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I’m in love with Downton Abbey.  No secret here, and I promise not to spend the next 7 weeks talking your ear off about my beloved program, but bear with me for one more day as I ride the hype.  It’s just such darn justified hype, so I can’t let it pass by.  And when my pal Keesha over at Mom’s New Stage threw out this post idea, I was on it like O’Brien on a tidbit of scandalous gossip.

If you don’t watch the show?  Just pretend and step into a fantasy world of old school England with me for a minute.  And I’ll try not to judge you–at least too much, because I know you’ve got like, kids and a life and such…

While I pledge my undying loyalty to this blissfully soapy PBS confection, I have concluded that I can’t live there.  So when Lady Mary calls and asks me to move in, I will have to sadly decline.  However could I refuse a chance to shack up with my favorite Brits?

1. I am pretty sure I would die from fan worship of the The Dowager Countess.  Sure, it’s fun for her granddaughters to pretend to be all put out by her fantastically snooty comments, but if I was ever in The Great Lady’s presence, I think I would just be instantaneously overcome by her awesomeness.  As soon as she dropped one of her snide bombs, I would start rolling on the floor in laughter…and never get back up.

2. They don’t bathe.  At least, as far as I recall, there is no reference to this.  I need to bathe.  They are the most well-dressed people I have ever seen.  By well-dressed, I mean that literally, their clothes are put on their bodies very well.  They even have servants designated for this sole purpose, but bathing??  I would be booted out in under a week for my offensive B.O.  Perhaps they just didn’t sweat in the 1920s?

3. I don’t think I would get good cell reception that far out in the country.  This would make it really hard to keep up with my blog.

4.  It would take me all day to figure out the complicated bell system they use to ring for the servants.  Cognitively I get the concept of ringing for help when they need it, but there are so many bells and so many wires.  I would just stand there, staring at the whole contraption, with no hope of ever being able move past my awe and participate in other life activities.

5. I couldn’t afford the presumed “You Break It, You Buy It” policy.  My children would wreak havoc on the place the likes of which Downton has never seen.  Speaking of which, there are no children (okay, fine some miraculously appeared out of nowhere to look adorable in Mary’s wedding, but really, where did they come from?  Smacks blatantly of kidnapping for matrimonial-related purposes in my opinion).  Playdates would be tough and traveling to MOMS Club events in those early automobiles would take forever.

6. Plagues and such would be challenging for me.  I kind of like this life and am just not into such a high premature death rate.  Sort of a soothing quality about our modern-day hospitals.

7.  I’m pretty sure I would haul off and slap Thomas silly within 2 minutes of being in that house, and while the family enjoys its drama, this may be frowned upon…

So while I love my show, I’m going to have to snuggle up on my couch and love on that dear family from across the pond.  And now go check out Mom’s New Stage for her reasons for why she just can’t make a go of it at Downton.  The Abbey life is brilliant, but it’s just not for us…

Thanks for letting me play along, Keesha!

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  45 Responses to “Why We Won’t Be Shacking Up at The Abbey Anytime Soon…”


    I admit I have never watched this show, but keep hearing so many talk about there love for it that I may need to check it out. As for your list though, you had me cracking up and with you that I couldn’t live without my cellphone or bathing, lol!!


      In all your spare time, right Janine? 😉 If you can somehow squeeze it in, it’s a treat, but I understand how TV is a luxury these days!


    ha! LOVE IT! Personally, I wouldn’t fit one LEG into the dresses those Ladies wear, so that would be my #1 reason for not accepting the invitation. And you’re totally right about Thomas – sometimes I think Robert quite daft for believing a word out of his mouth.

    But as for the bathing – I think since it’s a British show, they just don’t allude to it. SOME things must remain a mystery.


      Absolutely–gotta keep the mystery alive ;). And yes, the dressing would be a problem–didn’t they have to battle with corsets and things too? Or is that a different time period? Love that you used the word “daft” :)


    Agree with the bathing… I can’t even imagine wearing all those clothes through the summer months with no ac! Yuck!!! I started watching the show about a year ago on Netflix (we don’t have regular cable/tv) and loved it. I feel like I am dying a slow death waiting for them to add another season!!


