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I’ll admit it: I’m a diaper snob.  For the past 3 1/2 years, I’ve cautiously eschewed generics.  In fairness, I’ve given a couple different non-brand name diapers a try, but the leakage/ginormous puffiness factor with the particular ones I tried lead me straight back to Huggies and Pampers.  Recently I found myself tickled with Honest Company diapers, but nothing short of someone shoving free generic diapers under my nose would have convinced me to give them a try.  But then Family Dollar did exactly that, so it was time to check out Kidget diapers and wipes.

Family Dollar diapers Kidgets @meredithspidel

In two words: I’m impressed!  Seriously.  I think Kidget easily has it on brand-name products in regards to diaper absorbency and softness.  I did not feel like I was trying to tape cardboard around my baby’s bottom, like I have in the past when I’ve tried generic.  The wipes were great too–no noticable difference in thickness or texture at all from the more expensive products.

What is different?  The cost!  A pack of 31 size 4 diapers for $6.50?  That comes out to less than 21 cents/diaper, which is better than I can do on my good days with sales, coupons, or Amazon’s Subscribe and Save option.  The wipes were $2 for a 72 pack–another bargain in my book. The products were easy to find at Family Dollar and came in a variety of different size packages.

Family Dollar diapers Kidgets @meredithspidel

Looks like she is trying to strike a fancy pose to show off her new diapers, but really I just caught her mid-climbing onto the table.
My precious, delicate angel….

Family Dollar diapers Kidgets @meredithspidel

I love that little bum :)

The bottom line, Kidget diapers and wipes have a new fan.  It may very well be time for this Mom of the Year to break with the masses and wave goodbye to her previously beloved brands.  Yes, I will miss spending my afternoons entering the Pampers reward codes online and fantasizing about what free prize I can earn when I reach 120,000 points, but sometimes you’ve just got to be practical.  Since our rate of potty-training success is slow to non-existent and I’m guessing we’re looking at at least another 16 years of diapers, bring on the most economical choice.


Introducing the newest addition to the family of Kidgets products: Kidgets Baby Wipes!

Available exclusively at Family Dollar, Kidgets baby wipes are made with a special three-layer fabric that is Thick, Strong, and Soft!! Available in Unscented and Fresh Scent, they are the perfect addition to your changing table, car, or diaper bag. Convenient press-open lids make on-the-go changes a breeze!

Family Dollar’s line of Kidgets diapers is also second to none. Family Dollar realizes that you want the best for your baby. That’s why they developed Kidgets – a soft, absorbent diaper that’s also a great value. With an ultra absorbent core, strechable grip tabs, and a cloth-like outer core, they are are so sure that you’ll love the Kidgets diaper that they offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Check Kidgets Diaper and Wipes products out today – only at Family Dollar!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Family Dollar.

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  38 Responses to “Getting Our Diaper On at Family Dollar”


    I would have loved knowing about this when my girls were still wearing diapers, because I felt as though I was single handedly keeping Huggies and Pampers in business. I have the rewards points to proof this, which reminds me I have to cash those in, lol!! Seriously great post and so helpful to all the mothers out there that are spending a ton and a half on diapers :) :)


      Yes, Janine, go cash in those points! I never get anything good, but I’m not about to throw them out! Thanks for all your kind words :)


    I have to check out Family Dollar and find these diapers. With baby # 2 on the way I am going to try to be more frugal but I don’t want to sacrifice qualiy so glad to hear about these. As for pampers points I think I have enough to cash in for a single wipe.


      You probably could get a whole wipe, Sarah–each one only costs about a million points or so 😉 Hope you like the diapers if you check them out. I was truly impressed with the quality!


    You’ve convinced me. With 2 still in diapers I just might spend some time trying to find a Family Dollar. I am brand loyal to Pampers after all the swag they have thrown my way (after my complaining to them on Twitter about the lack of mom-rewards in their Gifts to Grow program).

    But I’ll definitely give these a try!


      If Pampers threw swag my way, I’d be loyal too! That’s awesome. If you run out though, keep Family Dollar in mind as a cheap alternative!


    I am such a snob, too. Luvs are the ones all of my kids wear but that sounds too good to pass up. Like you, I see about a dozen more years for Gia as well. :( Everyone keeps saying she won’t go to prom in a diaper but at this rate, she might.


      Everyone tells me that about my son too, but I don’t think they’ve met him and his strong aversion to the potty? 😉


    I agree 100 %. I have never tried the brand you mentioned, but when mine were still in diapers I bought SAMS Club (Members Mark) brand and they worked just as well as the Big guys’ brands. Walmart has a brand (White Cloud) that worked great as well. I’m all for Store brands.


