May 172012

No secret:  I love my books–and my book clubs.  Since I’m boring and have basically no other hobbies whatsoever, I’m lame enough to be part of several book clubs.  But I love them.  Don’t be fooled.  On a good night, total discussion of book amounts to about 10 scattered seconds with everyone shouting in different directions.  The rest of the evening is a lot of laughter, wine, and girl time.  Tonight is my night to host our neighborhood book club (my pick: The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes by Diane Chamberlain–amazing discussion fodder–if we ever around to actually discussing the book…).  Experiencing appropriate mix of excitement and panic over whether anyone else will have liked the book and if I will have stocked enough beverage for the evening, but as long as no one steers me into a conversation of how much I disliked Fifty Shades of Grey (ack!  There, I officially said it.  Still adore E L James, though, so refusing to sign her off and looking forward to any forthcoming work…), we should be good to go.  Bottom line, if you’re not part of one, kick up your heels and join up–it’s a good time ;).

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  6 Responses to “Book Club”


    I was in a book club once. It was great, except no one liked my pick:(


    I love how book club has pushed me to read stuff I never would otherwise pick up! I'll read anything :)


    I love to read! I wish I had a book club to join, may have to investigate that! I am going to go check out that book you picked too, I am almost finished with my current book.


    Yeah to find a fellow reader! Shara, would always read anything with you! And to anyone who's interested in “reading along” with our neighborhood–next month is “The Midwife's Confession” by the same author (that doesn't usually happen, but I read that book too and it's very good!)


    Love love love my book club!


    I love the books your club picks! I enjoy reading along :)

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