Apr 182012
Oh gosh, this is so gorgeous, it hurts!

This is a direct shout-out to T, who recently made the off-hand comment, “My wardrobe is so five seasons ago”.  As any Mom of the Year worth her salt and on a budget knows, however, this is all too, too sadly true…I see the gorgeous outfits pinned on Pinterest and my heart just aches a little bit more each day as I pull on my not-so-rocking (let’s be honest here,

I actually owned these!
Anyone? Anyone?

people) pajama jeans and crappy old t-shirts from college (yes, I’m 32–beyond lame, I know–go hate on someone else).  But when the choice comes down to adorable dresses for my daughter or cute fashionable tops for Mommy…mmmhh….getting even more real–even if I had the money and made a concerted effort, I couldn’t pull together anything that amazing if I tried.  I could get really depressed about this, but instead am choosing to see the value in the promotion of old school fashion…Yes, that is my role in this life–holding up the like of decades-old neon bracelets and jelly shoes for generations to come…all while grooving out in my kitchen to Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust.  Just doing my part to make this a more welcome world for all us hardcore hold-out Generation X’ers who are so, so “last century”…

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  13 Responses to “Outdated Fashion Plate”


    LOL I totally had SEVERAL of those t shirt clips. OMG. Neon colors.

    MY wardrobe is all maternity wear – I have nothing “in style” and have no idea what I will do when I don't have the excuse of being 9 months pregnant lol.


    See, this is where the t-shirt clips will come in handy–bunch up all that extra fabric in front after you have your baby and rock out some neon in style! :)


    Ahh jelly shoes!!! I remember those!!!



    It all comes back around one day…just keep holding on to those shoestring hair bows, too!


    Oh my! I LOVED on those jelly shoes :) And totally forgot about those fetching shoestrings in the hair 😉


    I feel you! I can always justify to my husband buying more clothes for my son, but it's not quite the same with clothes for me :)


    yes! And the darn thing about kids clothes–they are SUPPOSED to be outgrowing them. We adults–not so much…


    I totally had those. I do believe that they will be back in style soon. Everything else 80's is back, including tying your shirt on the side.


    Yes! Rock out the side-tie. And where are side ponytails on the radar screen these days?


    Yes, I agree! I just dumped two totes of clothes that were either from before I was married (over 12 years ago) or before my son was born (over 8 years ago). So mine went way beyond the 5 year mark too. It's sad, but true, we Mom's just aren't the most up-to-date on fashion. Still trying though, one outfit a time. : )


    You looked adorable this morning, Jen! :)


    Those T-shirt clips are coming back! Seriously, I think they are! Hold on you're trendy again.


    I'll put them on standby…;)

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