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Do you all know the sweet, sweet Chris Carter from TheMomCafe.com?  She is one of my absolute favorite bloggers.  She has that blessed gift of nailing the heart and the funny at the same time, and she does it all while being incredibly real.  I can’t tell you how much some of her posts have encouraged me and fed my faith at times when I was definitely in need of a boost.  One if her most recent posts, about what our New Year’s resolution should actually be, has resonated powerfully with me.  Go check her out, fall in love with her and let her know how much you like her stuff!  And if you want even more of Chris and her awesomeness, she’s got a book, Maddening and Marvelous that you can snag up on Amazon.

Last week I wrote about feeling the overwhelm of the New Year.  After this, I chatted with Chris a little more, and she completely “got” what I was feeling and then felt lead to share this.  Her take on how we can tackle all that is on our plate is just so very on-point.  Tune in, readers, and hoping we can all grasp that “one small task”.  Thanks so much, Chris!


Within one week I lost a dear friend, welcomed the New Year in, my Father-In-Law had open heart surgery, and my sister was getting tests to see if her cancer came back. Then there were the little things… New Year’s Eve gathering, taking down decorations, cleaning the house and getting the kids back in school, and an amazingly emotional women’s group that I host in my home. Both the big and the little seem to sometimes stampede me and I start to crumble. Looking at my “to do” lists and knowing that my mother and sister will be in town for a week, makes my nerves revved up a bit.

to-do list @themomoftheyear @themomcafe

The list may seem benign, but the wisdom needed to handle it all is huge!

I sit here frozen, knowing the fridge is overflowing with old Holiday food that needs to be cleaned out, my house is a mess and the laundry is piling up, my 2013 calendar sits next to me unopened, so I have no idea what the date is or what the heck is going on… I have been meaning to transfer all my info over for weeks. And there it all sits.

I don’t like feeling this way. And I certainly don’t like being this way. Overwhelmed. Exhausted. Anxious. Lost. Frozen.

I tell myself I need to sort things out in my head and write them down. That always helps.

I know that praying about prioritizing what is most important is critical.

I also know that losing site of the blessings surrounding me is selfish.

I know that small steps always relieve the burden bit by bit and I start to feel liberated.

So I will do those things. Now.

I will start my lists, pray for discernment, count my blessings, and do one small task.

Are you in the same place I am?

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  40 Responses to “Where Do I Go From Here?”


    Oh thanks for sharing here and yes I am in that same place quite often.


    Ah…two of my favorite people in one spot! I love it and even though you already know, I will tell you so you don’t feel alone in it, I am right there with you! Completely. When things (big and small and there’s always going to be small) pile up, I freeze and can’t seem to even start which makes me even more behind and more overwhelmed. No wise words here just a partner in it all.


      For me too, AnnMarie. It’s when everything starts to pile up I get really freaked out and get nothing done–totally counterprodcutive!


    AW Meredith! Those kind words you said TOTALLY made my day! You are such a blessing to me… thank you SO much for having me over at your beautiful place here. Can’t wait to have you back at my place real soon!!! I really should serve some coffee while you’re there. I mean after all, that would be rude of me not to at “TheMomCafe” right? Geesh. Okay… gotta go bite off one more little “to do” and breathe and pray and count my blessings through the rest of this crazy day!!! I kinda wanna call you my new BFF. A little weird …but I do. :)


    Have I been there?! Oh, yes. Many times. The trick is taking a deep breath, treating yourself to a good cup of coffee, choosing what’s going to make you feel like you ROCKED the day and just starting. I can over think so many things, but I find that when I complete even one task I’m energized and have more clarity about what’s truly important (and has to stay on the list) and what’s total nonsense and can go!

    Always love everything Chris has to say, and I’m so glad I was introduced to this great blog. New follower via Bloglovin!


      So true, Michelle–I do feel loads better if I can just get one thing done and then have more energy somehow to attack the rest. Thanks for the input and the perspective. Thrilled to have you stop by!


    I get overwhelmed easy, because I tend to take on way too much. Plus, life happens. My best way of handling the overwhelming feeling is taking everything step by step, day by day. I’m constantly asking myself What do I NEED to do now instead of What do I think I need to do now. Some things just have to wait. And the world won’t end if it does!


      Yes, Jennifer! Separating needs from wants is so important and so helpful here. Great way to handle it–one step at a time.


