May 142012

Who has not heard of this franchise?  Okay, my father claimed he hadn’t, but I told him this was impossible as it has been out for decades.  Heidi Murkoff first rolled out the book What to Expect While you are Expecting in 1984.  Since then, there have been multiple editions and the follow-up books What to Expect the First Year and What to Expect the Second Year.  There is an entire website dedicated to the Murkoff’s efforts.  And the current big news: on Friday the movie is hitting the theatres and looks hysterical.  Let’s be honest–with my current mom-of-two-super-young-kids gig, it will probably another several decades before I actually get to see the movie, but with stars such as JLo, Cameron Diaz, Brooklyn Decker, Dennis Quaid and Chace Crawford, I’m not really sure how they could botch this one up.  Further honesty–I got so caught up in “I have a baby” drama, that I never actually read the second two books in full, but I, like almost everyone I know, have referenced at least part of these books more than once in a desperate search of wisdom in my mommyhood efforts.  So the good news?  I am giving away 2 FULL SETS of these books for your reading pleasure in honor of the movie coming out this week!  Not knocked up or parent of young kids??  Gift them to someone who is and they will love you forever :)  Enter in, my friends…(giveaway ends Thursday at midnight)

This post is affiliated with, and I did receive free copies of these books for review purposes, but I received no other compensation for the post.  All opinions are entirely my own.

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  8 Responses to “What to Expect While You Are Expecting: The Monday Review”


    Pick Me! Pick Me! :)


    I couldn't have made it through pregnancy without that first one…I bet the others have tips that would make my life a whole lot easier, too!


    What a great giveaway!


    Great giveaway Meredith! I'll be posting momentarily about it! :)


    Awesome giveaway! Since I have an older child, I'll just share the giveaway on FB and leave the chances to someone who can use it 😀


    If I wasn't already the proud owner (due to a generous donation from someone I know) I would love to enter. :) you're cute :)


    these books helped me even with my 9th pregnancy!


    My mom and I call this the bible!!!

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