Jan 142013
Golden Globes trophy @meredithspidel

And the trophies have been handed out!

Awards season officially kicked off last night with the Golden Globes, and it was just pure fantastic fun.

I often question my blogging, “Why the heck am I doing this?”.  Yes, obviously it’s exceptionally lucrative and the sky-rocketing fame is incredibly rewarding, but sometimes I question whether the intense workload is worth it…Not last night.  Knowing I wanted to blog about the start of this glittery season, I settled in on the couch, put my husband in charge of the short people, and zeroed in on the TV.  I was all business.  Notebook and pen in hand to take notes.  Volume cranked up at even the hint of someone screaming.  This was serious, people.  It was the Golden Globes, and Mommy was working.

Best job I’ve ever had.  Throw the some popcorn and wine, and it was the best night I’ve had in a while.

I’ve got pages and pages full of notes that have already been hashed out all over the internet, but in case anyone was searching for a late-to-the-party, completely unfashion-savvy, starting-to-doze-off-around-10pm take on Sunday’s festivities, these are my top hard-hitting observations:

Adele’s acceptance speech was adorable.  She is an adorable new mom, and I now want to be her best friend.  I’m sorry, Mindy Kaling, I’m sure this is hard for you to hear, but I’ve been publicly declaring my love for you for months, and you’ve completely ignored me.  Your loss; Adele’s gain.

Adele at Golden Globes @meredithspidel

The adorable mummy

The ManiCam on E! was weird.  It was hokey.  I didn’t totally hate it.

There is so, so much that could be said about Jodi Foster last night.  I’m only going to say one thing: that woman doesn’t age.

So JLo just cut up a doily then and pasted it to her body?

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey at Golden Globes @meredithspidel

Love, love these ladies. Can’t imagine a more perfect hosting pair.

Jessica Alba,  Anne Hathaway, Amy Adams = gorgeous and classy.  Unreal, ladies.

Bradley Cooper has become the epitome of Hollywood.  It never occurred to me before last night, but he is the future George Clooney.  Watch it happen.

Ah, Sally Field.  You’ve still got it, you really do.  But it’s time to put an extra stitch across the boobage, my dear hexagenarian.

Those who truly deserve awards are the make-up people.  Not the ones who do the make-up for the movies, the ones who do the make-up for the stars for the Golden Globes.  Clearly there was some sort of incident-gone-wrong with Claire Danes’ dark eye shadow, and Amanda Seyfried was also looking a little Walking Dead-ish to me, but the rest of the ladies were stunning.  And I give the credit to their make-up artists.  After my own recent foray with pen eyeliner (scroll to the bottom for the horror), for which I entirely blame the fantastic Kim of Let Me Start By Saying, I fully get how hard it is to create a look that is more “beautiful” and less “splotchy tiger with a recent bad face-lift”.  Applauding the way these artists wield that blush brush.

Okay, so I admit–I definitely crashed before the end, and in my haze of giddiness/tiredness, I may have been way off my game.  What did I miss?  What Golden Globes missives are you day-after buzzing about?

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  30 Responses to “Let the Awards Season Roll!”


    Oh I loved your recap and I admit I didn’t watch it. I saw tons of comments on Twitter throughout the night and felt as though I was watching it, but sadly I have trouble sitting through awards shows, but loved reading about it here!! Great job!!


    Thanks for the re-cap! I couldn’t convince hubby to let me take over the TV again after subjecting him to Miss America the night before (ok, let’s be honest, he probably actually enjoyed that one…), so I’ll have to settle for reading all about it!


    You my friend…are PURE entertainment!!! Who needs the Oscars, the Emmys (sp?), or the Golden Globe awards??? What awards were last night again? Seriously. Have. No. Clue. SO- I am so grateful for the update on all fronts!!!!! GO Adele!! 😉 And BTW- I LOVE LOVE LOVED that blog post with New Year’s Eve fashion…HILARIOUS!!! SO cool you were a part of it. I think your picture was seriously my favorite. The magic of make up… WOW!! LOL


      Chris, you are too kind. Love that you actually saw my pic in that post and aren’t totally terrified. You’re awesome! And hey, I’ll do what I can to keep you up-to-date on all this hard-hitting news, right? 😉


    Loved Damien Lewis winning for Homeland, but really funny to hear his British accent after being used to him as Brody! Keep forgetting he’s one of my lot.

