Jun 032012

Today is my husband’s 35th birthday (how in the world did we get this old?!).  If you’ve been reading up and putting the pieces together–yes, my son’s b-day was yesterday.  My mom’s birthday was always the day after mine.  I never realized how much it would suck to have your birthday right on top of your child’s until I found myself at the hospital pushing out a baby on June 2.  The next day, it was my husband’s birthday and I was all bed-ridden, postpartum gross, and like, “So, do you want me to sing to you or something?”.  Fortunately birthdays aren’t a big deal to my husband, b/c this year, with the way the days/dates fell, we will actually be rocking out a Mickey Mouse party for our son on my husband’s big day.  For the record, I will NOT be so gracious if I find myself anchoring a child’s b-day party on my 35th…thanks for being so very, very cool, my wonderful husband and happy 35th 😉

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  5 Responses to “Happy 35th Birthday”


    Happy birthday to your hubs and child! I had my first son as week before my birthday. This past year, we ended up having his birthed party on my birthday. But such is life. Birthdays are so much more of a big deal to kids than they are to adults.

    That said, the next day, I treated myself to a massage and made my family wait on me, hand and foot!


    Very good call, Steph! :)


    Happy bday to your husband! And hope the birthday party went well! I'm so selfish…I think I could and would deal with it well but I'd like to avoid it.


    Happy Birthday to your husband!

    I feel your pain. My sister's daughter's birthday is October 17, hers is October 19, my older twins and my mom are October 20, and I'm October 21!!


    Wow, Bridget, you really have the overlapping b-day thing going on! I've got no room to complain! And Brynne, yes–exactly how I feel!

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