May 292012

Please tell me I’m not the only one who plagued by mysterious rank odors permeating their house.  Sure, when you’re pregnant, your sense of smell is supposed to heightened.  Somehow, my keen nose never waned post-birth and in fact, seems to be getting stronger all the time (perhaps evolutionary adaption of modern-day suburban moms to keep their homes presentable for playgroups??).  I’m not sure this enhanced sense is a good thing.  Typical scenario: I detect a whiff of something nasty and after ruling out all of the usual suspects (poopy diaper, trash needs taken out, rotten veggie in the fridge drawer, etc.), I still can’t put my finger on it.  I then tell my husband, who declares me crazy.  I then continue my desperate search of the stench.  After about a day, my husband then acknowledges said odor.  He looks for possible sources of the smell.  Nothing is determined.  At this point, I start to get a little crazy, possibly cry a smidgen and threaten to cancel hosting book club because our house reeks.  Eventually, mystery odor is identified and remedied with an excessive amount of air fresheners and candles.  Breathe sigh of relief.  The crisis is laid to rest–just in time for the next stinky assault on our home.

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  10 Responses to “Mystery Odor”


    No, you're not the only one. In fact, I”m relieved to hear that I'm not either. I have two boys. Mysterious smells are common occurrences in my house. Just lovely, huh?


    Hahaha! Do you know, I use Glade Plugins all the time and when I switch to a new smell I sometimes think it makes such a bad smell I throw it out and start over. My husband I think would rather have a bad stench then my Plug In flip outs. :)


    This happens to me all the time, too. I couldn't live without air freshener. Sometimes the diaper smell lingers, even if I take it out right away…


    I'm sorry your houses have the odor thing going on too, but I'm so glad to know I'm not alone, Steph and Brynne! Sabrina, dying over the thought of your plug-in flip-outs! Love that you are also odor-vigilant 😉


    All the freaking time! You are not alone. I'm dying to know…what was it?


    Okay, are you cringing in preparation, AnnMarie? The particular incident that motivated this post was chicken juice that had gotten into the ventilation of our fridge! ACK!!! So, so gross I know!


    That is not so bad though I'll give you that the mere phrase “chicken juice” sounds gross. Once ours was a mouse that had died behind our stove. Talk about gross. I kept thinking how did he die? How long had he been there? It was the worst smell.


    Yikes! AnnMarie, I think that wins!


    Haha! I gained an extra special sense of smell too! WHen I was pregnant, I had a ton of food aversions and smell aversions. After the kids, the aversions went away, but the super strength sniffer is here to stay. I also gained bionic hearing that my husband doesn't have either. Must be a Mom thing. : )


    Jen, one of the benefits to getting pregnant, huh? 😉

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