Aug 142012

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Meredith blogs at The Mom of the Year, dedicatedly earning her title one epic parenting fail at a time. When her kids aren't busy pummeling each other with Legos or requiring their 16th sippy cup refill of the day, she tries to offer quick, relatable laughs for fellow parents of the world and all their empathizers. She remains entirely terrified by crafts, promises to never share any useful household tips, and is fully committed to a less serious look at the world of parenting.

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  42 Responses to “Overdone Posts”


    I'm happy to say that I haven't written any such post!!! Or maybe that's because I'm fairly new at this!! Also, FYI, I didn't care for 50 Shades of Grey that much either…you can only read about the same “stuff” so much! Hey, maybe we should put our negative thoughts together and write a combined post about how much we hated it…that way we can back each other up if anyone “yells” at us!!! 😉


    Other overdone topics:
    -The TIME magazine cover
    -The Hiding In The Bathroom At BlogHer12 post
    -The post where you say how old your baby is and brag about all the milestones they are hitting, making over moms feel bad when they realize that their child has yet to reach these milestones
    -The post about how it doesn't matter what parenting style you use, as long as you do what's right for your family (I'm totally guilty of posting about this)


      Yes! The Time Magazine cover, and if I any more about BlogHer '12, I will scream (though still mostly from mourning the fact that I wasn't there). And darn–I think I too have a post coming out soon about about just focusing on what works for your family. I'm thinking you will now tire of me :(


    Go ahead and do some copycat posts!!! You're witty enough.. We faithful readers will read your perspective :) <3


    Why haven't I thought about letting the kids type my post for me??? Genius. I'm saving that for a Monday.


    lol funny! But I have never seen anyone do #2 Sounds like a cute idea though.
    Other Over done posts:
    1)The “Are you mom enough” Time Magazine cover.
    2)Posts on Macaroons (yes they are pretty and colorful but enough already.)


      Well, you're safe here, Debbie–I promise to never, ever do a macaroon post. Mostly because the mere thought of trying to create them makes me really, really tired…;)


    I think any story that is hot in mainstream media is overdone by bloggers. However, each person puts his or her unique spin on it, so I say, if you want to talk about it – go for it!

    Fifty Shades of Grey – Blech! Not worth my time to read, but reading people making fun of it is another thing!


    I think I'm the only female under 50 that hasn't read 50 Shades of Gray. I guess I'm not missing anything, huh? I stick to Y&R for my daily dose of smut. Haha! 😉 I actually thought about tackling the mommy wars topic, but decided against it. Too much controversy for me, the eternal peacekeeper! Fun post! :)


      Y&R is definitely a safer bet. So glad to know you are a soap-fan too–makes me like you even a little bit more 😉


      Haha! Yeah, I got sucked in not long after I had my first. Being home all day with an infant who wanted to eat all day, and not much else on tv during the day, I started watching. Is it sad that it's probably my favorite show to watch now?? Haha! Maybe it's the fact that it is so out there most of the time that it brings some excitement into my otherwise boring life? 😉 Definitely what I look forward to most during naptime! :)


      Hey, you're talking to a 20+ yr. fan of DOOL. Works as our dose of drama, huh? 😉


    I haven't read 50 shades of gray, but have no intention to, either. I'm marking Oct 12 on my calendar! :p


    I haven't gotten around to blogging about anything in the mainstream media, but I'll keep it in mind if I ever run out of ideas.


    I did #2. Wait. Oh. Crap. No, I've let my daughter post an entry for me. :) It's fun. She also has her own about page. Do it anyway. Honestly, if you try to be original all the time, you're missing great blog fodder! Just be you and we'll love it! Promise. :)


      I remember that post and I loved it–it was so cute! Good point with missing out on some good stuff and plus, I'm just not creative enough to reinvent the wheel!


    I like #5 the best. : )


    I definitely love that you post stuff that others don't think of!!


    The blogoversary posts are always a must. Actually, I remember my blogoversary before I remember my wedding anniversary. Don't judge me please.


    Seen all those posts a billion times!! What about a blow-by-blow how my labor went account?! I’ve seen those all over the place as well!
    Oh, I’m also definitely doing the one year anniversary post!! :))


      HaHa!! The labor blow-by-blow! How did I forget this one?! One of the most monumental times in a mom’s life, so of course, the world must know!


    Funny! There’s a lot of ideas I have that I feel are overdone. For example, I am probably the only person on the planet who just (YESTERDAY) found out what the whole elf on the shelf thing is. So, naturally I want to write about it, but I think it would just be another “elf on the blog shelf” post and who wants to read one more of those?? not me.


      Ha! I was so late to the party with the Elf thing too. But hey, if you write it, I’ll read it 😉 Hoping for an infusion of creativity for us both!


    Ha ha… what a great post! So true. So many times I kick myself for not thinking of something. Drives me mad!


    Congrats on the feature. I’ve read this post before and still love it! I just wrote a post about Elf On The Shelf which is probably the most over done topic like, ever. But I did it anyway and yes, I felt a little lame about it. lol


      Thanks, Deb! And thanks for reading :) I will check out your post–I like anything you write and I’m sure you’ve got a good take!


    Oh crap, letting my toddler write a post is NOT original?? Damn.

    I was tired of reading about Halloween costumes after the first 50 posts about Halloween costumes. Mostly because I don’t celebrate Halloween, but partly because I was tired of typing, “Cute costume!” :)


      Ha! “Cute costume!” fatigue here too. Is it wrong to be so entirely elated that the holiday just so we can take a break from this? 😉


    Great topic for a post!

    I tried to find a link to your BlogHer profile on BlogHer so I could be a follower, the links only took me to your blog…I’m here if you want to log in and follow me so I can follow you back!

    P.S. And when I’m on your G+ page it won’t let me comment on your posts (says I’m not allowed to comment). Maybe if you follow me back on G+? Or change your settings. (It happened last week too!) I’m at .



      Lisa, thanks so much for all this input–truly helpful. I messaged you too, but I went in and think I fixed most of these things. Let me know if you still have problems, and thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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