    Great post here. Stress seems to find us all doesn’t it? Your advice and words were very encouraging!


    Glad to know I’m in good company feeling this way!


    So sorry you’re feeling this way. If it helps it really does sound like you have had A LOT to handle lately! There’s something about the new year that makes us feel like we should have it all together, get a fresh start, etc. I always feel like making to do lists helps. Especially when you put things on it like “eat breakfast”, “drink coffee”, and then check them right off!


      Hilary, I do this too! Even crossing off small things makes me feel better. And yes, so much pressure with the new year…


    Dear Meredith, hope writing this helped you still your mind. You’ll do great; just take one little step at a time! Wish I was near your place so I could come in and help!! {{hugs}}


      Roshni, you are so sweet! These were actually Chris’ words, but I know so many of us can well relate. We are going to meet sometime–it will happen, my friend!


    All the time, chica. We’ll get there eventually…


    Hang in there. For me, writing it down is so key. When I feel all the different things I need to be on top of flying around in my head, they are boundless and scary. When I write them down, they are a 5 inch long list on a 1/2 sheet of paper. That’s huge for me.

    Then, like you said, doing something. Just something small to overcome that incapacitating feeling of not knowing how to start.


    I feel this way so much! Stress takes over our lives sometimes:( I am going to join in in taking baby steps too! Hugs! PS- my Christmas tree is STILL UP!


    {Melinda} I am sorry you’ve had such a rough start to 2013. I totally get the Overwhelmed thing. Too well. Getting things out of my head and onto paper really helps my stress level, too. God is opening many doors for me lately. I’m struggling with pursuing HIM first not the “doing.” But the fact is that the “doing” has to be done. So I’m trying to make sure I don’t commit too much, am organized (does not come naturally for me) and make sure I get time with HIM daily and talk to Him throughout the day to stay connected and on track. Whew. :) Glad we have the Holy Spirit to guide us, Chris!!


      So exciting to hear about these doors being opened for you! That’s awesome that you are so fervently seeking Him, and praying He continues to guide all your steps.


    All the time. Overwhelmed is kind of my friend now because we are together so often these days. This was just so spot on (as usual for Chris. She always gets it just right). I need to take more time being thankful for the blessings I have (which are enormous) and less time focused on things that are insignificant (but I always spin into big deals). Beautiful and insightful post!!!


      Chris is so spot-on! I like what you said about where we need to keep our focus–I blow up the small things too and then overwhelmed always becomes the name of my game…thanks for checking in, Dose of Reality.


    Yes, I’ve definitely been there. Big hugs!


    I’m not but I feel like I have been in the past. That really is a lot to take in and I think you’re doing the best that you can to deal with it all. I think it’s important to do exactly what you’re doing and to talk to loved ones instead of holding it all in!


    Good choice, Meredith! I adore Chris and am visiting from her blog.

    Chris- I so needed this breath of fresh air. Thank you! I often find myself in the space you described, needing a simple, doable solution that includes turning to God and asking for guidance. Instead, I tend to make things overly complicated. Your gentle, encouraging words had a calming effect on me. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and grace with us!


      So glad you checked in here, Mary. Chris does have such a soothing way of encouraging us and reminding us where we need to turn. What a blessing!


    YES! I am in exactly that same place! Overwhelmed by everything going on around me, that I literally just stop and do nothing! FROZEN! One baby step at a time! Great post Chris and thank you for introducing me to yet another wonderful blog!!


      Frozen is the perfect way to describe it, Alexa. Thanks for stopping by here and another thanks to Chris for encouraging us all to take those baby steps!


    Alexa and Mary… feeling your love and I can’t tell you how much it means to me!!! Truly…I feel the same way about you both. :) Thank you for your encouragement. SO grateful! :) Meredith…you are a blessing, to ME and to many. Love all around!!!


      Chris, you’ve been nothing but a blessing to all who have read this post (and read your blog all the time)–thank you! You’ve got such a special gift, my friend!


    Boy do I know the feeling. I’m visiting from Chris’ blog. Chris, you are an amazing person. Although you were experiencing all of that, you still were able to offer words of encouragement. Thanks for sharing Chris. Meredith, you have a wonderful blog. Glad I found you through Chris. God Bless


      Hope, so glad to have you here! She does truly have a gift of taking her struggle and blessing the rest of us through it. Praise God for Chris!

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