Apr 292012

What is wrong with me?!  I have always wanted to go to The Ice Hotel.  This makes no sense, as I hate being cold and I especially hate being wet.  But I am just fascinated.  The diligence of this abode’s creators wows me–I become grouchy enough just trying to create a livable space in non-icy/potential-to-melt conditions.  I can’t imagine the obstacles these hoteliers must encounter in interior decorating.  So I tip my hat, I bow, go you, you Ice Hotel envisionaries.  In another life, I will escape on a fantasy-like getaway to these gorgeous sub-zero accomodations.  In the meantime, I will just snuggle up with my heated mattress pad, despite the warming spring-like climate and rejoice that there is absolutely ZERO CHANCE THAT MY BED COULD EVER MELT.

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  4 Responses to “The Ice Hotel”


    Looks beautiful but I'm not a fan of being cold!! 😉


    I agree with Lisa, I don't think I could voluntarily be cold! Very pretty tho :)


    I remember showing these pictures to all of my kids..we would just stare and think what would that really be like?


    It's mind-boggling, for sure! :)

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