      Great to know, Debbie. I have never given Walmart or Sams diapers a try. I think some generics are far better than others!


    YAY! Sponsored post! You ROCK! So glad you found some good diapers and wipes that are AFFORDABLE! Awesome. :) Will pass this info on to friends who have little ones!


    $6.50 for a pack?! Oh my, that’s amazing! I am a diaper snob too. I either buy Huggies or the Pampers 24-hour ones for the day, but it’s 100% Huggies Nighttime Diapers for at night. Everything else leaks. I’ve honestly never tried any other brands, but will have to try this one out if I can find it. 😉


      I love me my Huggies Overnites! I honestly doubt I would ever trust anything else for overnight b/c we definitely need a nighttime diaper that can hold up!


    Have I mentioned recently how happy I am to have graduated from the diaper stage? I was unsure if it would ever happen with my second but, he didn’t go to kindergarten in them after all. Hallelujah!

    Congrats on finding some affordable ones!


      You provide hope, Meredith! Great to know it can happen. But I’m also insanely jealous. Live the diaper-free lifestyle large for the rest of us!


    awww!! She is so cute and I love the color of her hair!!


    That is an incredible price! Now if I can get them shipped to my house via Amazon, I’ll be sold. Still hard to trump the laziness factor.

    Love how daintily she is even when she is getting herself into trouble!


    Kidget?! Never hear of them…or are they only in the States? I myself have tried the generic brands but always end up going back to Huggies or Pampers, actually I prefer Pampers!! I was buying the CostCo brand, which is apparently Huggies, and they were fine until my son got into the #3’s…they don’t seem to hold anything and are very crunchy and not to mention lose around the legs. I guess that means I’m a Pampers fan!! (Before I had children I thought moms were crazy for being so particular…NOW I get it!) lol!


      Pampers are my go-to too, Lisa. It’s so hard to be open to another brand when you’ve got your fav, I know. Love how you described them as “crunchy”–I know exactly what you mean!


    Don’t give up hope on the potty front! My boy took a good year+ to get it down. We’re finally mostly there and he just turned four. As for my daughter, she basically trained herself after watching her older brother. So now we are down to one diaper a day, for her at night. Of course with twins coming in a few months we’ll be back into the diaper world once again!


      I appreciate this encouragement, Taara, truly! It feels so defeating so often. Wonderful to hear that your daughter was easier, and by the time your twins are training, you’ll have gotten it aced, huh? 😉


    I must admit I am a diaper snob, too. :/ I’ve never used anything but Pampers, until this past weekend. I received some samples of Sam’s Club’s brand to try, so I did. I wasn’t impressed though. :( I will have to check those out, though, as they sound better!


      Oooh! I’m glad to get the review on another generic brand, Kristy. I’ve never tried Sam’s. Hope if you try these, you like them better.


    We’ve had so much success with other store brands… I will have to try this one as well!


    I have tried other brands but always go back to Target’s Up and Up brand – they work amazingly and size 3 is 14 cents each!


    Thanks for the heads up! I used to use Target’s brand of diapers but they changed them recently and I went through half a pack and had to return them. Every night my daughter leaked out of them, which had never happened before, or since I returned them. I’ve been diaper shopping since. Some of my diaper experiences inspired this parody, which I thought you might relate to: http://youtu.be/kteDWZ4mOk4 :) Thanks again!


      This was SO FUNNY!!! You guys have got serious talent! Thanks so much for sharing and making my morning :)


        Haha! Thank you! I’m glad you can appreciate our poopy diaper plight. Have you ever seen our Mom of the Year parody? You may enjoy it also, especially since you are the mom of the year :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4jIe4VfajM We have a couple others on our YouTube channel as well. I recently finished writing my first novel and have been trying to build an audience base with the parodies for when agents/publishers see if I have any internet presence. So if you enjoy, please feel free to share. Thanks so much again!


    I am a Pampers snob. I have used them from my first to my last. Every once in a while I will use Luvs because I think they are very similar to Pampers. I just can’t go generic. But that price of the Family Dollar ones – wow, that’s a good deal!


    I am glad I read this because I saw an ad and disregarded it as it was family dollar- I am no snob but I thought- yeah right im sure its a quality diaper- maybe it is- I am going to find out for myself- thanks! also I am here from the sat hop and your newest follower- until someone right after me comes! joyandgladnessofheart.blogspot.com thanks!


      Thanks so much for stopping by, Kelly. I really do like these diapers and am planning to buy more when our pack runs out. Hope they work for you too if you give them a try!

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