Jul 312015
Go Ace Your Amusement Park Day with the Kids!

We all know that vacations with kids aren’t relaxing breaks, but rather just changes of scenery. But true story: our recent family visit to the delightful Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster County, PA came pretty darn to being a non-stressful experience. No, really. About 99% of this is due to the uber young kid-friendly nature of Dutch Wonderland
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Jul 292015
Fall Fashion with a Southern Flair

Let’s be straight: I drool for fashion. I sit in my perfectly ensconced-by-budgetary-concerns world of preschool pick-up-friendly athleisure and fantastize about more. More pretty things. Less advertising to the world at large that I work solely from home in my yoga pants. I reverently flip through the pages of People Style Watch and think, “This could
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Jul 272015
How the Astronaut Wives Club Got It So Darn Right

As I write this, I am currently up-to-date with my On Demand corners-of-child-rearing viewing of Astronaut Wives Club (I know, I KNOW. Mom victory!) and 3/4 of the way through the true-story book that inspired the show. I first ingratiated myself in astro-culture when my sister said, “You have to watch this show. Seriously.” She
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Jul 242015
Back to School Like a Boss

It happened yesterday. I looked at my children and had the startling revelation that they grew. I know, I know. Shocking how they keep doing that. Then I realized that, with their growth spurts, they would have no appropriate clothing for Back to School in the fall. And then I remembered they need backpacks too. And
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Jul 172015
Find Your Way to Across the Way

I have endless memories of my mother, a natural-born shopper, delighting in browsing the shops at Cape May, NJ on our vacations. Much to my husband’s chagrin, I’ve inherited her shopping gene. That’s cool; he can go ahead and roll his eyes in the corner, I’m too thrilled with my hunting for special treasures to notice his silliness.
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Jul 152015
ThredUp for the Teacher in Your Life!

My mother, my greatest teacher hero, was SOLD OUT for her students. She would do anything, any time of day or night, with any stretch to her personal budget to get them what they needed for a proper shot at success. I shared a little bit about this before, in a post very near and
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