Feb 202012

I will never understand this.  I will forever mourn the loss of Gilmore Girls until the day I die.  When the CW decided in 2007 not to renew THE BEST SHOW OF ALL TIME, my heart started bleeding and has not stopped.  Sound overly dramatic?  It is not.  If anything, I am being understated when describing the void created in my life by the cancellation of this show.  Might not seem like a particularly relevant blog post, but the thing is, the ache for GG crops up at the weirdest times in the most sharp and piercing way, even almost 5 yrs. post-cancellation.  It hurts, plain and simple.  The thing is, GG made my life better.  I never entirely understood how, but I know that it did.  Maybe it was Kirk losing all the Easter eggs in the town square, Sookie hiding the baby boy gear she bought for her first child in the shed, Lorelei making notes on gum wrapper scraps to Rory the entire summer she Europed with Emily, Emily just being Emily, in all her perfection, or Taylor describing the difference between a “cart and a kiosk” and a “cart/kiosk”.  In any case, when I dream, I dream not of fantastical vacays or fancy houses, but of somehow having my children and husband disappear for an entire week (sorry family, I do love you, but some things take precedence…) so I can watch the ENTIRE 7 SEASONS ON DVD.  Bring a bottle of wine and I’ll make room on the couch for you, as long as you promise to come in your pajamas.

P.S.  Dean was always better than Logan, despite the Birkin bag.

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  5 Responses to “Missing Gilmore Girls”


    Never saw a single episode! I guess I missed out on a good one!


    One of the best shows ever. I watched it from start to finish and have all the seasons on DVD. However, after Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband left, the writing was just not the same and Lorelei's character did things she never would have done.


      Agreed! It was never the same when the writer switch-up happened. Still mourning the loss and hoping in some alternate world Sherman-Palladino would come back and do a GG movie!


    I just finished watching a rerun of the series finale for the umpteenth time and I once again felt that loss. So much so, that I looked up any possibility that there was someone else out there who felt the same, so many years after the show was cancelled. I will also always miss that wonderfully odd world that had its way of making ours just a little bit brighter every time.


      Trish, you said it so well! “that wonderfully odd world that had its way of making ours just a little bit brighter every time.” So true, and it did. And…I just miss it :( Wonderful you still watch and enjoy so much!

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