when they came to pick them up. I would think, “WOW. That is the coolest thing.”  And then it happened–I became the parent picking up kids. And one day, recently, when I
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Nov 132013
The Dying Drama Queen

Last week I thought I was going to die.  I woke up in the middle of the night to a raging fever, pounding migraine, and the overwhelming sense that I needed to empty the contents of my stomach IMMEDIATELY.  Upon standing up to address the situation, I fell over.  I then crawled to the bathroom.
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