    The make up pics are so funny!


    I got to watch Monsters Inc. instead. Jealous? In all seriousness, I think I’m probably in the minority of women who don’t get all hyped up about awards shows. Probably because its not worth listening to the complaining from the other members of my family. I do wish I would have watched this one if only for the hosts. I love Amy and Tina. And, yes, we’re pretty much on a first name basis.


      Obviously you are on a first-name basis! And of course I’m jealous. Monsters Inc. ANY DAY over the Golden Globes 😉


    We should’ve made it a date and watched together!!!!! I’m in LOVE with Tina Fey, I totally concur about Bradley “Perfection” Cooper, and I swear I said the exact same thing about JLo’s dress: doily much?! I missed Adele and Jodi Foster, though–I’ll have to check them out on YouTube! Thanks for the re-cap–can’t wait until the Emmy’s!!!!


      Next year–you. Me. Meeting in the middle with pens in hand for a very serious “work meeting”. I’ll bring the SkinnyGirl.


    You are a genius. I can’t wait for the Oscars so I can settle in with my wine and my “work”. Last night was a fun show. I was so happy for Ben Affleck and loved that JLo had to sit there next to lame ass Casper watching Ben give his speech. Tina and Amy were amazing, and Will and Kristen were hilarious. See how I use first names like I’m one of them?


      Will and Kristen were the best. I was dying. And I cringed over Casper–what is the deal there, really?
      Obviously you are of the inner circle of celebs, Amy. Here’s to future “work nights” during awards season!


    Watched every second with Smart phone in hand reading what everyone else in the world had to say! For the first time in a few years, I had seen Lincoln, Skyfall, Les Mis, felt a little more up on the nominees. Going to see Silver Linings Playbook next week! But, we missed the People’s Choice Awards! SAG is less than two weeks!!


      You rock! Way to be so up on the movies and so very connected during the awards shows. You are ON it with pop culture, my friend!


    Oh good, someone finally filled me in! We were in the midst of watching Season 5 of Californication, and when I asked if we could switch over to the GGs, The Hubs looked at me like I was nuts before saying, “NO”. So I missed all of it. Next year, I’ll lie and tell him someone’s sponsoring me to write a post about it. 😉


      Absolutely go with the sponsored post concept. In fact, let’s plan now on paying each other in exchanged chocolate or something so it’s all 100% legit 😉


    I wish I had seen it. I really do. But I had to watch Downton. I live for Sunday night. My one time where no computer action, no writing and I just go back to 1920s Britain. Not that I’d want to be Lady Mary of course, except to have one smooch with that Matthew…Yum-my!


      I would expect nothing else from such a true Downton fan. Thanks for representing when I was weakly swayed by the glitz and glamour of award night, and cheers to your blissful weekly step back in time!


    Your recap was better than any E! run down. I still haven’t watched it. When I get two seconds alone I’ll pop it on and fast forward all the boring bits.


    I like that you have your celebrity BFFs, because I totally do that, too.

    It always reminds me of Notting Hill when his weird friend (or was she his sister, the one with the hair lke feathers) wanted to be friends with the Julia Roberts character. It’s so funny and cute.


    I tuned in for a bit mostly just because Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were hosting. I would have preferred it if the show had less awards and more Tina and Amy talking.


    I did not watch it but I did check out all the Youtube videos of the main events. Jodie Foster was amazing! And, Fey and Poehler were just hilarious!! 😀 Of course, I also checked out yahoo for the red carpet gowns!!!


      Gown-watching is my absolute favorite part, Roshni :) Youtube is smart b/c them you can watch the parts you want when it works for you!

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