    I haven’t seen it. It’s probably on at the same time as one of my lower than low reality shows. It’s on my list of shows to check out, I swear. I played along here though and have to agree with you about the bathing part and though their clothes look fabulous, I have trouble wearing Spanx let alone a corset.


      Spanx has to be just as challenging as a corset, right? Let me know if you ever get around to checking out Downton and we’ll chat!


    yeah that not bathing part would certainly do me in–i have got to see this show!


    The only time bathing is ever seen is in Season 1, and that’s only because it’s integral to the plot. I have also wondered about the bathing. A lot of English estates were behind the Americans in installing indoor plumbing, so that couldn’t have been pleasant.

    Since you’re (also) a Lady Violet fan, check out my tumblr.


    I don’t watch the show, but I thoroughly enjoyed your list!!! Cell reception and regular baths are a must!


    Meredith! Fanatastic list. Super fun to work on this with you. Mom’s New Stage and Mom of the Year make a good team! And brilliant about Thomas. I would love to give him his comeuppance – one a little violent and one merely humiliating. There is a poster that says “Keep Calm and Punch Thomas.” I love that!


    I’m with you. Fun to watch, not fun to live. Although, it would be nice to have servants available to help haul dead guys out of my bed.


    I haven’t watched nor have I heard of this show. I think I live in a box. I JUST figured out what Glee was last week! Going on my must watch list!


      Not a box, Carrie, you’re just busy making some of those super-sweet bows I just saw on your site :) Let me know if you ever get a chance to tune in!


    I love the show but I admit I’d slap Thomas silly in two minutes flat also!!!


    Oh my gosh, how weird is it that my dad watches this show lol. I’m sure he’d be happy that I put that on the Internet!


    I’m right there with you in claiming my loyalty! Cannot express my sheer excitement with the start of season 3! Loved your comment about the flower girls at the wedding – yes, had a similar thought… where’d they come from and whose kids are they? Also as we watched (yes, J is a big fan and not afraid to admit it), J made the observation that they apparently don’t mind morning breath – the whole passionately kissing right after you wake up thing with no sign of rushing to the bathroom to brush your teeth… don’t think I could get passed that one either.


      Why does my husband like this too? I’d better not question this and just be eternally grateful that he does–so much fun to watch together. And ick! Didn’t even think about the morning breath…Happy Season 3!


    Wait, doesn’t Cora lose the baby when O’Brian puts soap on the floor near the tub and she slips while getting out?


    I have never watched this show(hanging head in shame) but I am so tempted based on everyone blasting twitter about it. I can’t rough it for a night of camping so the lack of baths would just do me in. Your list made me laugh even though I don’t watch the show.


      Camping is rough! Maybe I should go more often as practice just in case I ever change my mind and decide to move in at Downton? :)


    I have GOT to start watching this show. It is exactly the kind of show I’d love. I don’t know how I haven’t seen it. I’ve got to get the past season (seasons? I don’t even know) and catch up. (I would not be down with the plagues either!)


      I think you would love it! I snagged Seasons 1 & 2 on Black Friday, and Season 3 just started Sunday, so I think it will be online/OnDemand/etc. for a bit? Sign off all your other real-life responsibilities for the weekend and devote it solely to catching up on the show–your family will be thrilled 😉


    I totally agree with your point about Maggie Smith! I’ve already seen this season on telly so I won’t spoil it for you but it’s GOOOOOD!


    I have yet to get into Downton Abbey. I’m not overly into period pieces, but I’ve heard such raving reviews about this, I’m pretty sure I need to give it a go!

    But I’m with you on not being able to live in that era. I don’t believe they had hair dryers and straighteners. How did they get by???


      They introduced the curling iron last season, but going without my favorite styling products? Ack! Excellent point, Dani. This would absolutely not work.


    Just started watching this show while I edit client images. Definitely not the life for me, but if I awoke in some time warp life, I’d have the hardest time with the scheduled meals.


      The not snacking bit would be really tough for me. Don’t these people ever want to just grab a bag of Chex Mix and chill for a bit on the settee?


    I just fell in love with this show. Watched the first season on netflix right after Christmas, now waiting for season 2 on DVD.


    I’m SO with you on the bathing thing!


    Please judge me for not watching this show! I feel like I am the only one still in the dark. Maybe that will be my late new year’s resolution.

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