Apr 252012

Do I need one??  At first blush, sure, yeah, sign me up, sounds like a great idea.  Now thinking…not so much.  Yes, I pinned and pinned this image blindly away on Pinterest–way to line up fun ideas for my family this upcoming summer, right?  But then after some consideration…not so much.  Maybe my mom dying, maybe just perpetual exhaustion from having a 2 yr. old and a 9 mo. old, but I feel like I only know a few things in this life.  First and foremost: it’s short and now is all you have.  It’s great to think about “someday” and eagerly anticipate it’s arrival and all the cool things you are going to do, BUT…it may never happen.  So stash away any lists for me.  I may forget a ton of things I want to/need to do with my kids, but oh well.  Let’s just go old school and go out and play on the swingset, come in for lunch and take a nap.  Maybe tomorrow we’ll remember to color-code our dreams onto matching cards and make tie-dyed t-shirts.  Maybe we won’t…

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  10 Responses to “The Bucket List”


    I loved this post. I blogged our fall bucket list last year, and it was fun, but I felt so much pressure to get everything done! I think the key to a good bucket list is to make sure half of the things are what you'd do anyway. 😉


    Too true! :)


    Oh, I love this. You are so right.



    Thanks, Steph!


    Love it! The best thing my kids loved about last Summer was just wandering the Struble trail and coming upon a rope swing. It was Tyler's favorite summer pasttime. Oh, it was so Normon Rockwell-ish not even he could've painted such summer fun. And I doubt it was on any index card. Live in the moment. : )


    Sounds absolutely perfect Jen–swing on :)


    You know me, my kids love dirt, rocks, and sticks. That's the plan for the summer and beyond and so far it has worked just fine :)


    How about making it an idea bucket instead. You're not going to do everything in it, but each day you do want to think of something to do pull out a card. Might do that for our next holiday.


    nice idea, Claudia :) And Erika, we'll muck it up with you guys in the dirt any time 😉


    Love this post! So true!

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